Chapter 1033 - Sudden arrival of a serious illness

  Tian Wu Di desperately wants to remember the old days, his expression is very serious, the more serious also the more headache, finally put down the hand holding Yuan Shu Fei, holding his head and began to hum lightly. →8→8→read→book,. ↓.o≥

  Yuan Shufei is most afraid of this, Tianwu Emperor as long as a bull's-eye always headache, this is the sequel to her secretly moving that hand, but also so far have not thought of the best solution to a blunder. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

  Xuan Tian Mo succeeded in using Emperor Tian Wu's taste for wine to turn his attention back, once he heard about the wine, again buried when Xuan Tian Mo was ten years old, the person who was desperately trying to remember a moment ago immediately raised his head, and did not feel the pain, rushed to ask: "Buried for more than ten years?"

  Xuan Tianmo nodded, "Indeed. Although there is more wine hidden in the palace, hundreds of years, but this jar of wine is my son carefully blended, the taste is pure and fragrant, father and then taste."

  Tianwu Emperor could not resist such temptation, immediately set off the topic of "how to spend the New Year", and Xuan Tianmo drink up. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  A few cups of wine down, the Emperor of Heavenly Wisdom on this wine good a painful praise, and then and then gathered Yuan Shufei said: "Tomorrow is the first day, the evening there is a palace banquet, I will be in the palace banquet in public to announce the establishment of you as your consort of the matter. Love consort in the palace for so many years is really too bitter, I desperately old life also to make up for these twenty years of debt." Said, and murmured, "How can I bear to not see you for more than twenty years? What a damn!"

  "Your Majesty must not say such words!" Consort Yuan hurriedly covered Emperor Tian Wu's mouth gently and said in a delicate voice: "As long as Your Majesty can remember me now, let's not mention the past. What's more, Your Majesty has not failed me, at least he has given me a son, I have a son, everything is satisfied."

  "Yes! And our son." Emperor Tian Wu looked at Xuan Tian Mo and said, "In two years, it is time to create a crown prince, I am at this age, I am afraid there are only a few years to live, I always have to leave the throne to our son Mo in a righteous manner while I am still alive, we cannot let other brothers bully him."

  Xuan Tian Mo said with a touched face: "Father, I do not want the throne, as long as the father is healthy, our family together is better than anything. The throne is an external thing, if you get the throne at the cost of losing your father, I absolutely do not want it!"

  Emperor Tian Wu was moved and sighed: "What a good boy, what a good boy! If all my children were like Mo'er, how good it would be!" He was talking, but his expression began to drift off again, always feeling as if there was something wrong around him, but could not remember what was wrong, so he subconsciously called out: "Xiao Yuanzi! Xiao Yuanzi where did you die?"

  This cry almost did not call out Yuan Shufei's soul, and then look at the person who came forward to answer is the eunuch Wu Ying, heart began to vaguely worried about tonight is afraid of something.

  Wu Ying stood next to Emperor Tianwu, respectfully answered, but Emperor Tianwu looked at him with a bit of unfamiliarity, but also asked: "Where are you a lackey? Where is my little Yuanzi who doesn't know the sky is high?"

  Wu Ying looked at Yuan Shufei, see Yuan Shufei also did not specifically indicate, so stiff-lipped the truth: "Eunuch Zhang Yuan made a mistake, in the ten days before the emperor was sent to the sin slave division, the emperor forget?"

  Emperor Tianwu was stunned, "I sent Xiao Yuanzi to the sinful slave division? Strange, when did I send him to the sinful slave division? How could I have sent him to such a place? Didn't you all say that the Sinnu Division could eat people? Then why would I let Little Yuanzi go?" Tian Wu was in a state of panic, and he even looked at Consort Yuan with a questioning gaze.

  Consort Yuan's heart thumped, but she could only say with a stiff upper lip: "Eunuch Yuan did annoy His Majesty at that time, and I did persuade him, but I could not persuade him. If the emperor wants to come back, it is easy to ask someone to call him back again. This year's New Year's Eve, the emperor should not think about those bad things, New Year's Eve happy, the new year can be smooth."

  With her words fell, outside is very appropriate to the sound of fireworks. Xuan Tian Mo hurriedly stood up to help Emperor Tian Wu, at the same time said: "fireworks, father, let's go together to see!"

  Emperor Tianwu nodded, under the joint support of Xuan Tianmo and Yuan Shufei step by step towards the outside of the hall, but while walking and muttered: "I have a bad memory lately, when exactly did Xiao Yuanzi sent away?"

  Listening to Emperor Tianwu's words, Xuan Tianmo and Yuan Shufei both had worries in their hearts, but at the moment there was nothing they could do but try to distract him as much as possible with the matter at hand. For example, the fireworks, such as the eighth prince described to him the beautiful rivers and mountains of Dasun, as well as his own ambitions.

  But the fireworks did not see more than a moment, the good words did not listen for too long, Tianwu Emperor suddenly sneezed a few times, the nose sucked a few times - a cold.