Chapter 1178 - Tongcheng

  Tongcheng has sealed the city, on the day the city was slaughtered, Duanmu An Guo's 100,000 pro-troops arrived one after another, with a mysterious thing, began to step up deployment around the outside of the city.

  No one knows what those things are, only to see those relatives like plowing the ground, and then buried those things, and then closed the city gates, no one in the city allowed out, and outside the city also set up a barrier at five miles, no one can come closer.

  At that time, the news that Jiancheng was slaughtered had not yet reached Tongcheng, and the news that there was a problem with Jiancheng's well water had not yet reached Tongcheng, people only knew that Zong Sui was at war with Da Shun, and that the city was closed to ensure their safety, so there was no more surprise, and not too much resistance. Although life has become less convenient, it is more important to live than to suffer the disturbance of war.

  But only a few days, but somehow, even if the city gates are closed, the news of the construction of the city is still not away to Tongcheng.

  This immediately set off a furor in Tongcheng, for a time, the fear of the massacre spread throughout the city of Tongcheng, became a topic that people must talk about. Soon, the massacre fever has not dissipated, Duanmu An Guo to the well water to put the news of the walking corpse also spread, in the people's shock set off another wave of panic.

  People dare not drink the water in the well, but also can not die of thirst, many people thought of the big river outside the city, from the south to the north of the river flowing double wide and deep, the river water is incomparably clear, Tongcheng people always in the summer to the river to go to the water, the water scooped up to drink, like a mountain spring sweet.

  The river water is living water, a doctor told everyone that the flow of living water is not poisoned, even if the poison is cast, it does not matter, soon with the flow of dispersion, no more toxicity. So people want to go to the big river outside the city to carry water to drink, there are even big families directly set up a car, many large barrels on the car, ready to transport water to the House by the car.

  However, the city of Tongcheng is closed, no one can get out. Duanmu An Guo's 100,000 personal soldiers personally guarded the original Tongcheng defenders were empty to. The people can not get out of the city, angry and cursed Duanmu Anguo, but the soldiers just as not heard, dead guard the city gates just do not open.

  The people had no choice but to gather at the entrance of the governor's office and beat the drum for help.

  The governor Tian Ping has been worried about the water supply in recent days, and personally went to negotiate with Duanmu Anguo's soldiers several times, but unfortunately, all to no avail. Now the people are enraged, blocking the governor's residence, Tian Ping had no choice but to face the pro-troopers again.

  This time, Tian Ping was also angry. Because the people of the governor's house also dare not drink the water from the well, after all, the thought of the horror of the walking corpse scattered, simply than the giant poisonous medicine are people all over the body chills, even if the relatives of the soldiers to ensure that the well water in Tongcheng really does not have any problems, people are still worried.

  Tian Ping pointed at the leader of the lieutenant and shouted angrily: "Since you say the well water is fine, then good, you soldiers first go to test the water, every well in the city you have to drink a mouthful, you drink no problem, the people of Tongcheng dare to drink!" He was so angry that his hands were shivering and he couldn't help but say a few more words: "300,000 people in Jiancheng! All of them have been ruined by you! And the 200,000 troops, none of them escaped Duanmu Anguo's poisonous hands. Why don't your people drink it if you want to have a universal army? Why only let the people of Zongsui drink?"

  The deputy general snorted coldly and looked at Tian Ping and said, "If you want to ask this question, you should ask our general, it is useless to blame General Mo. But then again, you are just hearsay, the people of Jiancheng were slaughtered by Da Shun, what does it matter to our general? Who can prove that our lord had drugged them beforehand?" Humph! There was no one left in Jiancheng, the corpses had been burned by Xuan Tianming, and there was no proof of death.

  Tian Ping glared fiercely at the adjutant, but was speechless. Indeed, the news is hearsay, as for the first rumors of who they are also unclear, in short, is that overnight this matter spread throughout the city, now think carefully, to also look like someone deliberately.

  But no matter what, the rumor has been known to all, in order to calm civil panic, not to cause greater unrest, Tian Ping knew that he had to force these soldiers to personally test the water to ensure that, otherwise, Tongcheng difficult to security.

  The soldiers had no choice, after all, Tian Ping is a local official, plus so many people collectively voice, they do not want to cause trouble before the arrival of Duanmu An Guo. The well water was fine, so they did as Tian Ping said, and took the army to drink a few mouthfuls of water from each well, the people saw that they dared to drink, and drank it was fine, so they stopped clamoring to leave the city and continued to drink from the city's water source.

  Duanmu Anguo came to Tongcheng in a few days, the people scoffed at this, not at all like when he came to build the city, not only no one warmly welcome, there are even people pointing at him spitefully. But Duanmu Anguo does not care, he just want to use this Tongcheng to complete his plan to confront Xuan Tianming and Feng Yu Heng, these people think he does not care, once he won the battle, these people can be buried with the destruction of Da Shun, he will not let this Tongcheng intact to continue to exist.