Chapter 850 - Xuan Tian Meditation Goes to War

  The southern boundary of the birth of chaos, although already in the Xuantian meditation and other people expected, and even Tianwu Emperor also had some psychological preparation, but did not expect the other side to come so fierce, so that when the war report came, looking at Lanzhou will be defeated.

  The war spread to Lanzhou, that means the southern part of the border has been broken by the enemy, the two years of hard work destroyed. The eighth prince Xuan Tianmo said indignantly in the courtroom: "Father, my son has not been stationed in the southern border for many years, now handed over the southern border military power, naturally can not return to the southern border, but how come the new commander is still relaxed in the capital? Shouldn't the new commander still be relaxing in the capital? Shouldn't he be heading to the garrison immediately after receiving the military talisman?" He said looking towards Xuan Tian Med, the hundred big board injury he was beaten before is still there, a walk between a strange posture, people always have to hold back laugh. "Ninth brother, military affairs, how can you be so confused?"

  He said with great righteousness, a face of heartache. Xuan Tian Hei, however, did not understand: "Things have already happened, the eighth brother does not properly analyze how Dasun responded, but only focus on shifting responsibility to blame the fault. This king originally did not want to make more calculations with you on this matter, since the war has come, bring troops over to respond to the enemy on the matter, but since you talk like this, then this king also with you to break it up." He said while bowing to Emperor Tianwu, "Father, today the 29th of the first month, has received the war report from the south, the desert allied forces broke the border south, already attacking Lanzhou, such a battle, should not be reached in a day or two, right? From the south to the north 800 miles expedited, the fastest to 15 days, that is to say, the 15th of the first month about the border south has been lost. And then carefully calculate, ancient Shu united Desert ten countries, this is not a night to talk about the alliance, people with brains can calculate the account, the Desert ten countries, plus ancient Shu, so many independent views of small countries united to a year, not a year and a half to discuss how the alliance may succeed. And a year and a half of half a year, the south of the border army is still returned to the eight brother it."

  Xuan Tianmo listened to the corner of the eyebrows straight twitch, he knew that the old nine difficult to deal with, can be before the old nine more capricious, for his dislike of people and things also behaved more directly, lifting a hand to take the whip, draw a dead count. He is often absent from the capital, private thought that the old nine is still the same nature as before, although there have been a few times before the test, but in the end still underestimated this brother. Now Xuan Tian Med is not a few years ago that capricious boy, he has his own more independent thinking, have their own ideas and plans to eat accurate and secure, he set a plan hundred plans, not only do not see the other party jump into the trap, but every time it is defeated.

  Yes, the ancient Shu and ten countries alliance, how can it be contributed to overnight, they have planned for nearly a year, but also non-stop negotiations with the ten small countries, and a variety of promises, only in the first month of this year, the battle officially on the agenda. He wants to use this battle to send the old Jiu Xuantian meditation to the west, preferably even Feng Yu Heng together are sent to the sky, even if not, then also want to use this battle to make the alliance army on the southern boundary of Da Shun a series of strikes, and pressure on the Tian Wu Emperor, straight to send him to the throne. As long as he sat on the throne, what alliance army, what sellout terms, he Xuan Tianmo is not so merciful, nor is he a man of promise, he will immediately dispatch his troops and send the small countries back to their nests one by one.

  Xuan Tian Mo played his own ideas, but has been Xuan Tian Hei see a thorough, now a analysis, this battle to really his fault? He also did not refuse, kneeling down to Tian Wu to apologize, but in his heart was thinking, is my responsibility and how can? You are now the commander of the 300,000-strong army in the south of the border, it is you who must go to the battlefield. He is also not afraid of Xuan Tian Med with 300,000 troops to fight back, that is his soldiers, not a military talisman can make those generals obedient.

  In the face of the two sons of the contest, Emperor Tianwu did not have a clear statement, for the responsibility of the pursuit is also a passing sentence. In short, things have gone out, whose responsibility is useless, right now, as Xuan Tianmo thought, as the commander of the 300,000-strong army in the south of the border, Xuan Tianming to face the battle, that is the nail in the coffin.

  Xuan Tian Hei received the order, tomorrow will return to the outskirts of the capital camp to order troops, he will take their own soldiers to the southern border, the departure date is set on the first day of February.

  To say that Xuan Tian Hei take their own soldiers to the South, Xuan Tian Mo is not without concern, if only the original point soldiers and horses to not surprisingly, the main is more than a thousand weeks that 100,000 people, this is some trouble. What's more, he only heard this morning that the head of the Thousand Weeks sent tens of thousands of war wolf horses to the camp on the outskirts of the capital, plus all equipped with steel weapons, such a team, the deterrent and destructive power is still not to be underestimated.

  But it's useless to worry about it, he can't stop it. But Xuan Tian Mo also has a plan, instructed an official of his own party to escort the grain and military supplies to take off, this is also one of his calculations.

  After the morning court, Xuan Tian Mo did not stop for a moment, fast horse back to the house. He often goes away, the house is not too many things need to be accounted for, with Mrs. Zhou at home, everything is worry-free. He only gave new orders to the secret guards who had to stay in the capital, some of them were stationed at the Royal Palace, five others went to Yao's house, and five more went to Xiaozhou to secretly protect Feng Zirui.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. In addition, the seventh prince Xuan Tianhua also sent a lot of secret protection people to this side, now the Yao House, even if Xuan Tianming left the capital, should also be able to relax.