Chapter 1066 - I Marry

  Xuan Tian Ge told Feng Yu Heng: "In fact, it's not my own guess, because early this morning, that person sent many large boxes to the Wen Xuan Wang's residence, each box is filled with rare treasures, named for me. At that time, my father said that this looks like a bride price, just now listening to your conversation, I suddenly thought, that person to save Uncle Huang certainly can not save for nothing, he offered the terms, not …… want me to marry to ancient Shu, right?"

  The first time I heard this, my voice sounded calm, but my face was tense, and I thought I was right, but I was hoping I wasn't. I was very conflicted.

  The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the market. The first cousin's letter from the southern border was received by the Royal Palace with a secret letter mentioning this matter. Your ninth brother and I did not respond directly, nor did we dare to mention it to you first, for fear that you would risk agreeing to it because you wanted to save the emperor. So we proposed to let him personally come to the capital, one, we also want to understand whether he really has the ability to save the father, and secondly, also want to fight to see if we can change the terms of this to a change. After all, Gushu is far away from Dasun, and the capital is a long way away, you marry there, if it is because of love, but if it is because of such a reason, we always feel sorry."

  She said the truth, although Xuan Tiange is two years older than her, but in the end, she is only physically younger, but in fact is already 30 mature soul. Xuan Tiange for her is a little sister, she is also the heart of this girl, as long as the thought of the security of the motherland to marry far away from home, her heart is particularly uncomfortable.

  Political power in the heart of the life of the woman to bear is too much, and relatives and relatives, to put it bluntly, is not for the sake of national security and political purposes to marry a person they do not love? The difference between selling one's life, but to say that a person's happiness is important, or the country's stability is important, that sounds, or should choose the country's stability. People are like this, once there is a responsibility, once there is a trade-off, many things are not by themselves. This is true in ancient times, and in fact the same in later times.

  "If he can really save Uncle Huang and restore him to his former self, then …… I will marry." Xuan Tiange was silent for a moment and said firmly, "I am the only girl in this generation of the Xuan family, this is my life and my duty and obligation. I have to fight for Da Shun, no one can change such a fate. A-hang, you do not need to be sad, and look at me long past the age of maturity and still not married, you know, even if there is no the ancient Shu king, there are still others, I can not let my own heart to marry a normal man in this life. The first time I saw the man I married was a man I had seen and touched, it was better than being sent to a strange country and marrying someone I had never even met, that would be more tragic." She looked at Feng Yu Heng, squeezed out a smile and said, "That guy is actually not bad, isn't he? At least the looks are okay and worthy of me. And …… there are only three beauties in the harem, not many."

  She said it easily, but Feng Yu Heng could see the watery mist hidden in her eyes. The first thing you need to do is to get married far away from home, which no woman is willing to do, right? Even if you have love in your heart, but to marry so far away from your homeland, away from your parents, is not an easy decision. But Xuan Tian Ge just nodded her head and agreed, for the sake of the peace and stability of Da Shun and the health of Emperor Tian Wu.

  She suddenly felt that being a princess is not good at all, not as good as a normal citizen, no matter how rich or poor, at least you can marry a person who knows the roots. Although the ancient Shu king is considered to have met and contacted, but how is the character? How about the internal situation of the ancient Shu Palace? These are all unknown. She shook Xuan Tiange's hand and solemnly said with her: "Although I am younger than you, but now I am after all your ninth sister-in-law, whether we are relatives or sisters, there are some things I have to say to you clearly. Tiange, the interests of Daishun are certainly important, but personally, I would like to see you happy. This is not the only way to solve my father's compulsion. I would rather find another way than to trade your lifelong happiness. Not only do I feel this way, but so does your ninth brother. We don't want to see you marry far away from Ancient Shu for this matter. That place …… is too far away, if something really happens, I'm afraid it's too late to go and help you out!"

  She said so, Xuan Tian Ge's tears immediately gushed out, and could no longer control his emotions, hugging Feng Yu Heng wailing.

  However, after crying, she still said firmly, "I'll marry!"

  When Xuan Tian Ge returned to the house, both eyes were still a little red and swollen, but her emotions had adjusted. However, her maid Huan'er, who was following her, did not adjust her emotions so quickly and was still twitching. The huan'er has been with her and knows all the things that happened in the royal residence, so when she returned to the house and faced the box that was not put away in the corner of the courtyard, her emotions were very complicated.

  But Xuan Tian Ge had already changed from the morning when she first saw those things, she ordered the servant who was guarding the items to say, "Put these things away, put them all in the treasury and put them on the account of the Wen Xuan Wangfu."