Chapter 851 - False Sheriff Petitioned by the Peop

  Lanzhou medicine merchant Fang Rujiang several times to find on the Feng House, lobbying Fu Ya in Lanzhou to open a hundred herbal halls. The news did not how to get out, spread to the ears of the people of Lanzhou.

  Originally this is not much, but the desert allied forces to invade, the war in the south of the border more and more tense, every day there are a large number of wounded soldiers from the south of the border to Lanzhou, stay in Lanzhou's medical center. The streets and alleys can be seen wounded soldiers, some of the medical center can not live, sick couch are laid to the street. The atmosphere of blood is diffused everywhere, although the war has not yet burned to Lanzhou, but the people of Lanzhou have felt the tension in advance.

  In such an atmosphere rendered, the people suddenly heard that a medicine dealer wanted to open the Hundred Herb Hall with Lord Ji'an, they were in favor of this news with both hands. Everyone knows that Princess Ji'an is an excellent doctor, and everyone knows that Princess Ji'an has the most amazing medicine in the world. The rumors of a county princess of Ji'an said to be divine, so that people listen to think that the county princess of Ji'an is a heavenly god.

  In this situation, if the county princess can open a hundred herbal halls, it is a great good thing to benefit the people!

  So, the people of Lanzhou organized themselves, and every day a large number of people gathered outside the Feng House to petition, hoping that Fu Ya could agree to open the Hundred Herb Hall, to do something for the people of Lanzhou. There are even those medical centers that have received a large number of wounded soldiers, and every day people come to the door to respectfully ask the county princess Ji'an to come out and help them treat the wounded soldiers who are really helpless to them.

  For ten days in a row, the Feng House did not stop, the people outside to block the petition gathered more and more, and later even the back door of the Feng House were turned inside, from all sides to the Feng House to a watertight siege.

  Feng House, no matter the master or subordinates, each one is too scared to go out, Fu Ya is simply claiming illness to the public, and declared that the doctor can not be self-medication, she is sick, there is really no way. But in fact, she is with Feng Jin Yuan daily study how to cope with, for those who come to petition the people, is not to drive also not to drive also not, heart anxious, people are really born thin a circle.

  Feng Jin Yuan counted the days and said, "According to say, we should be able to get a letter back from the flying eagle to the capital."

  Fu Ya said, "Even if there is something wrong with our letter, there should be news from the capital to us on our own initiative. Now that Yuan Guiyan is in the palace and His Highness is also in the palace, we can't let ourselves figure out how to handle this. This scene is arranged by them, how is it that they are now giving us a free hand? Who is going to take care of such a big mess?" She complained a bit, originally there is no hurry to have any movement, but now the situation has been stalled to this point, she is not anxious.

  Feng Jin Yuan is also anxious in his heart, but at this time he is also clear that he must first calm down, at least to Fu Ya to stabilize, must not be at this juncture of what went wrong. He analyzed with Fu Ya said: "Outside the chaos, I am afraid that things in the capital are also mixed, it is not guaranteed that the eight highness of the end of the letter was robbed in the middle of the road. But don't be afraid, we have discussed it a few days ago, since some people pay silver to us to open the grass store, then we will open, when the time to consult some famous doctors on the good. You are a girl, and is the golden princess, how can personally go to the clinic. In the capital, that person herself is not going. So open a hundred herbs hall no harm. As for those medical schools that want to invite you out of the mountain, you just continue to claim illness, they can not do anything. There are also those strange medicines, it is not possible to transfer from the field Hundred Herb Hall at this side, send people out to buy, there is always a way."

  "So how long does this disease have to pretend?" Fu Ya obviously some impatience, the whole day can not go out, with a thief like hiding in the house, such a day she really can not stand.

  "It shouldn't be long now, news from the capital will soon come back."

  The first thing I heard was the sound of footsteps of a subordinate hurrying outside, a secret guard who stayed in the southern border. The man stood down at the door and said, "There is news from the capital."

  The two were overjoyed and hurriedly called for someone to come in. The man came in and only handed them a letter rolled into a tube, and then retreated again.

  Feng Jin Yuan opened the letter, it is the eighth prince Xuan Tian Mo's handwriting, the above to their life in Lanzhou to give some instructions, but only ordinary instructions, only told them to continue to live as Feng Yu Heng, do not care about anything else, if there are things that can not be dealt with, go to Ji Ling Tian, he has his own way. But at the end of the letter is mentioned a major event: the command of 300,000 troops in the south of the border has been handed over to the ninth prince Xuan Tianming, no accident, the first month after the ninth prince will bring the army to the southern border. In addition, Feng Yu Heng went to the fiefdom, may also walk from the fiefdom to Lanzhou this area, all things carefully.

  This time, not to mention Fu Ya, even Feng Jin Yuan was a little confused. He had a habitual fear of Xuan Tian Hei and Feng Yu Heng. He thought he could get rid of them once he reached the south, but he didn't expect that suddenly the sky changed in the south and the Ninth Prince took over 300,000 troops in the south of the border.

  What does this mean? This means that the southern border is in the hands of the Ninth Prince again? What about the Eighth Highness? What the hell is going on here? Feng Jin Yuan was puzzled.