Chapter 998 Hua'er, has he changed his mind?

  The empress also felt that the water is too much, but it seems to be Feng Zhaolian drink, she only held in her hand for show, cold Fang Yi and then replaced with hot, a total of only two or three sips, who thought this Feng Zhaolian so real?

  She said helplessly, "Who told you to drink so much yourself?"

  Feng Zhaolian slapped her thighs: "I say that you the queen talk really interesting, dragged me to sit here with you in the middle of the night, and give nothing but tea, so I do not drink tea what else can I do? At least you can give a few pieces of snacks, right? Besides, if I don't drink tea, I'm also sleepy! You can't sleep with something on your mind, I'm open to it!"

  The empress felt some collapse, Feng Zhaolian looks like a woman, a beautiful fairy, compared to the Feng family that Feng Shen Yu do not know how many times more beautiful. But this person in the end is not a real woman, deliberately pinched when pretending to be quite like, but as soon as there is no outsider to reveal the original form! Just shoot thighs look, is really …… too manly.

  "Are you really open in your heart?"

  In Feng Zhaolian's fight, Fang Yi really brought him a lot of snacks, he was also hungry, while eating, said: "I leave or not, and open or not open nothing directly related, I have dragged so many years, have long been used to it, so it does not really add much to me. At most, I occasionally think about how that person is still not coming to you? Or maybe look up and down in this Jing Ci Palace to see if the person looking for you has come, only it is hidden, and did not take the initiative to show up."

  "And did you find it?" The empress was not interested in this at all, and the questions were like a response.

  Feng Zhaolian shook his head with a regretful face: "Don't worry, there is really no one in Jing Ci Palace, but as for the places outside the scope of Jing Ci Palace, I haven't had a chance to investigate in detail."

  The empress lost a smile, "what can the palace have to put at ease, come or not, it is life. Sometimes I hope they act quickly, the matter is revealed as soon as possible, but also to save the day in fear, but also threatened by people."

  "Now that person can't threaten you, right?" Feng Zhaolian said with a smile: "People climb fast and high, in the blink of an eye, they have climbed to the dragon bed, but you? My Queen Mother, you haven't tasted the rain for decades, right?"

  The empress was he said the old face a red, but can not refute, only said: "let her continue to climb, my palace to see, is not one day to climb to my palace head."

  The two from so sitting, from dark to dawn, until Feng Zhaolian can no longer resist, fell asleep, the empress asked someone to carry him back to his bedchamber, but she still sat in the same place, did not move.

  The Queen's heart is in the mind of Fang Yi know what, can not help but persuade: "Your majesty think openly, the emperor favored which concubine, this is no more normal thing, even if there is no Yuan Shufei today, before there is still Yun Fei it? According to the servant girl, the emperor rain more points to a good thing, if only to guard the cloud concubine a person, that is the heart of anyone can not be installed it! Maybe this Yuan Shufei opened a head, from now on, the harem and twenty years ago, as normal again."

  The empress laughed bitterly after hearing, "back to normal? How is it possible. I know him too well, now even he is not normal, can still expect this harem normal to where?"

  Fang Yi was stunned, then said, "Your Majesty's meaning is ……"

  "Yuan Shufei used special means to rise to the top, and the emperor's favoring of her now is not from the heart." She said with great confidence, "Although this palace does not yet know what that special means is, whether it is drugging or what, but this palace just can say with certainty that the emperor must have fallen into the path of Yuan Shufei." She finished, stood up, tiredly said: "No more, for the Palace to freshen up and dress, the Palace sleep for a while."

  I said sleep, but lying on the couch how can I sleep. It's been more than twenty years! The man she loved finally broke the peace of more than twenty years at this time, that Zhaohe Hall, finally there are concubines there again to spend the night, but, unfortunately, not her, and not Yun Fei.

  Everyone knows that the Empress of the Middle Palace is the best partner beside Emperor Tianwu, and for so many years she has accompanied him in play after play, so tacitly, never missing a beat. She once thought that such days would continue until one day that person came to her door, and then Emperor Tianwu looked for her as a clue to wipe out the remaining evil, and then turned back to oust her from the throne. This is the end of her life.

  No matter what the old emperor wanted her to stay on the throne for, whether he really felt happy to cooperate, thought she was running the harem properly, or just used her as bait, she admitted it. She loves that person, so much that she is willing to do everything for him, even if willingly to accompany the Tianwu Emperor "fishing", but unfortunately, all this balance, finally in this day and night, was broken.

  The empress closed her eyes, her head is full of Zhaohe Hall Yuan Shufei favored image, bothered her heart tore, headache.