Chapter 1062 - Familiar Strangers

  The room where the master of Wenxuan Wangfu lives is coiled with a floor dragon, and it is warm at night without burning charcoal. It is reasonable to say that Xuan Tian Ge could not feel the shade no matter how she slept. But tonight there was such a feeling that she turned over several times and finally had to sit up from the bed, calling out to the maid on guard "Huan'er, do you see if the floor dragon is not hot anymore, why is it so cold?"

  The princess's bed was guarded by a maid, and the maid was nestled there with her bedding, so she could respond as soon as her master shouted. But strangely enough, Xuan Tian Ge shouted a few times and waited for a while, but did not hear the maid answer, nor was there any shouting.

  "Huan'er, why are you sleeping so hard?" She frowned and lifted the tent to look down, only to see the maid sleeping heavily, there is a slight snoring sound, simply more than her master sleep sound. She reached down and pushed a few times, calling out again, "Huan'er, wake up, Huan'er!" However, the maid did not respond at all and was still sleeping.

  Xuan Tiange suddenly felt that something was wrong, this Huan'er was her personal maid, had been with her for many years, and had always been the most steady in her work, how could she suddenly sleep even more than she did during the night watch? This is something that has never happened before. Is Huan'er sick? Or did she have an accident?

  She was thinking, at this time, heard a sudden laughter in the middle of the room, she was shocked, looked up, but saw a brocade robe man standing in the middle of her boudoir in the dark, twenty years old, a light yellow winter robe to set off the person's noble aura, the features are clear, is a very good-looking person. She felt that this person looked somewhat familiar, but in such a situation, she was frightened, how can she have the mind to analyze where she had seen?

  Xuan Tian Ge cautiously stepped back, then grabbed the long shirt by the bed to wrap herself, only then looked around again, found that there was no one other than this man appeared, it seems to be the other side alone, but is not sure if there is a secret accomplice. She alertly asked: "Who are you? Why are you intruding on the bed of this princess in the middle of the night?"

  She didn't know whether to scream or not, but she was afraid that before her rescuer came, the other party would kill her. After all, a person who was able to enter her room under the noses of the secret guards outside the house and managed to knock out her maid must be quite skilled. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. But do not shout okay? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.

  Xuan Tiange's heart is very conflicted, but also very afraid. This man does not seem to have any malicious intent, but those eyes are dangerous, like a poisonous snake is sharp, straight into the heart.

  She took a deep breath and asked again, "Speak, since you are here, you must let this princess know who you are."

  After she finished this sentence, the man finally opened his mouth, his voice is very nice, some feminine, but does not look female. He said, "I just came to see if the princess of Da Shun is doing well today and if she still remembers my old friend."

  An old friend? Xuan Tiange was stunned, and when he looked more closely, the more he saw, the more familiar he felt. But this person does not look like the Han people of Dasun, but very much like the ancient Shu people in the desert. When she thought of ancient Shu, her eyes lit up and she blurted out, "Is that you?"

  It is indeed a person that I know, but I can't say that I am a friend. Xuan Tiange remembered that when she went to the desert to attend the wedding of Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Med, she entered the desert territory a few days in advance, but in one afternoon from the street to save a seriously injured person. In fact, to say that it is not save, the man was covered in blood fell on the roadside, just begged her to go to hire a doctor, and then leave some silver. Xuan Tian Ge thought Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Hei are about to get married, it is better not to have such a person on the street, so he left him 20 taels of silver, and went to the doctor's office to call a doctor to deal with. Only a few hurried encounters, but her impression of the injured man is quite deep, because although the man is in a mess, but the clothing material looks very good, the identity is rich that is noble. In addition, the typical ancient Shu people look like, very let her more than a few eyes. She also suspected the identity of that person, but after all, one more thing is better than less, their first arrival, a few days work to go back, no need to bother with this file.

  But unexpectedly, a few months later, this person came to Dasun Kyoto, and also in the middle of the night into her boudoir. She was a little annoyed, but her fear was lessened by the fact that she knew him, and she asked him, "Why have you come to Dasun? Who the hell are you?" After that, she couldn't help but look her up and down, and then inexplicably asked, "Your injuries, all healed? At first, the injuries were quite serious."

  The man's face showed a smile, the corners of his lips wickedly picking, looks very much like a few Xuan Tian Hei of that evil charm. He said: "Thanks to the help of Princess Maoyang, all is well. And the reason why I came to Dashun is mainly to see my life-saving benefactor, is she still having a good time in Dashun?"

  "Of course my princess is happy!" Xuan Tian Ge rolled her eyes, "This is my home, I am the princess of Dasun, who dares to make me unpleasant? This worry of yours is a bit redundant, right? Moreover, the two of us don't have that deep of a friendship, your reason is too fake to be valid." She shook her head, while denying that the man said he came to see her, but then she thought of the incident in the palace, and said earlier that no one dared to upset her, but in fact, she has been upset for months!