Chapter 999 - Another beating

  The people don't understand why the most vicious of crimes are carried to the court, the knife is on the neck, but the emperor suddenly issued a pardon. The things in the palace are not yet known outside, only that the Sheng Wangfu is again lively, those things carried out from the house and sent back to all, but also a lot more reward. They were listening to the palace eunuchs singing the gift list at the entrance of Sheng Wangfu that day, just the things that the emperor rewarded, sounded more and better than the original things in Sheng Wangfu.

  The people do not understand why this is, one complaint, but do not dare to speak out in the street, they can only hide in their own homes to sulk. East, west and south of the four directions of residence can still be better, after all, is a spectator, intuitive feeling a little worse. But those poor people living in the north of the city can be disturbed, they live in the house built by the royal family, with the royal concubine to buy household goods, every day morning, noon and night to the eighth prince to scold three times, but also to bring the emperor to scold a few sentences together.

  Nowadays, the people in the north of the city have an unwritten rule that they meet each other to curse the emperor, the eighth son, and the court, and then say other things. And the curse of the matter who is not allowed to report, who if this matter to stabbed out, the people of the city even at the risk of killing the crime, but also to the traitor to the hand to tear up.

  But how can the light curse? The imperial decree was issued by the emperor, they once dared to take the cabbage gang to smash the door of Sheng Wangfu, but no matter how they did not dare to smash the palace doors, who understand, that is taken as treason, on the spot will be beheaded.

  And the eighth prince, Xuan Tianmo, is now in the king's house leisurely recuperating from illness. He has suffered some in the death row, especially the two legs, and fallen some roots of disease. Emperor Tianwu is very distressed and frustrated, and asked all the eunuchs in the palace to take turns to see his "most beloved son". In the end, the eighth prince's injury was determined to be treated by that Sun Qi, and Emperor Tianwu also left Sun Qi in the Sheng Wangfu, so that he could guard the eighth prince around the clock, not a moment to be sloppy.

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  Yao Xuan personally approached Feng Yu Heng about this matter, asked Feng Yu Heng how to deal with it, Feng Yu Heng listened and only said: "Give him medicine, how much to give, but must ask him for money, the amount of silver, give me to ten times up some, he loves to buy or not."

  In fact, not to mention ten times, even if it is twenty times, Xuan Tianmo also have to buy. After all, the hundred herb Hall of good medicine is hard to find in the world, this truth is a person understands.

  Almost more than ten days, Xuan Tianmo's leg has been greatly improved, just fell some rheumatism, but has not affected walking. This look to the New Year, Xuan Tianmo can get up after the first thing, is immediately asked people to prepare silver, to compensate the poor people in the north of the city, and the distribution of New Year's goods.

  The first thing he did was to prepare the silver and New Year's goods in just one day. However, the staff of the house raised a different opinion, they said to Xuan Tianmo: "Last time there was an accident because of the food, this time, Your Highness should not send any more New Year's goods, right? It would be better to convert those things into silver, those untouchables are most happy to see silver."

  When Xuan Tian Mo thought about it, that was also the case, so he listened to his handlers and returned the New Year's goods and exchanged them for silver. This time, he personally took his attendants to the north of the city to deliver the money, and it was only when he saw the newly built residential houses at the north end of the city in a short time that the hatred in his heart surged up again. I didn't think he would come up with the idea of bringing Zhu Kongshan to the capital to save his reputation, but in the end, he ended up doing the dowry for Xuan Tianming and Feng Yuheng. His side worked for half a winter, but not as much as the other side only tossed a few days, only some money, to win so much good reputation, but also in the north of the city left so many houses will always exist.

  Now he looks at these houses especially eyesore, hate to have people on the spot these houses are demolished to go. Since it is the north of the city, there should be a north of the city, these people should live in the temple, should wear shabby clothes, and even freeze to death in the winter every day a few that is normal. But what is this now? Untouchables are living in good houses, so what kind of untouchables?

  However, this idea is only in the heart of the turn around, on the surface, Xuan Tianmo still have to make a good man appearance. After all, he came here today to salvage some reputation as much as possible. Although the Tianwu Emperor's end has been extremely defensive of him, but the outside of the things that should be done also have to do. Only an emperor to help is not enough, the hearts of the people to win the world, this truth he understands.

  Xuan Tianmo got off the palace car once he arrived in the north of the city, with a group of guards holding silver to knock on doors from house to house. People opened the door to see that it was the eighth prince, who was scolded a hundred times every day, and for a while did not know how to face. After all, people are the prince, the back of the scolding is fine, it is not good to the face also scolded, but let them just accept the silver Xuan Tian Mo, people are also a little twisted. Take the short hand and eat the short mouth, this money is what money? Sealing fee? If you accept it is not the future will have to conscientiously say good things about the eighth prince? Or to hold back all the discontent in the heart before?