Chapter 987: Let's go on a trip

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. This life was not intended to stay, but it should not be given away so quickly at this time, she still has to stay for some more days, that the eighth prince and Yuan Guiren, always have to give them one more pot to be enough!

  The situation of the poisoned people in the northern part of the city has been alleviated under the full treatment of the Hundred Herb Hall, the frozen people can not be revived, but the others have done everything possible to save their lives.

  Two days later, by the Royal Palace, the north of the city launched the planning of construction. The drawings and design concepts were provided by Feng Yu Heng, uniform brick dwellings, no separate courtyards, just like the apartments of later generations, one door, separate rooms inside, there are two rooms and one hall, there are three rooms and one hall, according to the proportion of the population of each household to allocate. There are almost no solitary people in the north of the city, even if the former single person vagrants or beggars, but also two or three people divided into a group, and then divided into a household room.

  I think when the winter disaster, Feng Yu Heng has joined the Royal Palace in the capital for the victims of the new houses, but then the scope of the disaster is relatively wide, and not as concentrated as now, so there is no too uniform planning, more in the original housing to repair. The rebuilt houses were also recorded under the name of the Royal Palace, and this time, all houses were registered under the name of the Royal Palace, and were provided to the poor people in the north of the city for free.

  This time, because all the sufferers are concentrated in the north side of the city, so that the construction of the houses at the Royal Palace has been predicted, the north of the capital city will become the exclusive place of the ninth prince, and these people who have been benefited will also become a force completely loyal to the ninth prince and Lord Ji'an.

  After the poor people beat him up in the north of the city, the eighth prince, Xuan Tianmo, was sensible enough to report the case to the official, or directly to the Ministry of Punishment. Xu Jing Yuan formally accepted the case, but only brought the eighth prince back, and every day he had to go to the Ministry of Justice to go through the court, but none of those mobs were arrested.

  Xuan Tianmo accused Xu Jing Yuan of being unfair in handling the case, but was Xu Jing Yuan a sentence to block back "This official is just going through the motions, this case, the emperor said to personally hear."

  So Xuan Tianmo wilted, and the stone pressed in his heart did not fall to the ground for a long time. There is a bad feeling hurriedly attacked, intuition tells him, this time, afraid that it is very difficult to the Tianwu Emperor that pass.

  Too many poor people died, so that the wind in the court can no longer be biased towards the side of the eighth prince. In addition, the officials under the influence of Zhu Kongshan also became centrifugal with him and no longer spoke for him. In the meantime, everyone in the court has to despise the eighth prince a few times, and some people have even talked about Yuan Guiren in the palace, begging Emperor Tianwu more than once to send Yuan Guiren down with him.

  The day Wu is not in a very good state of mind recently, always listless. The matter of the north of the city even though he is angry in his chest, but there is always some heart but not enough feeling.

  He is indeed sick, not a major illness, a small wind chill, but the whole body weakness, the heart and fire, this anxious fire, it seems that people are exhausted.

  And the reason for this fire, the root cause or by the eight princes to the gas. Before so many things Tian Wu Di heart clear, although the surface did not show, but the heart nesting fire that is not the general big. The two heads are sons, the heart and back of the hand are flesh, in order to Dasun rivers and mountains, he wants to see the two sons of fair competition, but also let him see the world in the end who is more capable of sitting securely. Of course, more part of the reason, is that he does not want to let the old nine always carry the "son of Princess Yun" this burden, so that the ascendancy are to be poked by people who have a heart.

  As early as the jade mine accident when he wanted to clean up the old eight, but this old eight is also a lot of tricks, there are a hundred arguments of the mouth a hundred touches of the hand, so that not only the jade mine matter by his clever words to argue over, even the southern boundary so big, with the death of General Bixiu and became an open case.

  Tian Wu head suffocated, but also understand that the reason for this result, is also due to his own attitude. Old eight is also his son, he has been unwilling to see this son ended up with the same fate as the old three, after all, this is the pro. Just like the first four, made such a big mistake, he only put people in the royal residence, until now, even chose to forgive.

  He is a strict emperor, but also a loving father, he hopes from the bottom of his heart that these sons can get along, but also always remember that they were born in the royal family, one day will be on the opposing side. I always hoped that this day would come later, but now it seems that what should come is still coming, and what should be faced, he also has to face.

  "Xu Jing Yuan." Tian Wu opened his mouth, his voice as tired as his expression, "I limit you to three days, the case of the north of the city will be organized into a book. The first thing you need to do is to find out what you can find out and write it down in a book. To be clear, to be clear. Three days later, at this time, I have a decision!"

  The courtiers sucked in a breath of cold air, intuition told them that the emperor is determined to clean up the family. The 8th prince, a generation of Sheng Wang, will fall because of this? Those from the party of the eighth prince were also secretly frightened, afraid that this change would implicate them.

  The seventh prince Xuan Tianhua and the ninth prince Xuan Tianming were quick to glance at each other, and both sides saw worries in each other's eyes. I don't know why, in the face of Tian Wu finally to make a decision, the two of their hearts were raised, always feel that something is going to happen, but do not know what will happen.