Chapter 1061 - The Ambition of the Companions

  Yuan Guifei suffered a lot of shock, in this Sheng Wangfu can not stay any longer, hastily fled. As she fled, she could still hear Xuan Tian Med's heartbreaking screams, which made her heart ache.

  In the end, that is also her son ah! And it was the only son for so many years! She once treated this son as the only hope in her life, once put her greatest hopes and fantasies on this son, once loved her son so much. But now, she has a goal that must be accomplished, she has a path that must be taken, and she finally understands that she can only rely on herself if she no longer wants to be subject to others and wants to sit in a high position. So, no matter what, she can't lose. Even if Xuan Tian Mo can not, she must also help a line up.

  The first time I saw you, I was in the middle of the night, and I was in the middle of the night. The Emperor said that you should go back to your own palace and not come over in the next few days."

  "What?" Yuan Guifei almost suspected that her ears were out of order, "His Majesty does not want to see my palace? How is this possible?"

  The eunuch who sent the message was also very puzzled, according to Yuan Guifei is now just favor, the emperor is obedient to her, how can not see it? But the emperor did say that he was not seen, which made him very difficult.

  At this time, Yuan Guifei's question rang out again, she asked: "Today when this palace is not in, where has the emperor been? Who did you see?"

  The eunuch replied: "After the Queen left, the Emperor said he wanted to walk outside, the minions followed all the way, but just strolled around the garden. The Queen's mother was seen talking to the former Eunuch Yuan, and then the Queen's mother took Eunuch Yuan away. And then later, the emperor will not let the minions follow, must be their own stroll, the minions will not dare to follow. Later heard …… heard that the emperor unknowingly walked to the Moon Cold Palace, and knocked on the door, only the people in the Moon Cold Palace did not let the emperor in."

  "You said the emperor went to the Moon Cold Palace?" Yuan Guifei's heart was cold and flushed, and she also began to panic in bursts. She no longer asked, turned around and left the Zhaohe Hall, with the subordinates hurriedly went to Cunshan Palace.

  The first thing you need to do is to go back to the Cunshan Palace and send all the servants away from the main hall, and only then did she enter the dark room and meet the compounder. The old man has been to the Moon Cold Palace, must have remembered something, now unexpectedly refused to see me, I went to the Zhaohe Hall was blocked outside the hall."

  The companions as soon as they saw the Yuan Guifei can not wait to come forward to move their hands and feet, and Yuan Guifei today, not very cooperative, pushing and shoving a few times also failed to let the other side get a hand. The man had to stop and say to her: "The old emperor is stubborn and always has some moments of bull-headedness. But don't worry, he can't leave you now! I can guarantee it."

  "You promise?" Yuan Guifei's gaze appeared questioning, "You also promised last time that Feng Yu Heng would definitely be compelled after drinking your compulsion tea and would definitely be controlled by us. But what about the fact? Nothing happened to them. Now you say guarantee again, how can I believe you?"

  Your Concubine Yuan's questioning made that compulsive master lose face, and he coldly snorted and walked a few steps away, then turned back with a few warnings in his gaze. He said, "Your Highness is now sitting on a high position, so you think I am dispensable, right? Very well, you can disbelieve me, then there is no need for me to stay in this dark and damp room, from now on, I will not interfere in your affairs anymore, you can take care of yourself!"

  "You" Yuan Guifei did not expect this person to use this as a threat, she hated in her heart, she could not chop this person up. But this kind of emotion she can only put in her heart to think about, not dare to show on the face. The reason why the other side dares to threaten is because they know she can't leave him, she has come to this point there is no way back, there is no other way but to beg him to continue to help.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Earlier I was too anxious, it is my bad, you take offense, ah! After saying that, the hand into the man's lapel, in front of the chest back and forth stroking up.

  The man remained cold, and even took a step back, avoiding the hand of Yuan Guifei, and asked: "Your Highness, do you really want to continue working with me? Is it true that you consider me as one of your own?"

  "That is natural." The first time I saw you, I was a little bit of a fool. Once I take the position of empress, you can live anywhere you want in the palace." The man said: "It's all my fault, don't be angry with me!" The man did not hesitate to untie his clothes, from the outer robe to the lining, and then to the chest, until the upper body is all present, then he pounced on the man and said charmingly: "It's all my fault, don't be angry with me!

  The man was not at all polite to her upper body on the round fierce pinch, the pain of the Yuan Guifei a cry, the heart of hate, but the face also endured, to the person hugged tighter.