Chapter 969: Enemies of the enemy, but not friends

  The first person to come to her was Feng Fan Dai, who was at her most desperate during the winter siege, and her words did not fail to move her, but with her status now different from before, and with Xuan Tian Feng's love for Feng Yu Heng, she no longer wanted to have any contact with Feng Fan Dai, and was somewhat scornful of what Feng Fan Dai said.

  But Feng Fan Dai is not willing to be relieved, even if she knows that she can no longer influence Concubine Li, but she is still very happy to add some trouble to Concubine Li. She walked up, very nonchalantly sat next to Consort Li, the first sentence is: "Your Majesty's heart stored such thoughts, I wonder if my second sister ice and snow smart person, will not have seen it? I can see that your side is hot, my second sister's attitude is very light."

  Consort Li shivered, some panic in the heart, could not help but ask: "What are you talking about? What kind of thoughts would my palace have?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  "The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items. Only a fool can't see that. I'm afraid I'm not the only one in this room who can see what's really going on, right? Your niece is so smart, she wouldn't be unaware of it either. I really doubt if you are the biological mother of His Highness, why don't you think about your son at all? Don't blame Fan Dai for not reminding you, if this continues, His Highness will be harmed by you sooner or later!"

  Feng Fan Dai because Consort Li has turned the wind this matter but held a stomach full of anger, although know that Consort Li this obstinate temper and a brain is unlikely to be broken back, but she is like this, the heart has something to say, do not say it is unbearable. Consort Li let her unhappy, let her lose the calculation, she must give Consort Li to add some blockage, even if only in words.

  As a matter of fact, Consort Li was indeed blocked by her, but Fan Dai also ignored the ladies in this hall, not to mention the party of the eighth prince, most of them have been extremely unfriendly when she entered this hall, just when she came to Consort Li, handed her brother Xiao Bao to Winter Cherry to take care of, but did not expect that the original sitting place is too far from Consort Li, and she was focused on talking to Consort Li, but did not notice Xiao Bao's end What happened.

  By the seat at the entrance of the hall, the three ladies of the house are nibbling on the irregularly shaped fruit, very difficult to eat, but do not eat it, but really do not know what to do, so simply take a small bite and play with it in their hands.

  One of them also does not know where to get in the mood, actually a glance on the sitting alone in the small treasure, a twinkle in the eye, and casually threw the fruit they have a bite to the past. The fruit rolled a few times on the ground until it stopped by the chair where Xiao Bao was sitting.

  Xiao Bao is small, sitting on the chair two feet still can not reach the ground, frozen looking at the rolled over the fruit, a face of uncertainty. But listen to the lady spoke: "Little sinner, the girl rewarded you fruit, what are you looking at? Why not pick it up and eat it!"

  Xiao Bao did not know, looked at the lady, and looked at the fruit on the ground, wanted to get off the chair, but unfortunately could not reach the ground some fear. Dongzhuo hurried to help him, turned his back to stop the lady's sight, whispered to Xiaobao: "Be good and sit still, sister will be back later."

  The young lady who was looking for trouble refused to do it, and simply stood up and ripped Winter Cherry away, saying sarcastically, "Get lost! What kind of a person are you? A mere servant! This young lady is talking to this child, what business is it of yours?" After saying that, she reached out her hand to Xiao Bao and pulled the child out of the chair in one go. At the same time, the other two ladies with her also got up, but the two of them stood side by side in unison, directly blocking the only line of sight between Xiao Bao and Fan Dai.

  But in fact, even if they do not block, Fan Dai also did not notice this end. She was so intent on trolling Concubine Li, and there were so many people in this hall, everyone was laughing and joking for a while, all the women were chattering and very noisy, unless Fan Dai turned her head to look, it was impossible to notice.

  The lady who threw the fruit dragged Xiao Bao off the chair, and Xiao Bao stumbled and fell, right on the edge of the dirty fruit. The child was lying on the ground, with the fruit right next to his mouth. Winter Cherry tried to help, but was pulled by another lady. "Lowly slave girl, stand away." After saying that, with a forceful hand, he pushed Winter Cherry out far away.

  Xiao Bao cried with a deflated mouth, and Dongzuo knelt down and begged, "Misses, he is still young, just a child who knows nothing, please please lift up your hands!"

  She didn't beg, but when she did, and when the child cried, the ladies were even more upset. One of them took the lead and came up and slapped Xiao Bao, another one pinched the child's arm hard, and finally, the one who threw the fruit had another idea in mind and simply stepped forward and took Xiao Bao in her arms, turned around and walked outside the hall, while walking and said: "This child is too noisy, don't spoil the good palace banquet, let's carry him outside for a while. "

  The other ladies were also in good spirits, and they followed, smiling and laughing, and went out together. This was a big surprise to Winter Cherry! She took a few steps outside and said loudly, "Give me back my young master! What kind of young lady are you? How can you do this? When His Highness finds out, he will not spare you!"

  Unfortunately, no one listened to her, and the name of the Fifth Highness could not subdue the people, those ladies were walking faster and faster, and some even helped to drag her back.

  Winter Cherry had no choice, seeing that she couldn't catch up, she simply stomped her feet, turned around and ran towards the hall to ask for help from Feng Fan Dai.