Chapter 968 - Ten Thousand and One Million

  Yuan Guijin does not care what Consort Li thinks in her heart, she just looked around the flower hall again, and then said: "Sister is really, sister knows you do not have a lot of money, but that day sister did not send ten thousand taels of silver tickets over? Why didn't you take it out and use it? Perhaps sister has not organized their own palace banquet, so little experience, speaking of which, the palace banquet is really not this way to do."

  Concubine Li face a little embarrassed, but Yuan Guiren's words continued: "Are you afraid of spending the silver and will be short of cash? You! If you run out of money, tell your sister again, sister even if the pot to sell iron, that is also to help you ah! You know, we are sisters."

  "Humph!" Consort Li finally opened her mouth and spoke sarcastically, "Yes! I asked you for money when I ran out, because you are richer than me, you have the help of your mother's family, and I do not, so I never dare to spend a lot of money. You also know that we are sisters, then this palace does not understand, are both biological children, how can the Liu family to sister can do a single-minded help to protect, but to me, the daughter can not care?"

  Yuan Guiren laughed, "Look at what sister said, how come the family doesn't think about sister? Every time I write a letter of greeting, the family will ask about sister in the reply, mother also said, sister since entering the palace, there has been no contact with the family, and I do not know what you think in your heart, afraid to think that the mother family will drag on you, so they do not dare to go forward to befriend."

  Once these words came out, a fact that had to be admitted by Consort Li. It is true that she has not been in touch with her family since she entered the palace, and even her mother and father came to the palace to visit their relatives some years ago, she deliberately avoided seeing. She did not mean to do so, but just entered the palace when the timid, afraid to interact with family, and then slowly character more withdrawn, do not want to see people all day, which gradually alienated up. But no matter how you say it, it is her fault, at this time blame on the mother's family, is really a bit unjustified.

  The words of Yuan Guiren were heard clearly by everyone in the flower hall, and for a while, many people were talking about Concubine Li in private, blaming her for not doing her best, but now blaming others instead. Even Zhu Kongshan at this moment also understood the reason why Consort Li gave her face today, the problem is really here in Yuan Guiren.

  "Ah Heng." Xuan Tian Ge came up to Feng Yu Heng's ear again and said: "Do you know? The previous day, Yuan Guijin sent a troupe to Concubine Li, and encouraged Concubine Li to invite the Empress to come together to listen to the play. The Li Fei silly think that her sister is good intention, so bashfully invited the Empress to come. And guess what? The troupe actually sang a play about the mother and concubine fighting, and the mother even lost the fight, do you think it's funny?"

  Ren Xifeng listened to straight grin, "In the imperial palace, the empress is naturally the head mother, although the concubines are noble, but they are just concubines. In the face of the empress to sing that kind of drama, the empress but by the concubine Li to offend bitter."

  "So this is the attitude of Concubine Li towards Yuan Guijin's side today?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The silver ticket that she had prepared to give to Concubine Li was still inside. "Although I don't like Consort Li either, but compared to Yuan Guiren …… I'm still happy to give the eighth prince's mother some trouble."

  The first thing you need to do is to get up and walk towards the end of the line.

  In these imperial brothers, Xuan Tiange most disliked is the old eight, even worse than the first three. The reason is very simple, more than two years ago, the old eight had proposed to the Emperor Tian Wu to let her go to ancient Shu to peace, was the Emperor rejected, but this thing round and round still into her ears, from then on the eight brother to hate, until today can not let go.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. This is not, today brought another 10,000 taels of silver tickets over, is afraid that sister spent all the previous silver on the palace banquet, the hand is tight again." she said while really handed over. She said while really handed a silver ticket to consort Li, a pair of eyes staring at consort Li, written all over the "ill-will."

  Some people in the room are not fair: "Why do you want to give silver? Today's palace banquet where the cost of 10,000 taels of silver? I'm afraid I can't even use up ten taels. Since the previous one was not used, you don't need to give any more silver today!" Concubine Li's unworthy of the stage, so that the ladies below these ladies have no respect, even if the consort position pressure, at this moment they feel that Concubine Li is not as good as a Yuan Guijin.

  "Don't be unreasonable!" Yuan Guijin feigned anger, "How can you speak nonsense in front of Concubine Li? Why don't you quickly make amends!"

  Under Yuan Gui Ren's scolding, the young lady who had just spoken reluctantly stood up and bowed down at Concubine Li, "Please forgive your Majesty, my daughter has a quick tongue, I won't do it next time."

  Concubine Li snorted coldly and said to Yuan Guiren, "She is also right, what she gave before was said to be a congratulatory gift, since the congratulatory gift has been sent, there is no need to give me this silver ticket today."

  "That how can, I am specially brought here, sister you ……"

  I'm not waiting for Yuan Guiren to finish her words, but Feng Yu Heng could not wait any longer and coughed lightly and said, "Two, Ah Heng inserted a sentence. Today is the Li Fei Niang's palace banquet, regardless of whether the banquet is decent or not, but is to provide an opportunity for everyone to enter the palace to get together. It's just a formality, there's no need to look into the details." As she spoke, she looked at the young lady who was still half bending her knees waiting for Consort Li to call up, and her words were clearly for her ears. "This young lady looks new, once upon a time the palace banquet should have never attended, right? That is the daughter of the official below the fourth rank. The only thing is that the fourth-ranking official's daughter, how dare she be reckless in Changning Palace, this princess really want to know your father is which adult? If I have the chance to meet him some day, I will have to ask him how his family taught his daughter."