Chapter 1063: This is the bride price, right?

  Xuan Tian Ge was really something, but now that people have left, she is fine again. So he only replied, "Nothing, it's just that the ground dragon may be cold, you ask someone to burn it again."

  After the man left, she did not sleep much this night, full of questions, but also a little bit of worry. What is the identity of that person? He said that the new ruler of Ancient Shu has an enemy with the eighth prince, but this can be taken seriously? And, most importantly, what is the point of barging into her room in the middle of the night? To see the benefactor of her life? She didn't believe that the people of Ancient Shu really remembered favors to such an extent.

  After washing up and having breakfast, she wanted to go to the Royal Palace to talk to Feng Yu Heng about last night's incident and discuss it with her.

  But before she could leave the house, a group of strange guests arrived at the residence of King Wenxuan. The company's housekeeper said that those people came to give gifts and specified that the gifts were for Princess Maoyang. The three of them watched as a big box was carried to the house, and the people who sent the gifts only said they were entrusted by someone, but they shook their heads and said they didn't know.

  The princess was surprised and asked Xuan Tian Ge: "Do you know who is the real person who sent the gifts? Is it a friend of yours? Or is it a request from you? I counted twelve boxes, if they are filled with valuable things, then the gift is not light!"

  Xuan Tian Ge looked puzzled and shook her head, "I don't know who gave it to me, and even if I have a request, it should be from my father, how could it come to me? If they had something to ask for, they would not be so generous and would not use this way."

  When King Wen Xuan heard this, he did not want these things of unknown origin, but with some curiosity. He went forward and opened one of the boxes with his hand, and at that moment he sucked in a breath of cold air, the whole person froze in place, his mouth opened wide, unable to speak.

  Not only King Wen Xuan, even the subordinates who saw the contents of the box were also stunned, and even one person could not help but exclaim: "My mother!"

  Xuan Tiange also doubly strange, pulling King Consort Wen Xuan together and went up to see, but saw that a box full of jewelry, pearls, jade, crystal, gold, glaze …… so scattered piles, shining. These things seem to be placed randomly, but pick up any one of them are rare treasures, worth a lot of things.

  Xuan Tiange as the only princess of Dasun, formerly the most favored child of Emperor Tian Wu, seen the good things that is not blown out, even the treasury of Dasun Emperor Tian Wu welcome her to pick anytime, anywhere, every time you get good things, the concubines in the palace are grabbing the blood, but she did not even have to squeak, Emperor Tian Wu will order people to send to the house. But even if this is early, right now she is still shocked by these objects, and shocked not lightly.

  The crystal is more pure than Dasun's, the gold is brighter than Dasun's, the jade is more transparent, the pearls are bigger, and there are even a few large luminous pearls thrown in haphazardly, and since it's daytime, they can still shine.

  King Wen Xuan looked at these things for a long time and finally said in a deep voice: "This is the stuff of the desert." He told his wife and daughter: "The treasures of the desert are much more than those of Dashaun, and they are much better. The king has seen many offerings from ancient Shu, and the gold crystal of this color is beyond our reach."

  "Ancient Shu?" Xuan Tian Ge frowned, instantly remembering the person who broke into his room last night. There was almost no need to doubt that it was definitely from that person, because apart from that person, she had no dealings with any ancient Shu people. But the strange thing is, why did that person send such a valuable thing? Just for the 20 taels of silver, and to find a doctor for him to save his life? What makes him capable of being so generous?

  While thinking, she opened the lids of the other boxes with her own hands, and without exception, they were all rare jewels. Before she could make further analysis, she heard King Wen Xuan suddenly said, "The new ruler of Ancient Shu will arrive in the capital in a few days."

  Consort Wen Xuan was stunned, and then said, "Your Majesty's meaning is ……"

  "How does the king look at …… like a bride price?" His daughter has long passed the age of maturity, but because of the identity problem has not been married, and the new ruler of the ancient Shu country is said to be only twenty years old, because the new throne, has not yet established a queen, from this point of view, the new ruler came to the throne to protect the kingdom, to marry the princess of the main country, in order to make peace, this is very plausible ah!

  "Impossible!" Xuan Tian Ge suddenly opened his mouth to deny it, desperately shaking his head, "No way no way, father don't think too much, this thing can't be a gift from the ancient Shu king, absolutely not."

  "Does Tian Ge know who it is?" The king consort asked her, "If you know, you might as well say it, and save us from guessing blindly."

  Xuan Tian Ge did not dare to say, because she was only guessing, not to mention that it was difficult to tell her parents what happened last night? After all, it is not very good to explain ah! She shook her head and told a lie: "My daughter doesn't know. But since the things have been delivered, we don't know where to return them except for the time being, so let's wait and see, if we can deliver the things to the door, the people can't remain unseen. I'd like to go out and meet Ah Heng at the royal residence. Let's talk about this later, okay?"