Chapter 1154 - If you can't live the rest of your

  Hearing Feng Zhaolian suddenly ask such a sentence, Yun Xiao froze and pointed to the direction that Yun Duo went downstairs and asked rhetorically, "The master suspects that she is someone from Duanmu An Guo?" After saying that, he nodded again, "No matter right or wrong, but the master can have this idea, it means that the heart still knows what is cautious."

  Feng Zhaolian rolled his eyes, is he an idiot in the eyes of this Jingwei? But …… "just a casual guess, and the fact that I look at anyone like Duanmu An Guo's daughter, if you were a female, it is not likely that I also suspect you."

  Yun Xiao still said the same thing: "It is good to be more cautious. But if the master has some suspicions, then why did he buy her? My subordinate has said many times that more is better than less."

  "It's better to actively bring her around than to passively let their people follow." This was Feng Zhaolian's intention, "It's best if that little girl isn't from over there, so I can consider it a good deed to put her out of her misery. If it is someone from there is also good, let her lead us to Duanmu Guoan's lair, and save us the trouble to find it."

  Yun Xiao's eyebrows moved, the face immediately floated a layer of hidden worry, "the master must do that? In fact,…… ask the royal concubine to cure your illness and then start a new life, is also …… good." Yun Xiao said this without the bottom line, because he knew that Feng Zhaolian, although he left the Thousand Weeks, although the soldiers were given to Xuan Tian Med, although it seems to live a life free from the world in the Kyoto of Da Shun, but in his heart, never for a moment gave up the idea of wanting revenge.

  Feng Zhaolian always regarded Duanmu Anguo as the number one enemy, because it was because of Duanmu Anguo's proposal and the provision of medicinal materials by Duanmu Anguo that he was successfully soaked into an unmanly and unwomanly medicine man. Yun Xiao knows that this knot Feng Zhaolian can never be untied, and he has survived to this day with an unmanly body, but only to find Duanmu An Guo to avenge this. What look on the seventh prince of Da Shun, that is just a little fun he is looking for himself in the rest of his life. And now, he is going to run to the place where Duanmu An Guo is, Yun Xiao thought, afraid that the rest of his life is not much longer! The fact that Feng Zhaolian had the idea of dying together on this trip, don't think he didn't know.

  The new life? New life with me what sweet ah! Yun Xiao, in fact, you don't even need to follow, I went to send my life, should not ride you again."

  "If I don't follow, you're afraid you won't even have the life to reach Fuzhou safely!" Yun Xiao was so angry that she gritted her teeth, "The year you were born, I was four years old, my mother pointed to you and said that you were my master and told me to listen to you all my life. If you are in danger in the future, I am going to block the sword and gun for you. My mother fed you for a long time, don't try to leave me at such a time."

  "What a stubborn temper." Feng Zhaolian shrugged, "That can't be helped, to live together, to die together. After I die, I will kowtow to my nanny when I see her, saying I'm sorry for her and dragging her only son down."

  Yun Xiao slightly tilted his head, thinking of the mother who died after Feng Zhaolian was secretly taken away, seems to look a little blurred. In order to become the best elite guard beside Feng Zhaolian, he was sent by the old prince to the bitterest and coldest place in Qian Zhou to train martial arts, and he could only go back once every three years, and he didn't even have the time to take a last look at his mother when she died. So, for that Duanmu Anguo, he also has hate. If it were not for Duanmu Anguo who started the medicine man incident, his mother would not have died.

  Yun Xiao's fists tightly clenched, just! Life and death is fate, the cycle of cause and effect. Since the heavens have arranged this cause and effect, it is no one can avoid it. The revenge of Feng Zhaolian, mother's revenge, then avenged together. If he can still live, he has to bring him to a safe place even if he has to turn his back on Feng Zhaolian, and then pick up Wu Lisheng, so that they can live a good life. If you can't live, then it's better to die together.

  The two were silent, no one spoke for a long time, until that Yun Du carried a basin of water up, a thin body carrying a basin full of water, walking is always not very stable, the water will overflow some with stumbling steps. But the child was very stubborn, and did not say put it down to slow down, just gritted his teeth and spelled out his arms were shivering, but also a breath to carry the water basin to the basin rack in the room, and then said to Feng Zhaolian: "Master, wash up!

  Feng Zhaolian's expression suddenly changed, and changed to the kind of both positive and evil feminine, he walked to the basin, picked up a cloth towel to wipe his hands, while teasing Yun Du said: "In fact, look carefully, you look quite good, if you can temper and face a little better, you will be able to be bought early, maybe now will be in a good family doing easy things."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  "Hey! It's not like I don't have any money." Feng Zhaolian was not happy to hear this, "What do you mean, you don't want to be rich? Do you think your master is a poor man?"

  "Slave servant doesn't dare." Yun Du knelt down, as if she had made a big mistake.

  Yun Xiao frowned and spoke, "It's not a serious matter, no need to kneel at every turn. You should go down and see what there is to eat, and ask the junior to send up some!" He dismissed Yun Duo with one word, waiting for people to go out, but picked up Feng Zhaolian's initial question: "It is known that Duanmu An Guo's daughter also has at least more than twenty, scattered all over the world, no one can say exactly where they are."