Chapter 1172 - The most second-rate thing

  After Feng Yu Heng came out of Bincheng, she was going to take the forgetful river Huangquan and go straight to Jiancheng. She calculated that if she could travel faster, she could reach Jiancheng in three days at most. But damn, it was not easy to go around to the east of Bincheng, and then through a small road can be on the official road to Jiancheng, she actually ran into Feng Zhaolian at this time!

  When we met, that guy had also gone around to the east of Bincheng, laid a mat at the bottom of the wall of Bincheng, took down the thick bedding from the carriage and spread it on the mat, then sat down by himself, wrapped in a cloak, facing the city gate, his mouth chattering and not knowing what he was saying. The two seemed to be persuading something, but unfortunately, they were too far away and their backs were turned to them, so they couldn't hear clearly.

  Feng Yu Heng originally did not understand who was sitting on the mat, nor did she expect it to be Feng Zhaolian, but she just felt strange, how could someone sit at the city gate in such a strange way when the city had just been captured? What is this about?

  To forget Chuan sharp-eyed, said: "It seems that the man standing is the elite guard beside the Lotus King, called Yun Xiao."

  But Huang Quan wondered, "Yun Xiao is not with the Lotus King, what is he doing here?"

  Only then did Feng Yu Heng see it, and with a stroke of her forehead, she pointed to the man sitting on the mat and said to Huang Quan, "Where can he not be with Feng Zhaolian? Look at the person sitting there, although he is dressed as a man, but who is he if not Feng Zhaolian?"

  When she said that, the two girls took a clear look again, and there it was! Although changed into men's clothing, although only a back, but with their familiarity with Feng Zhaolian, but they can still see that person is Feng Zhaolian himself. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  Feng Yu Heng shook his head, "What to look at? Hurry up and go! The guy is going to delay the journey. We are here to do business, not to catch up with him. I saw his appearance, probably for the seventh brother, really poor seventh brother, by whom is not good, but by a Feng Zhaolian to stare at, really dead. Let's go, it'll be too late when they find out."

  What a pity! They are still a step behind, forgetting that Chuan has just released the curtain of the car, before Huang Quan can raise the whip to beat the horse, then hear the end of the city wall suddenly someone "ow" a strange cry "ah! Is not that Huang Quan girl? Is that Honest in the carriage? It's our Honest, right?"

  Feng Yu Heng was so depressed, especially when her carriage was successfully stopped by Yun Xiao, and then she heard Feng Zhaolian happily tell her, "Heng Heng! It's really great to see you here, you don't know, I've been squatting at the base of the city wall for a day and a night in order to see Seventh Highness, but they just won't let me enter the city. You should help me, at least let me go in and see him."

  Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes and reasoned with him: "Look! I also came around the city and didn't walk out of the city gates, right? That means I didn't get into the city either! I couldn't even get in myself, so how can I get in you?"

  "What? You didn't even get in?" Feng Zhaolian didn't believe it at all, "Impossible! The Seventh Highness would not stop anyone but you, I know this." The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. But Feng Zhaolian this person has never had any awareness, simply do not feel that the current Feng Yu Heng very want to get rid of him to hurry away, still pulling people keep saying this and that, until dawn and dark, so Feng Yu Heng helplessly accompanied him in this Bing City under the city walls squatting all night ……

  The first time I saw this, I thought it might be the most 2B thing she had ever done in her life, but when the day dawned again, the eastern gate of Bincheng was wide open and Xuan Tianhua led his army out of the city, she thought 2B once again seemed okay, at least waiting for a windfall.

  Xuan Tianhua's army is ready to pull out of camp and continue to march east, the destination is Jiancheng.

  Feng Zhaolian was so happy that he almost didn't jump on him, but unfortunately, Xuan Tianhua was surrounded by many people, he couldn't get close at all, he could only jump and shout: "Why are you stopping me? I am an old acquaintance of your general! We are old friends! We know each other very well! Let go of me and let me talk to him!"

  But who can listen to this nonsense? Yun Xiao felt that his master was too humiliated and had to go forward, disregarding the distinction between master and servant, and carried him away by the back of his neck collar. The first thing that happened was that there was no one to stop Feng Yu Heng when she came forward, and even everyone was happy and kept waving at her, even Xuan Tian Hua smiled when he saw her and waved at her.

  Feng Zhaolian was so angry that he gritted his teeth and said to Yun Xiao, "Look at you, look at you, I told you that the two of them were having an adulterous affair, how about that?"

  Yun Xiao did not bother to pay attention to his nonsense, but the maid Yun Duo said a fair word: "That good-looking Seventh Highness does seem to be special to that what's-his-name."

  Feng Zhaolian hurriedly corrected: "Ouch! You can't call her what's-his-name, you have to call her the Royal Princess. That is a serious imperial consort of the Dasun Dynasty!"

  Ignoring their gossip, Feng Yu Heng asked Xuan Tian Hua: "Going to Jiancheng so soon?"