Chapter 1002: A few days to call for happiness

  Lv Song to say the matter is he has been thinking for a long time, and has personally put into action. He said to Lv Ping: "You are not young, once because of a hidden disease, the family has not been too much hope for your marriage. And then you bad face, my father has no better way for you. But now your face is well, although the hidden disease has not gone, but …… alas! Let's put it this way! Now the Lv family is only one child, so, even if you have a hidden disease, but also have to consider for the family. I have found a marriage for you, but only a match, as to whether it will work, or rely on your own efforts."

  Lu Ping knew which marriage Lu Song was talking about, she said lightly, "Father is joking, the initiative in such matters should not be with us, right? I have a hidden disease, even if I am the daughter of the left minister, I'm afraid I can't have any say in the marriage, so what can I do if I try harder?"

  Lv Song waved his hand, "No, the young master of the Ren family is different from other men, my father has been observing him for quite some time, the young general Ren is a man of integrity, not a lover of beauty. If you can get along with your feelings, he certainly will not mind your hidden illness. General Pingnan's house is a solid force behind the Ninth Prince, and the first lady of the family is even good friends with Lord Ji'an, Ping'er, if your affair with General Ren is successful and you get along well after the marriage, then our Lu family will no longer have to worry about not being accepted by the Ninth Prince."

  The first mother, who was full of calculations, finally asked the question that had been in her heart for years, "Is it possible that the Lv family raises daughters just to send them out one by one to help the family get through? Then what are we? Goods?"

  Ge snorted coldly and asked rhetorically, "Then tell me, which family's daughters are not like this? Including the current Princess Maoyang, why has the emperor not married her off even though she has passed her maturity year? I tell you, don't think it's really the emperor's love, it's all window dressing, in fact, it's still waiting for a price. You just watch, that the princess will marry the final person, will be to be useful to the national fortunes of Dasun, can never be an ordinary son."

  A speech, a Luping to blocked do not know what to say. Because Ge is right, in Dasun, all the daughters of the family is like this, whether it is first or concubine, as long as the daughter, that is the family used to exchange for power status tool. If you are lucky, you will be loved by your husband, but if you are unlucky, you will have to suffer from the anger of concubines and concubines after you marry. She did not know what kind of person Ren Xitao really was, but from the heart for the Lu family this kind of behavior is very resistant. She is most reluctant to be swayed by the family in her life, but hiding, hiding to this day, still can not hide from fate?

  Lv Ping no longer speaks, nor nod, nor shake her head, as if she did not hear Lv Song's proposal, just sitting there silently, do not know what to think about.

  Lv Song looked at her, only said: "You think about it yourself, my father will also try to create opportunities for you two. That spice of a hundred taels of silver for a penny should come in handy soon."

  The New Year is approaching, General Pingnan's residence, Ren Xitao's sidekick to make a trip to buy from outside, buy back things directly to Ren Xitao's courtyard, most of them are medicinal herbs.

  Ren Xifeng came to her brother to say something, as soon as she entered the house, she smelled a smell of medicine, and then looked, a table full of packed herbs, among which there are many exquisite things, she had seen, that is the hundred herb hall exclusive sale of tablets. She wondered, "What is brother doing here? Selling herbs backwards? Brother is very short of silver?"

  Ren Xitao waved his hand, "Not to mention not lacking, even if it is, relying on these can not sell any money. Good sister, you are just in time, I have something to ask you." He pressed Ren Xifeng to sit down on the chair, he also sat down on the opposite side, then said: "These medicinal herbs are for Minister Lu, although in the court, I am a military official and he does not have much contact, but after all, the last time we met in the street, it is also considered fate, he is not well, this is almost the New Year, I always want to go to see him. What else should I send besides these medicinal materials? I'm afraid it's not a good idea to send medicine to people's homes just in time for the New Year, right?" Ren Shitao had a serious face, very cautious about this matter.

  But Ren Xifeng exploded when she heard this, pointing at her brother and glaring, "Are you crazy? For no reason what gift to the Lu family? Even if we met last time, he owed us a favor, so if we want to send a gift, he should send it to General Pingnan's residence.

  "Last time, Minister Lu has already come to send, I …… consider this time to return the gift!" He found a reason for himself.

  But Ren Xifeng also has words to block him: "Sending gifts is to the father, to return is also the father to return, you do not follow the involvement."

  "No, no, I have everything ready."

  "Then give it to father and ask him to bring it along for you." The more Ren Xifeng looked at the table of medicine, the more angry she was, she fiercely rolled Ren Xitao a white eyes, and then said, "Brother, do not think I do not know what you are thinking in your heart. Look at Lu Song? That is an excuse, right? Look at Lv Ping is the real thing."

  Ren Xitao was said to her a big red face, but he is a real person, but also an honest person, since his sister said through, he did not deny, but very happy to nod, and then said: "Indeed, I do have some curiosity about that Miss Lu family, including sister last time said her face has been disfigured thing. I have never asked about the affairs of the capital, and I have little impression of these ladies, but after thinking about it, it seems that there is indeed such a thing. That Miss Lu Ping is to save the Yao family's doctor before falling into the water, was bitten by water bugs face. But the last time I saw her, her face was indeed intact, which also drew my interest a little."