Chapter 1032 New Year's Eve

  A few days passed in a hurry, in the blink of an eye, to the Tianwu 25 years of the New Year's Eve.

  Because Yun Fei lives in the Chun Wang Mansion, so Xuan Tian Hei this end is planning to raise the family to the Chun Wang Mansion to celebrate the New Year. But when it comes to the family, it's just him and Feng Yu Heng two people, at most each bring their attendant Bai Ze and maid forgetting the river Huang Quan. Originally, Feng Yu Heng will also bring to think about Rong, but think about Rong but she lived ahead of her step to the Chun Wang House, so she no one to bring. The last time in the old year, Xuan Tian Hei proposed to let Feng Zirui out of the palace for the New Year, but was refused by Emperor Tian Wu, on the grounds that "I like that child very much", Feng Zirui was left in the palace.

  The emperor wants to keep a person in the palace, what else can she do but steal and bring him out? The good thing is that Xuan Tian Med Xuan Tian Hua has arranged people to look after the palace, so she doesn't have to worry too much.

  The group got on the palace car, crushing the snow that fell overnight yesterday and rushed to the Chun Wang Mansion, while at the entrance of the Chun Wang Mansion, the fourth prince Xuan Tian Yi personally left the mansion and rushed over here to pick up Xirong to spend the New Year in his mansion.

  Feng Xiangrong stood in front of the Chunwang Mansion, a maid helped her with an umbrella, draped with a pure white cloak with a furry collar and hood, looking a little face more dry and fresh, but also vaguely have some Xuan Tianhua in white.

  Xuan Tian Yi looked unpleasant, frowned and said: "This color does not suit you, a small girl wearing white what? A body mourning?"

  You can also ignore his words, just faintly said: "You go back, I will not go to the Ping Wang Mansion for New Year's Eve. You and I are just master and disciple, I have never heard of a master going to his disciple's house for New Year's Eve, not to mention that you are a prince, which is against the rules."

  "Old Seven is still the prince!" Xuantian Yi was so angry that he pointed at the Chun Wang Mansion and said loudly, "Lao Qi is also a prince, so what? What's wrong with you spending New Year's Eve in his house?"

  You can explain to him, "That's because the relationship between His Highness and His Highness is relatively close, and the Ninth Princess and I are sisters, so I stayed here to wait for my sister to come to celebrate the New Year together. If you don't believe me, just wait a little longer at the entrance of this house, I think the Ninth Highness and my second sister will also be here soon."

  "You said they are also coming here for the New Year?" Xuantian Yi was a bit puzzled, "The first year of marriage, not properly at home to enjoy the world of the two of them, why to come here to get together?"

  Of course, you can't tell him that it's because Princess Yun is also in the relationship, after all, Princess Yun is out of the palace is a secret, except for the Chun Wang House and the Royal King and his wife, no one knows, and no one can say outside. She then only said to Xuantian Yi: "After all, they are the children brought up by Consort Yun, it is only natural to spend the New Year together."

  "Humph!" Xuan Tianyi let out a cold snort, "Not to say that they are blood brothers, yes, I don't have any blood buddies, so I deserve to spend the New Year alone in the house. I've been with you in Ji'an County all these days and you won't even let me spend New Year's with you, how inhuman."

  You can't go to the Ping Wang Mansion even if you don't stay at the Chun Wang Mansion. Fourth Highness, back in Ji'an County I told you, master and disciple are master and disciple, I understand my own mind, you are very good, but since I have that kind of mind, I should not give you any more hope, that is not something my conscience can bear."

  "You want to be with him that much?" For the first time, Xuantian Yi so clearly pointed out the inner feelings of Huirong, he asked Huirong: "Do you know how many people in this world secretly like him? But who does he see? Does he look like he will find a woman in his life?"

  She said, "I've never hidden anything from you, I have someone in my heart, how can I erase it?

  "But he didn't even look at you!"

  "That's his business." You can only look at Xuan Tianyi and say, "Whether he sees me or not, that's his business, I can only control myself. Fourth Highness, you go back!"

  After she finished, she didn't stay any longer and turned around with her maids and left. Xuantian Yi did not stop, but subconsciously stroked his face and murmured: "Does she think I'm too old? Compared to the little girl, I'm really old!"

  Xuan Tianyi was thus turned away from the door, and kept seeing Xuerong go around the front yard into the back yard, out of sight, when he suddenly had an idea, he hurriedly spoke to the boy beside him and said, "Let's also stay in the Chun Wang Mansion for New Year! We are also brothers, so why can't we spend the New Year together? It's settled!" As he said that, he was about to go to the residence, and even crossed the threshold with one foot, but he was stopped by the housekeeper of the Chun Wang Mansion.

  The housekeeper said to him, "Your Highness, I'm sorry, but today, except for the Royal King and the Royal Princess, the Chun Wang Mansion will not receive any other guests. Please forgive me, Fourth Highness."

  "Huh?" Xuan Tianyi did not expect the closed-door soup to be eaten so soon, his heart was full of anger, he could not help but point to the direction where Xiang Rong had just left and said, "Where is that girl? She is not a member of the Chun Wang Mansion either, why do you want to receive her?"