Chapter 905 - The Great Surprise from His Ninth Hi

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  Although people did not see the appearance of Princess Ji'an in her wedding dress, but the passionate emotions are even higher. The owner of the tavern ordered the cook to make a bowl of hot noodles when Feng Yu Heng went to freshen up, and personally brought it over to Xuan Tian Hei and said: "Your Highness, it is the custom in the south of the country that the bride should have a bite of noodles before leaving home. I am the owner of the tavern across the street, specially made a bowl of noodles and brought it here, if you don't mind, you should have a bite, for a good luck!"

  Xuan Tian Med didn't say anything, but Bai Ze, who had been following him, went up and brought the noodles over, then thanked him, but turned around and quickly tested the poison to make sure it was okay before bringing it to Feng Yu Heng, and said with a smile, "Your Highness, have a bite!"

  Feng Yu Heng nodded and ate a bite with the help of forgetfulness, which is considered to fulfill the customs of the southern boundary side.

  The people saw her eat the noodles, the smile on their faces, and said auspicious words, until Feng Yu Heng into the wedding palanquin, until Xuan Tian Hei with the bridal procession out of the South City Gate, the city is considered to have subsided. The people's buzz didn't end there. The wedding of the ninth prince and the county princess Ji'an was a big deal for the people of Lanzhou City, especially since Xuan Tian He sent so many chic red envelopes, people opened them and saw that the things inside were so good that they couldn't stop talking.

  Feng Yu Heng sat in the palanquin, listening to the drums and music blowing outside, the palanquin slowly forward, with the procession out of the South City Gate, step by step into the desert area. Through the south of the border, walking on the road to Sha Ping City.

  The woman who is the matchmaker is on the left of the palanquin and is talking to Feng Yu Heng through the window: "Your Highness, I'm just an ordinary matchmaker, Your Highness said that the marriage should be done, although in the southern world can not be compared with the capital, but there are still things that should be there, so I let my wife come over to make a show, Your Highness do not mind."

  The woman's face was very good, and she did not have any bad habits, and her words were polite. So she smiled and said back: "Thank you, Granny, for coming to this marriage, the county princess will have a reward afterwards."

  "Oh, I wouldn't dare to take this!" The matchmaker hurriedly said: "His Highness has already given the old slave a reward, a very generous amount, the old slave can never ask for the county princess again!" After saying that, he stopped talking about this and started to talk about the business: "Your Highness, the wedding hall for you and His Highness is located in Jie Ping City, but the newlyweds do not walk at night, so we will rest in Sha Ping City tonight and go from Sha Ping City to Jie Ping City in the morning, just in time for the wedding ceremony to be held before dark."

  Only then did Feng Yu Heng realize that she could not get married today!

  The matchmaker seemed to realize her emotions and hurriedly added: "His Highness said that it was a regret of his that he was not able to complete the big wedding ceremony on the day of the county princess' maturity. But there are also surprises at the end of Sha Ping City, I believe the county princess will not be disappointed when she arrives."

  The matchmaker only said there was a surprise, but for what the surprise was, but no matter how Feng Yu Heng asked her, she did not say. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what the surprise is. Unfortunately, no matter how she thought about it, she couldn't think of an end.

  The bridal party arrived at Sha Ping City in the evening, only to enter the city, you can hear the forgetfulness of the river Huang Quan issued a cry of surprise, causing Feng Yu Heng want to lift the cover lift the palanquin curtain to see, but the matchmaker stopped: "County princess, can not be uncovered, this cover although not always covered, but at least have to enter the temporary residence in Sha Ping City to take off, tomorrow will have to cover it again! "

  "Forgotten River Yellow Springs!" She ignored the matchmaker and called out to her maid: "What are you two bluffing about? What the hell is going on to tell me ah!" She was so anxious, this feeling of only being able to hear but not see is really too bad.

  Forget Chuan Huang Quan these two people have obviously been surprised to the extreme, so much so that for their own young lady's question did not have time to do the first time to answer, until Feng Yu Heng asked a second time, only to hear Huang Quan said: "Little …… Miss, you must not think, this scene you absolutely can not think of! It's so shocking, slave servant can't believe that the Ninth Highness actually did all this!"

  Forget Chuan also followed: "That's right, simply unbelievable, Miss, this is definitely a surprise, a real surprise!"

  These two people's words were the same as not saying anything, and Feng Yu Heng's nose almost didn't turn up in anger. The two maids she raised in the end ah, the key moment intentionally with her difficult it is not! She was so angry that she sat back in the palanquin, mouth bulging, gasping out of a red head are blown up, but, unfortunately, still can not see the outside light.

  But also do not have to stay so depressed, the procession further forward, outside gradually there is a clearer sound, she heard a woman is laughing and said: "Guess, Ah Heng see us will cry or will laugh?"

  As soon as this voice entered her ears, Feng Yu Heng could barely hold it and stood up directly in the sedan chair. Then he hit his head with a bang and had to sit back down again. The matchmaker outside said helplessly: "You must be careful, Your Highness, even if the palanquin bearers can carry you steadily, they can't afford to keep tossing you around inside!"

  But can Feng Yu Heng not toss and turn? If it weren't for the special day, she really would have rushed out because she really heard that voice just now, it was Xuan Tian Ge! That is Xuan Tian Ge's voice! Is Tian Ge here? Came to the Southern Realm? When did this happen? Is this the surprise that Xuan Tian He said? She couldn't hide the joy on her face, both hands wringing her cuffs, overjoyed.