Chapter 1109: Doing one last thing for Da Shun

  The news brought by Zong Sui's Prince Li Kun made the three of them, Sixth Prince Xuan Tianfeng, Seventh Prince Hua, and Ninth Prince Xuan Tianming, finally sit down together and deliberate seriously. This was a discussion that had to be held after they had secretly searched for Xuan Tian Mo for ten days and still found nothing.

  The eight prince disappeared, and someone suspected of being the princess of Zong Sui had infiltrated into Da Shun pretending to be Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Med; Xiao Bao ran away from the paddock and was abducted halfway, and the fifth prince searched the sky but could not be found. The three-day deadline promised to Feng Yu Di has long since passed, and he now has no face to see her.

  All of this points to the fact that Zong Sui's palace change has affected Dasun, and it was the other side that took the initiative to influence it, and Dasun was caught off guard in a passive manner. They couldn't let Zong Sui go on like this, a big war was about to start.

  The three of them deliberated from noon to evening, and even the evening meal was a casual bowl of noodles for one person in Qiankun Hall. Finally, Xuan Tian Med said: "I'd better go! The four border countries, Zong Sui is the last trouble, it is always necessary to solve. There is no peace in the world for more than a hundred years, and the chaos is caught up by our generation, there is no way. But send troops to Zong Sui can not be to help that Li Kun, that place once down, Da Shun must take over, otherwise, the same distress sooner or later will be staged again, we can not give our children and grandchildren after the belt again to leave future problems."

  In this regard, the sixth prince and seventh prince two did not object, but heard that Xuan Tian Hei again to go on the expedition, they both put a frown to tighten. The sixth prince said: "These years are nine brothers in the war outside the army, and even went to the northwest that year also fell a serious injury. Although there is sister-in-law's wonderful hand back to life, but now think, we as brothers really owe you too much."

  Xuan Tian Hei waved his hand, "The family does not say two families, who let us all surnamed Xuan, who let the ancestors of Dasun left the rules, military power must be in the hands of their own families. So although General Pingnan was also stationed in the southern border, but in fact those soldiers and horses are still under the authority of the emperor, even the military amulets are held in the hands of the old man." He said while smiling bitterly, "I don't know, it is rare for a minister to rebel for hundreds of years, but the imperial son is always on the stage."

  The sixth prince still felt sorry for him, "But it can't always be you."

  Xuan Tian Hei lost his smile, "I do not go do you go ah? Forget it, sixth brother, or wait for me to defeat Zong Sui, you build more schools there, so that Zong Sui people learn more about our books of Dasun."

  The sixth prince also laughed, helplessly looked at this ninth brother, also do not know whether the couple has been together for a long time or what, always feel that Xuan Tian Hei and Feng Yu Heng two more and more alike, look like, talk like, even the aura of pride and spontaneity are like. It really makes him envious.

  The two talked about their future plans, but the seventh prince Xuan Tianhua never intervened. It is not the first time that Xuan Tian Med has taken the initiative to go to war, he should have been used to it, but for some reason, this time he always felt not optimistic, and even mentioned Zong Sui to somehow tremble.

  This feeling was particularly unfamiliar to Xuan Tianhua, and was the result of a strong sense of crisis that came out of nowhere. He had never felt this kind of crisis before, whether it was the northern or eastern world, he had never worried about this war god brother, even when Xuan Tian Hei returned from the northwest with injured legs and face, he did not have this kind of fear today.

  If the immortal's life gives birth to fear, it is an extremely terrible thing, a strong premonition tells Xuan Tian Hua, this time the clan Sui battle, afraid that something very bad is going to happen, even that thing is so bad that they can't afford it, to break a great vitality.

  Intuition told him that he must persuade Xuan Tian Med to give up this trip, but he did not know how to persuade, can not say it is his own intuition, that boy will not listen. So Xuan Tian Hua thought about it and said: "Zong Sui is different from both Qian Zhou and Ancient Shu, it is the largest of the four countries and the richest one. Because the country is rich, the people are strong, and the people are relatively more loyal to the country. In order to protect their country from invasion by foreign enemies, it is not too bad to say that all the people are soldiers. We already know that Zong Sui has iron essence, and every household has weapons made of iron essence, so in case of war, all the people of Zong Sui can instantly transform into soldiers and join the battle. Moreover, although our new steel can break iron essence, it is not as easy as breaking normal iron weapons, which will invariably make the battle extremely difficult. What's more, Zong Sui is densely populated, unlike the desert and not as vast and sparse as the ice country of a thousand weeks. It is impossible for Da Shun to attack a city without taking care of the common people. Although you have the winning Heavenly Thunder in your hands, I am afraid that you cannot easily use it in Zong Sui."

  Xuan Tian Hua's analysis was very comprehensive, and gave a full account of the situation in the east, putting a difficult fact in front of him. In fact, he was hoping that Xuan Tian Med could give up going to war, and if this battle had to be fought, then he was willing to fight instead.

  However, these issues Xuan Tianhua understand, Xuan Tian Hei also understand, he is also a very stubborn person, he decided the matter no one can change. Xuan Tian Hei said, "Things have come out, always have to solve, even the greatest difficulties have to trickle through." He said, and looked at Xuan Tianhua, said something only the two of them can understand: "Seventh brother, let me do something for Da Shun one last time! Everyone has everyone's responsibility, I do not do one more duty for Dasun, one day in the future …… will regret."

  The words so far, Xuan Tianhua can still say what? He only frowned deeply at the tea in his hands, but his thoughts have drifted to nowhere. A long time ago, only to hear the sixth prince Xuan Tianfeng said again: "Since Heier insisted on going, then bring more troops, at least 500,000, Zong Sui can not take down, but must ensure their own safety, understand?"