Chapter 943 - How can the capital be so shabby

  The concubine Liu a disease, the life of the Liu family, no one expected Feng Yu Heng means so thunderous. The people under the party of the eighth prince are all scared and do not dare to make any more moves, choosing to hibernate. After all, Feng Yu Heng's momentum is too strong, and the ninth prince has just returned from a victory, this time is not a good opportunity to make trouble.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. For a while, people had some weaknesses about the eighth prince, but not so much that they would just split up, but more people decided to wait and see and not to participate in the affairs of the eighth prince's side for the time being.

  Of course, Xuan Tian Mo will not be foolish to top wind again, to say the least, Liu Huai case is mostly a test of his Xuan Tian Med couple, but this test makes him also can not help but secretly worried, their opponents ruthless to this extent, but also really enough to make people headache.

  Liu Huai family beheaded at the end of autumn, under the operation of Xuan Tian Med, everyone in the capital knows why this Liu family has provoked the emperor so angry, to put to death their nine clans. The first thing is that the people's moral limit can not tolerate, especially the harm to the royal concubine, the royal concubine, for the people of the capital, Feng Yu Heng's life that is their life, whoever crosses with Feng Yu Heng, it is with all the people of the capital as the enemy.

  In early September, the weather is getting cooler, Qing Yu took a pile of account books to Feng Yu Heng. The number of account books is much more than what she used to look at in the county head's residence, Qing Yu told her: "In addition to the store of our county head's residence, there is also the side of the royal palace, Eunuch Zhang has organized them all and asked the servant girl to bring them here for your eyes. There is also one for the embroidery store of the third young lady," she said, bringing a slightly thinner booklet to the top, "when Aunt An left for Ji'an County, she entrusted the embroidery store to the servant girl, and the servant girl agreed with Aunt An to send someone there every three months. I'll take a look." She said while turning it over twice, "A small embroidery store, compared to our store, the income and expenditure is really insignificant, but there is a storehouse sealed in the store, and the things in that storehouse are worth some money."

  "Oh?" Feng Yu Heng was stunned, "What kind of things?"

  Qing Yu told her, "It's the dowry that was pitted against Luo Tian's family. Aunt An told the servant that when she moved out of the Feng House, those things were also carried to the store, originally said to be the third young lady's dowry, but the third young lady had already said that she did not want those things, want to leave them for you to add to your makeup, and said that when the young lady returned to the capital to carry to the Royal Palace. The previous reopening of the Hundred Herb Hall and the Medical Hall, the servant girl was so busy that she forgot about it."

  The first thing that I remember is that when she got married in the South, she didn't follow Xuan Tiange and the others to send her wedding gifts. But …… "What do I need those things for?" She laughed bitterly, "That girl, like her mother, just thinks too much. The first thing you need to do is to get a new one. I don't need all those things for her, let her keep them all!"

  Qing Yu nodded and didn't advise much, those things may be good for Feng Xiangrong, but for her young lady, it really doesn't catch her eye. Of course, between the sisters can not use the things good or bad to discuss, but she also think that the Feng family third young lady should save more dowry for themselves, after all, now the Feng family is gone, her mother and not much honorable status, want to marry well, in addition to money, she can not count on anything.

  "It's the end of autumn, so it's time to prepare new clothes for the new season." The new season's clothes should be prepared for the new season," said Feng Yu Heng to Qing Yu, "This time, we should also prepare for the Royal Palace, we also send once to the Royal Palace side to prepare, you have to pay attention, there must be no oversight."

  Qing Yu nodded: "Miss, do not worry! The other day Mrs. Zhou also mentioned that the Royal Palace has its own tailor, and the Ninth Highness also has a cloth house under his name, and in past years these clothes were all settled by the cloth house. I think that this rule will have to be broken, after all, His Highness's cloth house is also the best in the capital, we go to look for ourselves, but also can not find more outstanding, if not as good as in previous years, it is not good for people to see. The first thing you need to do is to think of something else, and see what you can buy for the people in your house."

  The first thing you need to do is to give the clothes of the county head's house to the cloth house, no matter what you do in the future, both houses should be treated equally, absolutely no difference in treatment, so as to avoid chilling the hearts of the servants."

  Qing Yu took note of what she said, and suggested that the Medical Hall side should also distribute welfare, and she would follow the share of the other store's staff. Feng Yu Heng did not object to this.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for. The first thing you need to do is to send a gift to your elders, and it's better to send something unique in your own space.