Chapter 879 - Moved the wrong mind

  The people at the entrance of the Hundred Herb Hall were so upset that they felt they had been duped, not only by the Hundred Herb Hall, but also by the fake Sheriff, who had saluted the impostor many times on the street.

  So people screamed and rushed to the Hundred Herb Hall and called Fang Rujiang out from inside. Everyone knows that this Hundred Herb Hall was opened by Fang Rujiang together with County Princess Ji'an, and now the fake County Princess cannot be found, so they must ask Fang Rujiang about it.

  Fang Rujiang stood in the crowd with a helpless face, kept giving people a bow, and at the same time said loudly: "I'm really sorry, folks, I'm also a victim! When you say so, I also feel that I have been cheated. To tell you the truth, I had to step over the threshold of the Feng Mansion in order to get the princess to come out and help us all with our medical consultations, but later they simply stopped letting me in, and it was even more difficult to see the people in the Feng Mansion. Recently I also think that the county princess has a problem, now the group so focused on the analysis, plus that day the words of the ninth highness, and today's words of the goods boy, I think, cheated has become a fact! I am sorry to everyone, gullible to trust the false princess, but also opened this hundred herb hall, do not worry, I immediately shut down this hundred herb hall, never open again, but also will go to the police, I hope that everyone can give a witness together!

  Once the people heard Fang Rujiang's words, they also knew that he could not be blamed for this matter, after all, it was the governor who took the lead in acknowledging the identity of the county princess, so why should they not believe the ordinary people? So everyone nodded their heads together, are willing to testify to this. But someone else raised the question: "Where to sue ah? The governor's office is surrounded."

  Fang Rujiang thought about it and said, "Let's go to the Ninth Highness and sue! First, we should find the soldiers who are surrounded by the governor's residence, they are the people of the Ninth Highness, so we should ask them to help us spread the word that there is a false princess in Lanzhou, and we should report to the government!"

  "Right! Let's do that! Let's go! Let's go and report to the officials!" While saying this, people went to the governor's residence in a flurry.

  At the corner of the street, Fu Ya was leaning there with her curtain cap on, all her strength was gone, and if not for the maid Xiao Tao Er holding her up, she would have almost lost her footing.

  "What should we do?" Fu Ya asked Xiaotao'er: "You have always been a maid with many ideas, tell me, what should we do now?"

  Xiao Peacher thought for a moment and said seriously, "It still depends on the choice of the county princess herself."

  "Don't call me Sheriff Master again, just deceiving yourself and others. I know that the subordinates in the mansion now are all arranged by Lord Ji, that is, by the side of the Eighth Highness. For my identity, I think that even if I don't know everything, I can at least guess seven out of ten. Especially you, since you were arranged to be my close servant, you should understand everything, right?"

  Hearing her say so, Little Peacher did not pretend to be dumb, but nodded and said, "We are both Your Highness's people, doing the same thing, Little Peacher is by your side, naturally to share your worries. Now in such a predicament, Xiaodao'er also understands your difficulties, so that this matter still depends on your own choice. If you want to escape, the world is large, should also be able to. But once you escape, it is the same as giving up the future opportunities, no matter whether His Highness is good or bad, it has nothing to do with you anymore. It can be said that if you choose to escape, the previous efforts will be in vain, equivalent to a step on the road to heaven you have taken half, give up the second half. The slave servant privately thinks that it is quite a pity."

  "You still mean to advise me not to give up." Fu Ya bitter smile, "but now this situation you see, I do not give up and how can? You don't know what kind of person the ninth prince is, but I have lived in the capital for a long time, but I know some of it. One moment he is smiling at you, and the next moment he can whip you to death in the middle of a laugh." That's the way it is, but that day at the entrance to the house when looking at Xuan Tian Med, she still the purple lotus between his eyebrows deeply imprinted in the heart, occasionally remembered, the heart also followed the turmoil.

  "But what about it?" Little Peachy said: "The ninth prince is here, and also quickly beat a city, but in the servant girl's opinion, that is nothing. Ancient Shu is not a small country in the desert, not just a city in Sha Ping. In addition to Sha Ping, there are many other cities, and the more you fight in the deeper the desert, the hotter the climate, the servant girl does not believe that His Highness's army is really a heavenly soldier, not afraid of anything. It is still too early to mention what military achievements, the main thing is that people have to be safe and sound, but on the battlefield, this peace and quiet but the most rare, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, it is not guaranteed that the ninth prince will die one day. I heard that he had been seriously injured in the northwest, if not for Lord Ji'an, his leg would still be broken. If there is a first time, there is a second time, not to mention that there is also the eighth highness behind the deployment, this battle can not be optimistic ah!

  Xiao Peacher such an analysis, Fu Ya think it is also very reasonable, but somehow, when she heard Xiao Peacher said "not sure that the ninth prince will die one day", but some unhappy in her heart. She did not want the one who died was Xuan Tian Med, if someone must die, let Feng Yu Heng die! The ninth prince's feelings for Feng Yu Heng, once Feng Yu Heng died, then, with his own face, may be able to have another way out.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. At the beginning from the northern border to the capital, she did not have this state of mind, and naturally did not think much about it. But later, the situation is not how, step by step to such a point today, her heart head of that resentment is also a little bit picked up. If you must take this path, then she would rather the final destination is the ninth prince ……