Chapter 1173: Born as a Zongsui man, die as a Dasu

  The change of the Jiancheng people made Xuan Tian Meditation think of the original Yao, but the two are different, although Yao has also changed, but not so crazy as the Jiancheng people. After drinking the water mixed with that white powder foam seems not only to make people more easily aroused radical emotions, as if there is also some anesthetic effect, so that people do not feel the pain.

  Bai Ze said to Xuan Tian Hei: "Master, do you know that there is something in Qian Zhou, the people call it the extreme happiness and free from the scattered, only in the coldest land of Qian Zhou can be grown. As long as the stuff goes down, the person taking it will forget about the pain, and will be guided by someone with the intention to perform a certain act blindly and aimlessly, even at the risk of losing his life."

  Xuan Tian Med nodded: "There is such a thing, the jianghu people call walking corpse, eaten will become a walking corpse, although people are still alive, but nothing different from dead, no pain, no sense of fear, and no ability to distinguish right from wrong." He took a deep breath, "This built city, everyone became walking corpses, hundreds of thousands of walking corpses!" It was horrible!

  Everyone present was flooded with a deep chill, a city, hundreds of thousands of people! The person who poisoned the city was so generous, he simply lost his conscience. It is not enough to sacrifice the soldiers for the victory of a war, but the lives of ordinary people must be sacrificed?

  "Duanmu Anguo." Xuan Tian Med said coldly: "This king is really looking forward to your end. To be able to wipe out hundreds of thousands of lives with a wave of your sleeve, how miserable should your end be to be able to face the people who lost their lives as a result?"

  That's right, people who took walking corpse scatter could not survive in the end. Even if there is enough medicine to keep up with, it is impossible to live past C year. What's more, how could Duanmu Anguo keep supplying them with medicine, those people, were just his tools.

  "Get ready, move out of the city tonight after dark. Go through the west city gate, towards Bincheng." He gave orders to his men, this time, besides picking up Feng Yu Heng, he also had to go to remind Xuan Tian Hua that Jiancheng had a city of crazy people, and if Da Shun came, it would be no different from slaughtering the city. The city of massacre this kind of thing he Xuan Tian Med still difficult to start, let alone his painting fairy like seventh brother? He can not let the seventh brother in the battlefield on his behalf at the same time, and at the same time to carry such eternal curses. The people of this city, if they want to die, they can't die in the hands of the Da Shun army.

  He planned well, but did not expect that Duanmu Anguo's private soldiers had arrived at the eastern gate of Jiancheng before dark, and under the instruction of Duanmu Anguo, they quickly spread to the four gates, supervising the city in all directions.

  Under such a strict defense, Xuan Tian Med a few people even if the wings can not fly out of the city. He only has a strange high martial arts, but not Feng Yu Heng that with a strange space of people, opposite such a large scale protection, even he Xuan Tian Hei, can only shake his head and sigh, can do nothing.

  The reliance of the people of Jiancheng on water has reached a peak in just a few days, even in the middle of the night there will be people coming out to pick water. Those who drank the water would immediately be refreshed, and those who did not have time to drink would always be depressed and even fall to the ground wailing in pain. Some even began to hit people and destroy things, and even some people really can not wait, want to jump into the well to drink, the result of drowning themselves.

  But the people did not have fear, they did not feel abnormal, but rather that it is rightfully so, or have a thirst for water like air.

  Xuan Tian Med and other people scattered, have returned to live in the courtyard, tonight can not go out of town, and see what new tricks will come out of the city tomorrow day! He now some regret, if in Duanmu An Guo into the city at that time a shot to kill people, is not it can save the hundreds of thousands of people in the city? He and Bai Ze wouldn't have been unable to escape, right? The best thing is to circle the enemy and wait for Feng Yu Heng to arrive. As long as Feng Yu Heng arrives, there will be no more worries about hiding places.

  However, everything is not if, he did not kill Duanmu An Guo at that time, Jiancheng hundreds of thousands of people also ultimately did not escape Duanmu An Guo's victimization.

  The next day, just after the dawn, those forces outside who were compelling people and inciting the feud between Zong Sui and Da Shun began to march again. This time, they seemed to have a plan to drive people towards the west city gate. Xuan Tian Med heard someone saying, "Da Shun army has set up camp outside the city, today we are going to fight Da Shun to the death!"

  He frowned, only to say that Xuan Tian Hua actually came so soon, this is not good. Once the 500,000-strong army of Da Shun and the 300,000 people of Zong Sui Jiancheng are as crazy as walking corpses, the scene is so tragic that one cannot imagine it.

  However, even if he thought of the end, there was nothing he could do to stop it. The western gate of Jiancheng was finally opened in the early morning light, and hundreds of thousands of people swarmed out, all holding the iron weapons that were once the pride of Zong Sui, shouting slogans like "fight with Da Shun" and "take back Bingcheng", and rushed straight to the west. They rushed out to the west.