Chapter 1202: Have you ever thought of me or not?

  Yun Fei came to condole with Yao Xian, on the fifth day after Yao Xian passed away. She would not admit that she did not come for the first five days because she did not want to accept the fact that Yao Xian had passed away. The news was so bad for her that for the first few days she thought the entire Chun Wang Mansion was lying to her and joking with her. She punished several subordinates, trying to shut people's mouths, but the truth is the truth. After five days of tossing and turning, Yun Flutter had to admit that the news was true.

  She came to Yao House in white, and when she got down from the palace car, the people knelt down to greet her, and were shocked to see Princess Yun dressed like this.

  That is not an ordinary white clothes ah! It was a mourning dress, a mourning dress that only the younger generation of children can wear. Consort Yun is the imperial concubine, why would she wear such a coat to condole Yao Xian?

  Yun Fei walked to Yao Xian's spirit in the people's doubts and speculations, did not even look at the Tian Wu Emperor sitting on the side of the coffin, nor did he accept the joss sticks in Yao Jing Jun's hand, he knelt down directly to the coffin and the tablet, and kowtowed three heads to Yao Xian in full view of everyone.

  The three heads kowtowed even Yao family members are confused, the imperial concubine to the people kowtowed, this is not in line with the rules ah! Not to mention that Yao Xian is not even the post of doctor, is an ordinary citizen, even if Yao Xian is Princess Yun's own father, as long as she is still the imperial concubine, this head is not kowtow.

  But Princess Yun kowtowed, in front of everyone, in front of Emperor Tianwu, to Yao Xian the three heads kowtowed. Then did not explain, took the joss stick and worshiped three more times, before inserting the incense into the incense burner.

  Some attentive people found, Yun Fei in the process of kowtowing, the body is slightly trembling, as if to endure a great mourning, the feeling is the same as the Yao family faced with the passing of Yao Xian, can not be seen is actually an outsider of eight poles.

  But Zhang Yuan understands, Emperor Tian Wu also understands, they both know Yun Fei this is why, more know Yun Fei all mourning clothes come, that is sincerely as Yao Xian's daughter, to send mourning for his father.

  Emperor Tian Wu wanted to talk to Consort Yun, but just opened his mouth, the words are not waiting to say it, but Consort Yun has already finished condolences turned away, it seems to be to go. He was anxious, stood up to chase two steps, just in time to hear Princess Yun asking Yao Jingjun: "Uncle Yao burial scheduled for which day?"

  Yao Jingjun answered her, "The coffin of my father will be sent back to the ancestral tomb thirty miles outside of the city after nine days."

  Consort Yun nodded, "On that day, my palace will come over earlier and give Uncle Yao a ride with you."

  Yao Jingjun hurriedly waved his hand: "No, no. Your Majesty, you are the imperial concubine, it is not reasonable to send off my father for the funeral."

  Consort Yun shook her head and said, "No, there are no such rules. What's more, as far as I am concerned, he is my father." After she finished speaking, she did not look at Yao Jingjun and walked straight out, but after a few steps she stopped, then turned around and looked at Emperor Tian Wu who was stumbling behind her and said coldly, "Why are you still here if you're not leaving? Are you embarrassing yourself?"

  Tian Wu Di was not angry when he heard this, he stomped his foot and said to her with a depressed look, "Alas, Flutter, do you think old Yao is too stubborn? I have put down my status to beg him, but he still refuses to come out to see me. Just as you are here, you go talk to him, let him stop being stubborn and come out to drink with me."

  Yun Fei frowned at him, with anger on her face, she said: "Xuan Zhan, instead of deceiving yourself and others like this, why don't you get in the spirit to help your sons to rule the world well. You want to pass on the throne, you should also leave a clear Dasun to the children, not a mess like this. That's how you are, you never take the initiative to think of solutions when things come up, instead you just avoid and retreat. Do you think that if you don't face it, you can pretend that nothing has happened? Just like now, you think that as long as you do not admit, Yao Xian he is not dead? And you can come back to life? Don't be naive, at your age, you no longer have the capital to be naive. Xuan Zhan, Yao Xian is already dead, you will have this day sooner or later, so do I. None of us can escape the merciless years. So, why not do more good things while still alive? Leave more useful things for your children?"

  Emperor Tian Wu froze, Yun Fei's words repeatedly replayed in his head, each word struck his most fragile nerve, one by one, the heartache. When he came back to his senses, Consort Yun had already walked far away and was about to get on the palace car at the entrance of the house.

  He turned back to look at Yao Xian's spirit, finally tears flowed from his eyes, could not stop.

  For the first time, Emperor Tian Wu did not go after Consort Yun, he returned to walk back to the spirit hall, this time did not call Yao Xian out for a drink, but took the incense and candles himself, seriously gave Yao Xian incense, just, and said to the spirit table: "Old Yao ah! I can't stay here with you, Flutter is right, should not leave a mess to the children, they are not easy, the person who should take the greatest responsibility for this country is me, so I must go back. As you said before, you can't be capricious because you are old, and you can't rely on the fact that you have many sons, the person who sits on the emperor's seat in place is me, and I can't shirk the responsibility for this world no matter what. Old Yao! You walk slower on the road to the Yellow Springs, wait for me. That woman Yun Flutter said, we will have this day sooner or later, I guess I'm almost there, you just wait for me, then we can still drink two more cups in the underground." After he finished, he turned to look at Xuan Tianfeng and said again, "Feng'er, you rest first, after my father put Dasun back in order, all sorted out and then handed to you."