Chapter 1179: You have, I also have

  Tian Ping's daughter Tian Shi five months ago got a strange disease, when she just said a marriage, the husband is the richest man in Tongcheng, a man of integrity, instrument, there are no concubines in the house those exist. The son of the richest married the governor's daughter, which is originally a column of beauty, Tian Ping is quite satisfied with this marriage.

  The marriage is basically booked, the geng stickers are also exchanged, but suddenly one day, Tian Shi also do not know why, but abdominal pain is unbearable. The governor invited the doctor, but did not see a reason, only as a cold, prescribed a few pairs of medicine to drink, and then let recuperate a few days basically will be able to get well.

  Tian Shi did everything he was told, and his condition really got better, but not out of five days before he was in trouble again. After the fight here, almost every three to five days to be a pain on. This light pain is not to say, almost a month later the belly has gradually changed, for no reason, it is bigger.

  The Tian family was shocked and thought that their daughter had done something unchaste, but when pressed, Tian Xie swore that she had never done anything scandalous to humiliate the family, so Tian Ping became anxious. Tongcheng all the doctors have seen all over, but no one can say what exactly Miss Tian is sick, of course, although the belly is big, but the pulse of happiness is also not diagnosed.

  However, people's hearts are like this, although the doctors have said that no pulse of joy was diagnosed, the belly is large because the belly grows something, but as to what has grown but no one can say. So people spread the word, and later on the topic still focused on the point that Miss Tian was pregnant. There are even decent people say: "There is something in the belly? That's the baby! What else do you think it could be? Just watch! Miss Tian's belly must be getting bigger and bigger, who would dare to marry such a woman!"

  Unfortunately, Tian Shi's belly really grew as people said it would. So, the richest family withdrew the marriage, the son said to Tian Ping: "Although I believe in Miss Tian's chastity, but after all, people's words can be fearful, our family can not afford." In this way, Miss Tian not only suffered from a strange disease, but also became a person who was withdrawn from the marriage, a tragic fate.

  Tian Ping cherished his daughter, because of her illness, he was also depressed, not only had to endure people poking their backs, and now also had to suffer the anger of Duanmu An Guo, which made him more disgusted with this war instigated by Duanmu An Guo.

  In an inn in the city, the man is carrying a large teapot to explain to the occupants of the house: "You can rest assured, sir! The water is from the well in the backyard, but there is no problem. You have been living in our store for so many days, every day is drinking this water! What do you see? Don't worry! Early this morning, the general's own soldiers came over to try it, they dare to drink it, so it must be fine."

  "Did someone really try it this morning?" The resident did not believe the fellow's words and turned his head to ask his attendant: "Yun Xiao, did you see them come to test the water?"

  The lodger was none other than Feng Zhaolian, who had come to Tongcheng before the city was closed, and as soon as he came in, he heard about the matter of not being able to drink water, causing him to be on edge all these days, afraid that he too would become one of those monsters in Jiancheng because of drinking water. The same words, he had to grumble with the shopkeeper every day, until the shopkeeper thousands of assurance that the water source is fine, he dared to shallowly drink a few mouthfuls.

  Yun Xiao listened to his question and replied, "Someone did come to test the water and drank it all right."

  "Oh." Feng Zhaolian nodded, "Alright then! Since you said it's fine, then I'll believe it. Little Two, pour the tea! I'm really thirsty too."

  "Yes!" The servant hurriedly filled the teapot and poured the water while saying, "I don't blame you for being cautious, recently all the people staying in the store are like you, asking several times a day. Because the city is closed, the store in the foreigners can not get out, but also like you were stranded in Tongcheng for many days. I don't know when this will end. You said that Da Shun came in through the west gate, so what is the purpose of sealing the east gate as well? Really eaten up."

  Tongcheng people have a lot of words for Duanmu Anguo, Feng Zhaolian every day can hear people in groups cursing the old thief Duanmu. He sometimes cursed along, but more often than not, he slept in the guest room, as if he was on vacation, not at all concerned about external matters.

  After the shopkeeper finished pouring water and left the door, the little girl Yun Duo took the broken silver given by Feng Zhaolian and went out to buy snacks for him. Yun Xiao stood at the window and watched for a while until Yun Du's small figure turned a corner and went to another alley, then he closed the window again. "Why doesn't the master let his subordinates go and find out where that Duanmu Anguo is hiding? The government said it was in the governor's mansion, but the governor's mansion is not visible inside and outside, so it's probably just a front, and the person might be hiding somewhere else." Yun Xiao sneered, then said: "Speaking of which, that old thief Duanmu is also old ah! When he was in the Northern Realm, he didn't have to live in such a stifling way, such an arrogant person now hides all day for fear of being schemed, it's really funny."

  Feng Zhaolian crossed his legs and said while getting high on melon seeds, "This is Zong Sui, not the Northern Realm of the past. But the young emperor of Zong Sui is similar to the emperor of Thousand Weeks, who is very willing to be close to the old thief and listen to him. But we are not in a hurry, you do not have to bother to find, what did that girl Yun Duo say? Jiancheng is too dangerous, we can not go, if we must go to Zong Sui, or to a city in front of it! Sounds reasonable, but we came to Tongcheng, indeed, also listened to her advice. So, there's no hurry, with Yun Duo around, we'll meet up with the old Duanmu thief sooner or later."