Chapter 988 - Are you here to cry for mourning?

  Twenty carriages, plus Feng Yu Heng, the dabbler, a total of twenty-one masters, representing twenty-one mansions. When such a procession came to the door of the Sheng Wang Mansion and expressed their request to see the Eighth Prince, the people of the Sheng Wang Mansion first refused.

  But when they saw Xuan Tian Ge, they thought it was useless to refuse, when did this unruly princess tolerate other people's refusal? As long as she stood here, was there any use in refusing?

  So the underlings helplessly let all these people in, Xuan Tian Ge pulled Feng Yu Heng very out of sight and rushed inside, while rushing: "You all follow follow! You may not be familiar with these royal residences in the capital, but I am familiar with it! I've played all these places when I was a kid! Let's go, I'll take you to the eighth prince's courtyard, but remember, when you see the eighth prince later, no matter how bad his face is, do not laugh ah! Although being scratched by a woman is very ugly, but we are here to care and sympathize, can not deviate from the original intention."

  The ladies behind them nodded their heads, indicating that they understood the central idea of the day, and then followed Xuan Tian Ge's footsteps, and it didn't take long to reach the courtyard where Xuan Tian Mo lived.

  "Brother eight! I've come to see you with Heng Heng! Are you very happy? Are you very excited?" The first step into the house, Xuan Tian Ge already shouted with his neck. Feng Yu Heng wanted to laugh at the sound of it, still happy? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. I'm afraid that the eighth prince was so sulking that he was about to vomit blood, right?

  The fact is that Feng Yu Heng knows the eighth prince very well, Xuan Tian Mo at this moment is a kind of want to vomit blood feeling. He is still lying on the bed, no body tendons do not hurt, do not want to move, but at this time heard Xuan Tian Ge's deadly voice, and said to bring Feng Yu Heng together? How does it sound like he is not here to see him, but to smash the scene?

  He was served by his subordinates, but he could not sit up from the bed, and before he could fix his clothes, the door was pushed open unceremoniously and vigorously, and then with a delicate cry, his cousin, who was regarded as precious by Emperor Tianwu, came in in a blaze of glory.

  "Ouch my 8th brother!" This was Xuan Tian Ge's opening statement after hearing the house, the reason being that she saw the half of Xuan Tian Mo's face that was scratched by Zhu Kong Shan. "How did you become like this, 8th brother? This is not disfigured? I thought it was just a minor scratch, but now it looks quite serious, so I'm afraid it's impossible to recover in this life, right?" She said while asking Feng Yu Heng beside her, "Ah Heng, do you think there is still a cure for this?" The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.

  Of course, Xuan Tianmo could not let her touch, and hurriedly dodged away, and said in particular anger: "How old are you? Why are you still moving your hands and feet?"

  "How old I am also your cousin! I care about your injury I am not embarrassed, you a big man have what to be ashamed of?"

  Shy? Xuan Tianmo almost did not choke to death on this word. He is a big man, how to get involved with such words as shy?

  The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

  This is said in a loud voice, enough to be heard by the ladies who came in from behind. See Ren Xifeng and Feng Tianyu two look at each other, suddenly said loudly: "ah? Can't get better? Then His Highness is too poor!"

  "Yes, yes! He will become an ugly man with a ghostly face. Even if he has the status of a royal son to support him, it will be difficult for any pretty girl to marry into the Sheng Wang Mansion, right?"

  "Yes! After all, this face is too scary, in case you wake up in the night and see it, you will be scared to death. No one can care about their own life because of the status of the King Consort. Alas, Your Highness is really pitiful."

  Once these two took the lead, the ladies who followed behind them were like they had been given an order, and immediately knew how to answer. So, the people followed the words of Ren Xifeng and the two of them, that said a variety of things, only a short time to Xuan Tianmo to say that he can only go to the countryside to marry an ugly woman, to live a life of humiliation. Some even said, "I used to adore His Highness, but now that he is like this, the last bit of adoration in my heart has been scared away."

  Xuan Tianmo listened to the head, he just can not understand, he is a man, not a woman, how? Face injury is equivalent to a ruined life? Who gave this rule? The man who has not had a small scratch, how to let these people say as if he can not live?

  He would like to argue, but he is a big man, facing more than 20 women, it feels like falling into a sparrow's nest, listening to the endless chatter in his ears, several times opened his mouth to interject but did not get in, almost did not suffocate him.

  These ladies in Xuan Tian Ge's leadership, to the eighth prince expressed "eager" care, and even some decent wipe a few tears, and some even said: "If the eighth prince does not mind, my side of the girl is also quite understanding, let her condescend a little, to Sheng Wangfu to be a concubine it! "

  Not waiting for the eighth prince to open the product, Xuan Tian Ge immediately waved his hand and took over the words: "No, no, our honourable long ago said that everyone is equal, not because the maid is a subordinate, you can not just marry someone out, let alone married to a disfigured ugly …… ah eight brother, I did not mean to stab I said the wrong thing. But the words are not brown, you know I grew up talking without a block, the royal uncle can not help me, you should not be angry with me. Anyway, what I mean is that just because your face is ruined, you can't let someone else ruin a girl too, that would be unfair to that girl." After saying that, he also turned his head and asked Feng Yu Heng: "Ah Heng, what I said is right!"