Chapter 1067 - Unwinding the Compulsion

  Fighting compulsions, is the companions with their own native companions to fight with the native companions of others, Brahma said: "This is easy to say, but to do, but no one is willing to do it easily. Because the life of the companions is the life of the companions, from the moment they were born, the life of the companions are connected to his heart and veins. Once the native companions appear accidental, the companions themselves must die, and is immediately dead." He looked at the red scorpion in his hand and said, "After so many years, no one has ever been able to qualify Lone to make the native compulsion out, that person is also considered to have died."

  People listening to his words, is also a little creepy, especially in the middle of the night, looking at the red scorpion, the atmosphere is unusually eerie.

  Xuan Tiange suddenly interjected, asked: "You use the native compulsion to fight, will …… be injured by the other side? Since it is a fight, then there must be a loss and a win, you win then, in case you lose, will ……"

  "No." Fan Tian Li shook his head, "I am the ruler of Ancient Shu, the ultimate victor under the battle for the throne of Ancient Shu, which means that I have the most powerful companions, and I have the most brilliant companions. I dare to say with certainty that among all the companions in ancient Shu, including the High Priest, there is no one whose companions can be stronger than Lone." After saying that, and looked at Xuan Tian Ge, suddenly said, "Is Your Highness worrying about Lone? I'm touched."

  "No, I'm not." Xuan Tian Ge said calmly, "I'm just worried that in case something happens to you and then the other side finds out, I'm afraid that Uncle Huang will be in even more danger."

  Fan Tian Li shook his head with a bitter smile and did not ask further questions, but only told the people present, "Since the imperial concubine heard with her own ears that that person had placed a death heart compulsion on the Da Shun Emperor, then only this one method can be used. Dead heart compulsion can only be fought with the life compulsion, the other side of the life compulsion first death, which can not affect the emperor's life at the same time, the compulsion removed, and the person who put the compulsion to death. Otherwise, there is no solution."

  He still said some mystery, but Xuan Tianhua heard the doorway, he said: "The king means, want to solve the compulsion, must let the compulsion die before the feeder, so that the person under the compulsion can wake up in the moment between the feeder and the death of the compulsion. And once we take other measures, such as killing the compulsion keeper so that he dies before the compulsion, the person who is under the compulsion will also die together, right?"

  Fan Tian Li nodded, "The Seventh Prince is right. The mystery of solving the death heart compulsion lies in the fact that the compulsion has to die first." As he spoke, he looked at the red scorpion in his hand, and then his eyes lit up in vain "The time has come!"

  He just said this sentence, the small red scorpion originally lying in his hands actually jumped up, jumped directly to the table in front of him, scorpion tail swing, actually made a fighting stance. In addition, in that bright red scorpion tail, there are a few drops of liquid dripping out, dark red, and the smell of blood gradually diffused.

  Fan Tian Li said a few words to the scorpion with the unique words of the compulsion tribe, saw the scorpion tail swing, immediately reversed the direction, and then straight in that direction will be the scorpion tail cocked up, the tail pointed to the front, the body moved together, a very fierce look.

  "That is the direction of the imperial palace." Xuan Tian Med, who had not spoken, spoke up at this time and said softly, "The place that the scorpion's tail is pointed at is the imperial palace."

  At this moment, inside the palace, Yuan Guifei was still in bed at the Zhaohe Hall, and the two of them were tenderly lingering with Emperor Tianwu. The companions who stayed in the secret room of her Cunshan Palace are still soaking in the pool. The water of the pond has a strong blue color, like the addition of dye, I do not know, but he is practicing compulsion.

  The death heart compulsion for Emperor Tian Wu every few days to consolidate again, so that the old emperor can be controlled by him at any time. He practiced compulsion for so many years, in ancient Shu dare not say, but in Dasun territory is unmatched, and even now practiced compulsion to the palace, or the world's most powerful people to firmly control, which makes him very proud.

  Just this night is a little different, and I do not know if it is because of the sensitivity of the compulsion people, he always feel that there will be a big event to happen, and this big event or he can not solve. But, in the disaster Dasun Palace, the old emperor is under his control, what else is there that he can not solve it?

  The most important thing is that the body of the compulsion snake that has been hovering in the body suddenly stirred up and stirred him up in his body.

  "Damned beast!" He gritted his teeth and cursed, then opened his mouth and made a vomiting gesture with some pain, then pulled a small half-arm-length thin snake out of his mouth.

  The snake was still agitated when it came out, so much so that it did not visibly calm down after he chanted a few times, which made him pay attention to it, but also alarmed.

  The life of the parasite can not be restless for no reason, once this happens, it means that the parasite is threatened, or even harm, that there is a crisis is coming to the head of the parasite, it should not serve, so the sense of fear.

  The parasite master finally realized the seriousness of the matter, the whole person naked from the water stood up, the little snake in the palm of both hands, staring at. But see that the snake has presented a fighting state, a letter spit long, triangular head tilted up high, but also self-consciously adjusted a direction, and then to the direction of that kept tearing and twisting, and kept spitting out the poison in the mouth.