Chapter 944 - Cousin

  A few words, the Feng Yu Heng said a frosty. The store is known to have a lot of people lining up for the door face and very broken, oh oh, Yu Fang Zhai, selling snacks of a hundred years old, it is said that the store has existed for more than one hundred and fifty years, the store in order to reflect the elegance of a hundred years old store, specially not refurbished, retaining is this ancient flavor.

  That little fellow from the embroidery store couldn't help but mutter, "Where is this from?"

  Feng Yu Heng also did not know where the dirt bag came from, anyway, the car was stopped not far away, around she also had nothing to do, just to watch a lively.

  "Ah Huan, look there, those people, they are really shabbily dressed!" The maid in the car spoke again, "Rough clothes, there are still people wearing rough clothes in the capital? Who told us in the past that everyone in the capital was dressed in silk and linen? That's not true at all!"

  She pointed to a few women walking down the street, but they were ordinary people's women, wearing ordinary clothes, but also clean, not so exaggerated as they said. Feng Yu Heng puzzled asked Forgetting River Huang Quan: "Who said that everyone in the capital is dressed in silk and silk? According to this standard, are we also considered poor peasants?"

  The embroidery store's little fellow was more talkative, and hearing Feng Yu Heng say so, he hurriedly nodded: "More than poor peasants, they are simply in need of relief."

  The maids on the carriage spoke loudly, not at all evasive, even afraid that others would not know who they were talking about, not only yelling out of their mouths, but also pointing in their hands. The few women who passed by did not look good when they heard this, and they stopped to look at the carriage, although they were angry, but once they saw the two tall horses pulling the carriage and the expensive wood used to make the carriage, they knew it was not an ordinary rich family. Therefore, even if the heart is angry, but also dare not say anything more, afraid of bumping the nobleman to their own family to attract trouble. But although they did not dare to squeal, but they did not go forward, but stood in place watching, the heart of the carriage sitting in the master very curious.

  At this time, many people have come to this side of the crowd, not only the people are curious, Feng Yu Heng is also curious, she asked forget Chuan: "Who's carriage is this? Have you heard of any big shots coming to the capital recently?"

  The woman shook her head: "I haven't heard of this, so I'll ask around, but looking at this, it can't be an ordinary family, right?"

  Is saying, the other end of the street there are a few small beggars to this side of begging and come, and the street side originally there are a few beggars squatting there, a time, these beggars but attracted the attention of the two maids. That was called Ahuan came to the spirit, casually in the sleeves of a handful of copper money to the ground a sprinkle, a large amount of copper money thrown out, those beggars subconsciously rushed up crazy grab, and even two people also because of grabbing copper money and fought, causing the two maids and laugh.

  "Ah Ruo, look, look, not only are there beggars in the capital, they will also fight because of a handful of copper coins, it's really interesting, too interesting. Come on, let's throw another handful!" As he spoke, another handful of copper coins was thrown out. And this time, the people who came to grab the copper coins were not only beggars, but even some people also followed to join the fun, causing the two girls to throw two more in a row, and then laughing back and forth in the car, as if they had seen the most wonderful drama.

  "This is too much!" Huang Quan glared at the carriage, angry fist, but at the same time feel that the people of the capital is also really spineless, a few broken copper coins, beggars to rob it is fine, how those ordinary people also followed the robbery? "What a disgrace!"

  But Feng Yu Heng said: "You can't blame the people for being ashamed, you see, the people who went to collect money are ordinary people, from the clothes they wear can be seen, a few coins are also very important to them. It is not as the two maids said, the capital is rich and noble, a larger part of the composition of our capital is still the poor people, this, from the amount of medicine given out monthly hundred herb hall can be seen. People have inferiority, and the only one to blame is the two maids who successfully used a few copper coins to stimulate this inferiority in people."

  "Miss." Forgetting Chuan's eyes, picking her lips, she said, "Do you think if slave girl throws a handful of gold melon seeds out now, will those two maids in the car also come down to follow and grab them?"

  Her idea has not yet been confirmed, at this time, see the carriage driver suddenly made bad, also do not know is in the two maids encouraged, or he himself has a stomach of bad water, looking at a few beggars and people squatting in front of the horse to pick up the coins dropped on the ground, he actually suddenly waved the whip to hit the horse, causing the horse neighing, raised the front hooves to step forward. And the maid in the car also immediately shouted: "Yes, yes! Trample them to death! Trample them to death! Haha! It's so funny!"

  Feng Yu Heng couldn't bear to watch, taking human lives for fun? The people are willing to rob the money, but now the horses are doing the murder, which she has to control.

  She flipped her wrist, several silver needles quenched with anesthesia, and was ready to give the two horses a few stitches. But at that moment, a harsh female voice suddenly came from the carriage, angrily reprimanded: "Stop! What are you doing?"

  The three outside heard this voice scared a shiver, the coachman hurriedly put the horse strangled, the carriage swayed a few times, but did not hurt the people in front. And those who picked up the coins in front were also scared by the horse, have dodged away and looked at the carriage in fear.

  "This lady is just resting for a while, you two girls will cause such trouble, who gave you such boldness? What is the capital? What kind of place is the capital that allows you to be reckless?"