Chapter 945 - Someone Comes to Give a Gift

  When I returned to the house, Mrs. Zhou was sorting things out in the front yard, it looked like someone had just sent them over, there was nothing valuable, Feng Yu Heng went up to look at them, most of them were some food items.

  When you see her return, Mrs. Zhou hurriedly said: "This is just sent over by a lady, and also left a letter, naming it to Wang Fei." Mrs. Zhou said, handed a letter to Feng Yu Heng, and also highlighted the description of the young lady's appearance: "It does not look like the capital city, rather new, riding in a carriage pulled by two brown horses, very beautiful, let people look very comfortable. She and the princess should not be familiar with, only to say that it is a visit, sent some things are also some tent state specialties, the old slave look also nothing valuable, but at least is a token of appreciation, not to mention that she also left a handwritten, said that the princess will know who it is, the old slave so accept."

  "Canopy state?" Feng Yu Heng was stunned, and then pondered over the woman's appearance described by Madam Zhou, her heart understood. "So soon you've come to the door?" She smiled, took the letter, and looked at the specialties, only to say that that cousin really has a heart, know how to send gifts have to send a coincidence, even better things in the Royal Palace is not lacking, and lacking, afraid that she can not get out, so simply send some special food, the heart to, but also seems sincere.

  "Your Highness knows who she is?" Mrs. Zhou can see some doorway, "from the tent state over ……" she pondered a bit since, "can not be …… "

  "Madam guessed correctly." The woman's identity must have been figured out, after all, Mrs. Zhou is an old man in the capital, formerly has been serving in the palace, which concubine position in the outside of what relatives in the road she can not know? "Since the things are sent, then we will follow the normal return gift custom back a it! Not close and not distant is good."

  This is the opinion given by Feng Yu Heng, and Mrs. Zhou also thought it was appropriate, so she nodded her head and did as she was told. As for the food stuffs that were brought, she saw that there were a lot of sun-dried vegetables, these things are common in the countryside, but for the people of the capital is really a new thing, she had eaten when she was young, but since she entered the palace and then came to the Royal Palace, she had never eaten that taste. Now that I see it, I miss it.

  "To say that these things are very tasty, just do not know if the things sent over there can be in the mouth." She recited a sentence, with a little regret in her words.

  "Eat?" Feng Yu Heng stopped and looked at those things, then said, "Eat to be able to eat, they are not so stupid as to directly poison the Royal Palace." While saying that, he squatted down, took those dried vegetables in his hands, and smelled them one by one. Then nodded again, "Eat it, there is no problem."

  Once Mrs. Zhou heard her say there was no problem, she hurriedly and cheerfully asked people to move everything to the kitchen, "The dried vegetables have to be soaked first, this evening meal is not in a hurry, let the cook stew it out tomorrow at noon, Wang Fei also often fresh."

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. In addition, the winter can also be subsidized to some poor people.

  That night, Xuan Tian Hei returned to the house, she talked to the eighth prince's cousin. Xuan Tian Med knew more than her: "Send a cousin to the capital, when this idea is really do not know, but as soon as the person into the capital we have gotten the news. The cousin is the child of a concubine sister of Yuan Guiren and Li Guiren's mother's family, in terms of the management of Yuan Guiren they called aunt. They that concubine sister married to the tent state, the husband's family surnamed Zhu. The concubine married over to the Zhu family as a side room, the cousin in the Zhu family is initially not much status, and then the two women in the palace have climbed up to the consort position and even gave birth to a royal son, which allowed their mother's status to get some promotion, although not so much as to become the main mother, but also no longer controlled by the mother. The cousin of the old eight is said to be a Bodhisattva heart in Tengzhou, not only treat the family good nature, the people are also quite cared for. Her father is only a small official of the sixth rank in Tengzhou, but because of this daughter, the reputation of the Zhu family is higher than the governor of Tengzhou in the local area."

  The company's reputation is higher than that of the governor of Tengzhou.

  "Where do you need to inquire, these are originally the information in reserve, they do not appear, the information is not much use for the time being, once the characters appear, there are naturally people below to report up the relevant situation."

  "From the sound of it, that Miss Zhu is a match for the former Feng Shen Yu! One is a bodhisattva heart, one is a bodhisattva face. It is not known, this Bodhisattva is true or false, is it to save the suffering and rescue, or to take people's lives."

  "The former dynasty recently rectified the old eight party under the three characters, seven brother's people found evidence of their buying and selling officials, the father will be the official position of a jerk to the end, are sent out to watch the city gates. In my opinion, this female Bodhisattva into the capital, afraid that the former dynasty can not play the idea of the backyard." Xuan Tian Med said while taking her daughter-in-law into his arms, and said: "This into the capital to send gifts to the Royal Palace, daughter-in-law, the other party is probably going to start from you!"

  "Good!" The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. I'd like to see what the Zhu family can do, and who is better and who is worse than the original Feng Shen Yu."