Chapter 1177 - The Slaughter of the City

  The whole Jiancheng is like a concentration camp for zombies. Those who temporarily regained their sanity under Xuan Tianhua's magic sound zither eventually returned to the city. Even though Xuan Tianhua warned them at the last moment to stay away from their hometown and not to drink the water of Jiancheng, but where could they go besides Jiancheng? Born here, grew up here, knowing that there are problems but still have to return here ah!

  What's more, the magic sound zither only temporarily makes them awake, but it can't lift the effect of the Extreme Bliss Free San in the body. Soon, the drug kicked in and the nerves of addiction spurred them into madness once again. I don't know who was the first to take the lead and started to turn around and run towards Jiancheng City, so everyone followed behind, rushing back to Jiancheng City, rushing to every water well, gulping down water.

  Many people were injured in the battle, and when Feng Yu Heng quietly slipped into Jiancheng, she saw a small child, who was just a toddler, standing in the corner, holding a broken arm in his arms and looking at it unconsciously. The arm was his left arm, broken at the root, blood flowing down like a column. The child's face was pale, his body swayed, finally could no longer stand, flopped to the ground. A woman on the side, like the child's mother, saw the child fall and wanted to help, but her own abdomen also broke a large hole, a stand up intestines are flowing out.

  They are no pain, even if the arm is broken, even if the belly is opened, as long as they can still breathe will die, as long as there is a nerve is connected, you can still move. The woman helped the child up, dragging the child forward to a well, personally brought a bucket of water to the two people lying on the side of the bucket to drink, as if drinking the most delicious soup under the sky, the face is full of satisfaction.

  The doctor's natural responsibility prompted her to go up and help the little boy to put his arm back on, or at least to stop the bleeding, otherwise it will soon bleed to death if it continues. However, soon there were more seriously injured people in her eyes, not only children, but also the elderly, and even pregnant women. Everyone has injuries, everyone needs immediate medical attention, but she only has one person, only one hand, so many, can not save over.

  Feng Yu Heng had no way to start, so she could only stand there, watching, until a team of soldiers came from afar, she then hastily hid in a corner. Then I saw that the team of soldiers seemed to be looking for someone, looking around the city, carefully identifying each and every person, but each and every person is not what they are looking for. She heard someone say, "The seventh prince of Da Shun is injured like that, even if he ran away, he won't live long, right? What's the point of looking for him or not?"

  Her heart stuttered!

  Injured like that? What kind of injury? Duanmu An Guo's people are also looking for, that means Xuan Tian Hua is not dead, and has not fallen into the hands of Duanmu An Guo. The most important thing right now is to find the person before Duanmu An Guo, no matter how badly he was injured, she is confident that she can cure him.

  The last time Feng Yu Heng took a look at the city of zombies, she could do nothing more, Duanmu Anguo's drug dosage is too heavy, these people are beyond saving. Those who are injured will soon die, and those who are not yet traumatized will not live more than three months.

  She originally wanted to search for Duanmu Anguo in the city, but Xuan Tianhua's news made her anxious. She hurriedly left the city and returned to Bing City without stopping for a moment.

  At that time, Xuan Tian Med was standing on top of the city tower waiting for her, as soon as he saw that small figure from far and near, he immediately went down to the city and opened the door, the first thing he asked her when he saw her again was: "Are you hurt?"

  Feng Yu Heng shook her head, "No, not injured, and not found." She eagerly grabbed Xuan Tian Med's arm and said with a ragged breath, "Seventh brother was seriously injured and did not fall into the hands of Duan Mu An Guo."

  "Seriously injured." Xuan Tian Hei locked his brows, seriously injured, but did not fall into the hands of the enemy, then where would it go? "There are many mountains outside Jiancheng, all of them are deep mountains, Seventh Brother has secret guards around him, since he did not return to Bincheng, then he should be heading to the mountains."

  "But Duanmu An Guo's people are searching for them." Feng Yu Heng said, "Jiancheng is their sphere of influence, if they spread their nets to look for it, they should be able to find it soon, right?" She was anxious, "Even if we go to look for them, we will definitely not be able to reach them, one is far away, and the other is to other people's territory, it is not convenient to move. Xuan Tian Med, what do you think, what should we do?" She tilted her head to look at him, "We can't leave Seventh Brother alone."

  "Of course we can't ignore it." Xuan Tian Hei took her hand and walked towards the city, saying as he walked, "If you want to ensure the safety of seventh brother, you must make that mu and three parts of Jiancheng your own to be the most beneficial. Do you think …… those people in Jiancheng are still saved?" He asked Feng Yu Heng, "I mean those people who are not injured, can they still live?"

  She shook her head, "Not long to live, three months at most."

  "Three months." Xuan Tian Hei sighed, "Three months is too long, we can't wait."

  "What you mean is ……"

  "Attack the city!" Xuan Tian Med made the final decision, "Since the people no longer have a way to live, then, Dasun put up with the slaughter of the city to keep Seventh Brother alive. The name of the scolding let this king to carry just, slaughter the city on the slaughter, in this battle, there should always be some trade-off is right."