Chapter 1001 - Being Controlled

  This time the Yun Fei live in the Chun Wang House to be considered more subdued, no tossing, no Chun Wang House transformation, the whole day in honestly stay in their own courtyard, a daze is a whole day.

  But she is like this, the hearts of the underlings to some painting soul. The people of the Chun Wang Mansion are used to Princess Yun every time she comes to make a scene, and demolish the house and uncover the tiles, this time suddenly not to make a scene, they are still not adapted to it?

  So when Feng Yu Heng came, a subordinate whispered to her: "Wang Fei, you can persuade the lady! You can't let her be too stifled, it will bore people out."

  Feng Yu Heng also knew this, she thought about it and simply took some good things out of the space to cheer up Consort Yun. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  She pulled Yun Fei, one by one, and told her all the knowledge she knew about cosmetics, almost like telling brand stories. But in the end, she couldn't finish all the time, and as she talked, Feng Yu Heng's shallow knowledge of cosmetics was all poured out, and she couldn't say anything more.

  Feng Yu Heng no longer have a choice, simply pull Yun Fei said: "mother consort, what is in the heart to say it, always hold back is not a matter. The thing has happened, we can not pretend that it does not exist, deliberately avoiding is not the best solution, your heart is difficult, we as children look also angry. The first thing you need to do is to tell your mother what you know and analyze."

  When she said so, Consort Yun immediately came to life and hurriedly asked, "Then tell me, what is the evil that the old man has fallen prey to?" Consort Yun recognized that Emperor Tian Wu was possessed by an evil spirit, and in her words, "If he hadn't been possessed by an evil spirit, this would never have happened, I know him."

  "Mother Consort." Regarding this matter of Emperor Tian Wu, Feng Yu Heng actually wanted to hear Consort Yun's opinion, after all, Consort Yun was the one who knew Emperor Tian Wu best, and would see many things more clearly than she did. So she asked, "Do you really summarize this matter as Father is possessed by evil?"

  Consort Yun nodded seriously, "That's right, it's evil. Don't you think this matter is full of evil from inside to outside? People's nature does not change, you have to say that between young people because they can not get the beloved will feel the beloved a hundred good, once you get it, you think it is just so, from then on no longer as a treasure. But the old man at this age, if he is that flowery-hearted people, there will not be the harem this twenty years of quiet life, he wants to become bad already changed, why miss the prime of life to wait until the twilight years and then toss? She said, very some sad sigh, "this age, still can toss a few years? He might as well stop and live for more years."

  Feng Yu Heng took up the sentence, "Mother Consort knows Father best."

  "Yes, I am indeed the one who knows him best." Yun Fei's box of words opened up and could not be stopped, she said to Feng Yu Heng: "On the day of your wedding in the southern boundary, I invited him into the Moon Cold Palace, and since then, he has been eating three meals a day in my palace. But I do not think he no longer takes me seriously because he has finally conquered me, Xuan Zhan is a good man, although I have avoided seeing him for more than 20 years, but still use such words to evaluate him. It is said that couples are connected, although we have not seen each other after the incident, but I can clearly feel that he is not right, not being threatened, but a kind of evil general bewitched, like being controlled by someone ……" she pondered for a while, pointing to his head, "Here! "Here! Ah Heng, can you understand? I think Xuan Zhan's here was controlled by someone, so much so that he turned into the way he is now."

  Yun Fei's words gave Feng Yu Heng a wake-up call; although the idea that Xuan Zhan was being controlled by someone had crossed her mind, she couldn't think of any other way to control a person's brain and central nervous system to the point of completely transforming a person from both mind and body in such an era.

  She put this question, and Yun Fei also fell into contemplation, but the two of them sort of agreed on the fact that Emperor Tian Wu was being controlled. Seeing that there is no deeper reason to analyze, Feng Yu Heng said to Consort Yun: "Since it has been determined that it is not the father's own will, Mother Consort should not be sad and upset anymore, so why not turn this sadness into strength and let's work together to find a way to free the father."

  Consort Yun nodded and said quietly, "I don't see him, but that doesn't mean I don't think about him. For more than 20 years, every day and night, whenever I have a dream, all I dream about is him. There are bare feet in the fortress, and in the palace wearing a dragon robe. If you dream of him in the fortress, you will laugh; if you dream of him in the dragon robe, you will be awakened by a cold shiver. Ah Heng, you save him! This kingdom, this world, no matter who it is given to in the future, it will definitely be his son, you tell Hei'er, let's not fight, the great outside is much better than that big square place in the palace, what's wrong with doing something, you have to be the emperor?"

  Feng Yu Heng had the same idea as Consort Yun, but she told her: "Husband said that he did not want to fight for the mountain, but he could not stand by and watch it fall into the hands of people who were not right-minded. He always has to help the father keep the rivers and mountains well, and give it to a person who is the most stable, in order to rest assured."