Chapter 970 - Is this taking out anger on Feng Fan

  Concubine Li was very humiliated by Pinky's words and casually retorted, "What can I do if I don't watch the fun? Is it hard for you to ask this palace to go and get that child back?"

  "This is the imperial palace!" Feng Fan Dai anxious, "again in your palace banquet on the top, Queen Li should not immediately send someone to rescue? It is difficult not to just stare and watch?"

  Zuo'er whispered in Consort Li's ear to remind: "Your Majesty, indeed should be rescued."

  But consort Li how to know how to save, or ZhuKongShan in the side interjected: "call some palace people, with a long rope thrown to the middle of the lake, let the child grab the rope, our end and then gently pull back. The ice is slippery, it should be good to tug."

  Consort Li coldly snorted, then ordered the subordinates: "What are you still standing there? Why don't you go find the rope!" After that, she looked at Feng Fan Dai and said reluctantly, "Don't come to places you shouldn't come to, you came uninvited and even brought a small child with you. A good palace banquet is spoiled by you!"

  Feng Tianyu heard this is a bit too much, whispered: "Consort Li and Feng Fan Dai have a grudge? I only know that Concubine Li has an eccentric temper and does not like to get in touch with people, but when I saw her today, she was a bit mean!"

  Ren Xifeng also said: "Indeed, no matter how you say, that is a child, even if that Feng Fan Dai do not know how to provoke her, it is not the child's business. This attitude of Consort Li shows that she is not only uncomfortable with people, but also cold-blooded and cold-hearted."

  Feng Yu Heng also looked at Consort Li at this moment, and felt that this person's psychology is really some twisted, and then think about it, since the last winter siege, this Consort Li did which one thing can be normal? She shook her head, it is true that poor people must have a hateful place, with this mentality of Consort Li this nature, it is no wonder that for so many years the people in the palace are unwilling to deal with her. She is thinking, the body also slowly moved, actually to that a few throw small treasure to the ice of the lady side rubbed to.

  Soon, the palace people dragged long ropes over, and some eunuchs threw the ropes onto the ice with force, scaring Fan Dai straight: "Gently! Be careful! Be careful not to crack the ice."

  The eunuchs also suffer in their hearts, too light to throw so far, heavy and afraid to break the ice, really difficult to do. After five or six throws, the rope finally reached Xiaobao's feet, Fan Dai was overjoyed and shouted, "Xiaobao! Grab the rope, quickly grab the rope ah!"

  Unfortunately, the child was too small, and had been scared out of his mind, and only cared about crying, how willing to listen to Fan Dai's words. Fan Dai shouted on the shore, but Xiao Bao still refused to obediently grab the rope. Fan Dai was so anxious that she cried, then turned her head and saw the three perpetrators still standing there, even with a smug look on their faces. Her anger rose up and she rushed over and grabbed one of them by the neck, saying loudly: "I told you to be proud! I told you to harm people! Today I must strangle you to death! If something happens to my brother, you will all be buried with me."

  She was like crazy, strangling that lady straight rolled her eyes, and was about to lose her breath. People around the anxious, have come forward to try to separate the two, but the powder Dai's hand is like an iron pincer pinch deadly, so that the more the young lady struggle, the more uncomfortable, gradually lost strength.

  Zhu Kongshan is anxious, although these people have made trouble, but in the end is just a broken child. She brought them in, if they were strangled to death by Feng Fan Dai because of a broken child, she would not be able to explain to her family after leaving the palace!

  She wanted to go over to persuade, but there were too many people around, and even Concubine Li was so anxious that she couldn't do anything, so she squeezed several times but couldn't squeeze forward. The first time I looked at her, I saw Feng Yu Heng standing on the side, watching the chaos, she was moved and hurried up to Feng Yu Heng and said: "Your Highness! Quickly let Miss Feng family stop! If you keep choking, you'll really get killed!"

  Feng Yu Heng looked at her in confusion and asked, "Why should I tell her to stop? If Miss Zhu's heart is really Bodhisattva, how come she didn't think of more ways to save the child? Or maybe go and blame the person you brought in, why did you push someone's brother into the lake?"

  Zhu Kongshan acted anxiously, she said to Feng Yu Heng: "Now is not the time for accountability, the royal princess or really angry, later when the child is rescued, those people to you to ask for punishment, okay? Now can not cause a human life ah!" The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  Feng Yu Heng raised her eyebrows: "What? The person who strangled a person to death to be exterminated nine clans? I don't think I've been included in the royal family tree, so I'm not related to the Feng family. Even if I'm not the royal concubine, I'm still in the Feng family tree, so I can't cover up if my own sister, the princess of Ji'an, chokes a person to death?"

  She just finished saying this, saw the crowd, do not know which one shouted: "That child is a sinful child, dead is the best!"

  Hearing this in Xuan Tian Ge's ears, the eldest princess couldn't hold back any longer and shouted, "It's not your turn to say what kind of seed it is! The children didn't provoke you, and I don't think Miss Feng did either, right? The children didn't provoke you, and Miss Feng didn't provoke you, did she?" "How can you be so vicious?