Chapter 843 - Road hijacking

  The company has been able to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. In a moment, the eighth prince's seemingly low wings once again plumped up. And he is not ambiguous, the loss of those money is not afraid, there has been more money from all over the transfer back to him, so many years of business, so his bottom is not only those in the Sheng Wangfu. Especially in that area of the south of the border, his wealth is even richer than the country.

  The money in hand, people, Xuan Tianmo even lying in the house to recuperate, the bottom is also full of energy. He did not believe it, the throne he could not compete? He Xuan Tianmo nothing worse than the old nine, to really say that the difference is in the degree of favor of the birth mother. But this is also his advantage, he would like to ask the people of the world, you want an emperor who fights for the world on his own, or want an emperor who sits on the throne with the favor of his mother.

  On the 26th day of the first month, the Moon Cold Palace, a female guard is standing in front of Consort Yun, expressionlessly talking to her about some of the major and minor events that have occurred in the capital in recent days. When she said that the eighth prince had united the mother's family of the concubines in the palace, Consort Yun shrugged her shoulders and laughed: "What did those old guys do some years ago? Now they want to fight for their daughters? But it's true, morally speaking, I stole their husbands, we are not justified."

  "Oh! You mustn't think like that, Your Majesty." Hearing this, one of the old mothers beside Consort Yun hurriedly opened her mouth: "This is how concubines compete for favor in the palace, it has nothing to do with morality. The old slave has been in the palace for a long time and has seen everything. But before you came, those people for favor, but the dead and injured. Although our emperor has nine sons, but not without a princess, but unfortunately, one was not born, all fetal death. Because what? It's not a competition for favor. So you must not feel sorry for anyone, according to the old slave, to the Queen you saved them, at least the 20-odd harem peace and quiet, nothing dead or injured."

  The head of the palace maid Su Yi also followed and nodded: "That's right, Your Majesty, there is no such thing as morality in the harem, just like on the battlefield, the fittest survive, the strongest survive."

  "Is that so." Yun Fei asked slyly, but did not expect anyone to really answer. She understood all the reasoning, she just didn't like this palace, so she saw everything in a distorted way and couldn't fully agree with the laws of survival in this palace. "Suyu, you go to the Qintian prison, last time that supervisor told the story of the two stars accompanying the moon is not over yet!"

  The first time I saw the story of the two stars accompanying the moon, it was not over yet!" Su Yuyu stroked her forehead, as a sacred and mysterious department in the palace, even the emperor was very important, but when it came to Princess Yun, it became a storyteller. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  But this grievance in front of Princess Yun Zheng but did not dare to send, honestly stood there to tell her the story of the two stars accompanying the moon, he told Princess Yun: "Phoenix star bright and dazzling, although has left the capital, but the blessing of long, your mother need not worry. And the other star in the double star is also blooming, the two stars are fighting each other, the main star will win!"

  In the southwest, Feng Yu Heng's group had already reached the territory of Kunzhou in Yuntian Province, and continued further, through Haizhou, to Yuzhou, and was about to enter within the boundaries of Ji'an County.

  Because of the delay in Shuzhou for a few days, these days are driving through the night, unless the horses need to rest before they are willing to stop, and often sleep in the carriage at night, and wake up the next day to continue the journey.

  Today is through a small village, forget Chuan and Feng Yu Heng asked: "Miss, why do not we find a farmer's house to borrow a night! The village conditions are limited, but you can still take a bath and rub your body."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. "This village is too poor." The most is only twenty families, each family is thatched houses, at most two, they are borrowing accommodation, so many people where to borrow?

  The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.

  Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, "Not so delicate, think when we went to fight in the war in Qian Zhou, the conditions were not as good as now."

  The first time I went to the war, the conditions were not as good as they are now." "Yes, I am not that delicate, I can suffer anything." In fact, she can follow her second sister, already feel very happy, what kind of place to live, what kind of life, it really does not matter.

  Forget Chuan nodded, no longer said anything, only called for the carriage to stop, and then took Huang Quan down to see a round. When he came back, he reported to Feng Yu Heng, "Miss, let's stop in the middle of the village, Wang Lin went to say hello to several farmers, there is no room in the grass huts, but we can borrow their stoves to use, at least to cook a decent dinner."

  This is a good idea, Feng Yu Heng said: "Take an inventory of what we have in the car, or else use silver to buy some from the villagers, give more silver is not afraid, they look quite poor, we eat their food, at least let them buy back more food is good."

  Shancha feel a little embarrassed to sit in the car again, so take the initiative to open up with forgetting the river Huangquan a piece to go on an errand. Thinking that the rong also feel new, so also went down to follow a look. When she came back, she said with a bitter face, "Second sister, it's too poor, every rice vat is empty, not to mention rice, even brown rice can not find a bowl. The villagers said that their daily food is only enough to eat for one day, the next day reproduce to find a way, we arrived after dark, even if we buy all the brown rice in the village, it is not enough for one person to eat."