Chapter 1110 Doom

  "Third sister, look! I don't know what's for sale in the front, many people are gathered around, let's also go over and take a look!" Unexpectedly, a street that was originally quite quiet, originally quite quiet at the entrance of an alley, but today is surprisingly lively. There is a goods man with a pick standing there, many people gathered around in his load to pick around, three layers outside, very crowded.

  In the end, you are also a little girl, see the sale of new things naturally moved, not to mention out of all out, she also want to relax the mood. So it is very happy to follow the powder Dai together with jumped on, but do not know, waiting for her, will be a bad luck ……

  The woman's father was a man of the cloth, and the woman's father was a man of the cloth, and the woman's father was a man of the cloth, and the woman's father was a man of the cloth, and the woman's father was a man of the cloth, and the woman's father was a man of the cloth, and the woman's father was a man of the cloth, and the woman's father was a man of the cloth, and the woman's father was a man of the cloth. So, she expected that it must be arranged by Yu Qianyin, and she, as long as she succeeded in bringing Xiyong to the crowd, the latter should not need her to care anymore.

  The two of them had already squeezed into the crowd, and Fan Dai didn't do anything, rushing to the front to see the goods. And want to Rong after all than her temperament is stable, a moment did not squeeze in, to be a lot of people crowded into the middle of the surrounding, but also her and maid Shancha to a good distance apart.

  Shancha some anxious, see think Rong was crowded by the crowd is very wretched, Shancha anxious in the periphery straight shout: "Miss! Miss! Oh you guys get out of the way, do not squeeze my lady!"

  But those who will listen to her, not only did not get out of the way, on the contrary, is more to think of Rong close, the range is constantly narrowing, from the initial she can also push a few times, to now has been tightly squeezed into one place, the body are stuck together. So much so that Wanyong suddenly had a feeling that these people were doing it on purpose. Unfortunately, when she realized it was too late, only to feel a burst of dizziness came, almost no process she passed out.

  In the blink of an eye, when the crowd on the periphery of the mountain tea finally broke through the wall of people rushed to the original standing in the place, where can still find the figure of her young lady.

  Someone complained about Shancha, "What crowding ah! Only your lady is expensive? Everyone is here to buy things, what pretend to be a lady? If you really want to have money and status, you should go to the jewelry store to buy ah! What's the point of grabbing street goods from us?"

  Someone else said, "Let her squeeze if she wants to! Let's just not buy it and let her buy it all by herself."

  With these words, these people really scattered one by one, the crowd that was originally surrounded by three layers scattered in just a short time, leaving only Fan Dai, Winter Cherry, and Shan Cha who was dumbly looking for her own lady.

  The shopkeeper who saw the scene was also displeased, he snatched a bracelet still in the hands of Fan Dai, said discontentedly: "It's all because of you, the original good business is spoiled by you! Give it to me, it's not for sale!" Saying that, and shoved the powder Dai a hand, and then grunted angrily, picked the stretcher and walked away.

  The man walked quickly, and when several people reacted, there was no trace of them, and even those who had gathered to buy the first were scattered without a trace. So much so that Fan Dai has an illusion, as if this place just prosperous pressure did not exist. However, in the end, there are still changes, when it came to four people, and now, only three remain.

  Shancha was so frightened that she shivered and cried out with a "wow" sound, crying and looking around, constantly shouting: "Miss! Miss! Where are you? Miss!" She kept shouting, hoping to turn around and see Wishing Rong appearing beside her, but unfortunately, Wishing Rong seemed to have vanished into thin air and never appeared again. Shancha was about to die of fright and grabbed Feng Fan Dai and knelt down to beg her: "Fourth Miss, have you seen our Third Miss? I beg you to help find it, why is the third young lady gone in the blink of an eye?"

  Fan Dai is also a bit nervous, she knows why Xuerong disappeared, and moreover knows that Xuerong's disappearance has nothing to do with her. But this matter can not be told to outsiders except herself, including her maid Winter Cherry can not be informed. She looked at Shancha, the tension in her heart turned into boredom, fiercely threw her arm to struggle Shancha away, and said: "We are all here to look at things, you can't watch your own young lady, and now you come to ask me for someone?"

  Shancha hurriedly shook her head: "No! I'm not asking Fourth Miss for someone, I'm just asking Fourth Miss to help me look for them."

  Fan Dai coldly snorted, "Search? Where am I going to look? Do you think I'm an official on patrol in the city? Do you think I'm an official on patrol? I only brought one maid out, so I can't go out to the street to look for someone by myself? If you hadn't shouted there, how could you have provoked public anger? Didn't you hear what those people said when they were leaving? Even the merchant who picked the goods was offended by you, and the bracelet that my lady liked didn't even have time to pay for it before you stirred up the trouble. Now the third sister is lost, and the blame lies on you!"

  The already scared Shancha was so scared by Fan Dai, the heart is even more guilty, and felt that Fan Dai also has a point, it is true that I shouted there to upset people, but what exactly are those people? Bandits? Just because she shouted a couple of sentences to their young lady to robbed?

  The cold sweat on the forehead of the mountain tea, if the lady really was robbed, then it will be a disaster!

  Fan Dai cold-eyed look at this mountain tea is also a wake up call: "With the strength of a few of us is impossible to find the person, you have to cry here work might as well hurry back to the Chun Wang House to bring help, only cast a large net to find to find. But don't be too optimistic!" She coldly snorted, "You should have heard that my younger brother is also lost, the Fifth Highness has searched for so long but failed to find the person back, according to me ah! The chances of your young lady being found are also very small!"