Chapter 880 - The Sheriff's Southern Journey

  The news from Kyoto soon reached Ji'an County, after all, the mine case involves the eight princes, and not so good trial, but the escorting of grain and grass to the hands of the second prince Xuan Tianling, to really let her breathe a sigh of relief……

  Although the party of the eighth prince will not be without action behind the scenes, but at most is also on the way to create trouble, not to say that the power of grain and grass are in their hands cheating so easy to do.

  But Feng Yu Heng still want to go to the southern boundary, he received Xuan Tian Med's eagle transmission, know that the first battle was very beautiful, but also cost a lot of ammunition, she must go over to replenish. The more the battle advances forward, the more the climate in the desert Dasun people are not adapted to, she felt prepared with enough hot weapons is very prescient, the reason why so many years Dasun are not too good solution to the ancient Shu side, an important point is that Dasun soldiers are not suitable for fighting in that environment.

  Hot than cold, a thousand weeks again cold, more wear is also. But the heat in the desert, you are all naked, that will also be the same hot, not to mention to fight against the heat, it is really to die.

  She also began to make arrangements in Ji'an County, mainly to arrange for some matters after she left here. The good thing is that the sixth prince is sitting here, simply the county's internal affairs and the jade mine side of things entrusted to the sixth prince with the management for a while, the house is handed over to Xu and Qin, outside the store to think about Rong and Bai Furong.

  The women were fine with it, but the sixth prince said with a helpless face: "I came from Kyoto to Ji'an County, but I still haven't escaped these mundane matters. You have to come back soon, sister-in-law, to be honest, your sixth brother I am not good at these things."

  The two had more contact, Feng Yu Heng had a better understanding of the Sixth Prince, she knew that Xuan Tianfeng was telling the truth, so she said embarrassingly, "I can't help it, Sixth Brother, please bear with me more! As you can see, I really don't have anyone on hand, and I'm not sure if I'm not going to the southern border. Feng Jin Yuan also made a fake county princess to cause trouble in Lanzhou, plus the army fighting in the desert, Xuan Tian He wrote about the heat, I'm afraid that if I don't go, it will be difficult for them to move forward."

  Xuan Tian Feng was just nagging, in fact he naturally understood this truth and had long been prepared for Feng Yu Heng to leave Ji'an County at any time. He told Feng Yu Heng, "Don't worry about going! I'm not good at it, but I'm still a prince, so no one dares to be too blatant with me, not to mention, there's still money to harvest. The war in the south is an important matter, but you have to be careful along the way, the tiger's teeth even if you pull one, it still has many, it is impossible to remove all the roots at once…… There is no guarantee that someone will not trip up again on the way, so be careful."

  Feng Yu Heng nodded seriously and handed over the great seal of Ji'an County to Xuan Tian Feng, who once again assured her, "On the day of your return, it will be returned in its original form."

  Three days later, Feng Yu Heng took Huang Quan forgetting the river along with her on the road, class away to catch the car. It looks like she didn't bring anything, but I don't know, the space is stuffed to the brim, all the wealth stolen in the capital. She left a part of the silver in the county, to Xuan Tianfeng, for the maintenance of Ji'an County, plus taxes, Ji'an County's normal operation is not a problem. And as for the south need to use the grain and grass munitions, etc., she decided to collect on the road, rather than directly take away from this side, after all, the goal is too big.

  Although the Kyoto end of the escorting grain and grass to the hands of the second prince, but Kyoto is too far from the southern border, large-scale grain transport past also take more than two months to arrive, how not as fast as she. Not to mention that she was more anxious about the supply of medicine and ammunition.

  A carriage, from the southwest to the south all the way gallop, Ben walked a horse whip thrown fast, if not the road is too far afraid of Feng Yu Heng too tired, he really think the four of them might as well ride a horse some better.

  "Miss, will it really be hot to die over there in the south of the border?" Huang Quan had never been to the southern border and was very curious about that end. "The desert sand and wind will definitely be very big, when I used to practice martial arts I had heard my master talk about some, he said that the ancient Shu army is particularly good at using their geographical advantages to fight, and even researched a lot of formations related to the sand."

  Forget Chuan also nodded and agreed: "Yes, I have also heard of this matter. The countries in the desert are different from our end, they are surrounded by sand and wind all year round, and the paths they have studied are all related to the desert. I always think that the Dashaun soldiers will lose on this, but in a good way our highness went over and won a battle first, the servant girl was really worried about the stalemate for years like the eighth prince." She hesitated for a while, but in the end, the heart of the words to say: "Miss is about to maturity, you and His Highness's wedding is not yet done."

  Huang Quan is also anxious about this matter, mentioning it is depressed, forced to be anxious simply in the carriage cursing the eighth prince. Feng Yu Heng heard straight laugh, she is not anxious, the two girls anxious enough? "When you first came here, you said that following me was easy, following your highness will always be more depressing, I really want to marry over, but still have to be with him every day, how? Now you're not afraid of being depressed?"

  "That's not the same thing." Huang Quan stomped his feet, "Miss, are you really not in a hurry? I saw the two aunts of the Yao family are anxious enough! This time to Ji'an County is not also said, the Yun Fei niang mother are personally out of the palace to the bride price again, see everyone is anxious."