Chapter 1203 - The Great Mourning

  Xuantian Yi said he was not afraid of dragging, but he was afraid that after Xuerong followed his own will miss the old seven more, in case the thought of the bitter, how can the body hold up?

  The carriage is speeding on the way back to the capital, and Xuerong is leaning on the carriage with her eyes closed to recuperate, but this God is not long to recuperate, the carriage bumps she has to cough, her body is so weak that it seems to be about to collapse, but still insists on not letting the car stop, to reach the capital with the fastest speed.

  Xuantian Yi could not stand it, blaming himself: "I should not have told you this news, look at how sick you are, still so tossed, in case there is an accident, you let me how to live? Do you want me to die with you, or do you want me to stay angry and curse myself for the rest of my life?"

  Xuan Tian Yi pushed her, "Don't curse me, I can't die yet. Grandfather was alive when I was not in front of the filial piety, now he is not alive, I can not go back to send the last ride, so I have to go to his grave to kowtow three incense, right? If I don't do anything, I'm sorry for my second sister, and I'm sorry for my conscience."

  "That's your second sister's grandfather." Xuantian Yi got a little angry, "It's not your own grandfather, so why not take care of your own body, just to go back and kowtow to an incense post? Feng Xiangrong, when will you think about yourself?"

  She frowned and glared at him unhappily, "You can't talk like that! Since the ancient times, the first daughter is respected, the second sister is the first daughter, once Mrs. Yao is also the main mother of the Feng family, we children all have to recognize the mother's mother's mother's family as relatives. I grew up calling him Grandpa, and before the Yao family left the capital, he did fulfill his duty as a grandfather, and the favor I never received in the Feng family could be felt in the Yao family, which treated me the same as my second sister, and never underestimated or treated me poorly because I was a concubine. So, to me he is my own grandfather. Xuantian Yi, don't say that again."

  As she spoke, she coughed a few more times and blood was seen on her handkerchief. An couldn't bear to look at it and looked away to wipe her tears, so she grabbed An's hand and said, "Mother, don't be sad, I feel much better today."

  An's helpless, this daughter really more and more can not help, she said to want to rong: "you did not say? You have to live well for your mother, but why are you living like this? It's not your fault that you're sick, it's better to go back to the capital, since so many doctors in Yuzhou can't find out about your disease, even the doctors of the Hundred Herb Hall are helpless, so it's better to go back to the capital, maybe the doctors there can have a solution. If not …… stay in the capital, wait for the second young lady, when she returns there will be a solution."

  The first thing that I want to do is to find out if the person who is in charge of me is the one who is in charge of me.

  She closed her eyes slightly and stopped talking, her mind rolling over and over again with Xuan Tianhua's appearance. Recently, as long as the thought of that person will be very afraid, the heart is empty, no longer like the old days, even if we can not be together, at least know that he is still there, where, and then far away to watch, miss, is also fulfilling. But now this empty, as if that person has ceased to exist in the world in general, the sky and earth, and can no longer find that person in their lifetime.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. But now, why do you have such a bad feeling? She had clearly refused the marriage contract with that person, just did not want to bring him any calamity and danger, is this not enough?

  Bai Furong was also in the carriage, accompanying Siuyong, not saying a word. Her impression of Yao Xian was not really deep, and there was no direct contact between them. Unlike Feng Yurong, who is related to Yao Xian, she is an outsider to the Yao family and could have not rushed back to the capital. But Yao Xian is Feng Yu Heng's grandfather, and aside from the deep sisterly bond between her and Feng Yu Heng, she has also received great kindness from Feng Yu Heng. It was a life-saving and regenerating grace, and now that Feng Yu Heng is in the battlefield of Zong Sui, she, as a sister, should go this way for Feng Yu Heng. She knows that Ren Xifeng and Feng Tianyu in the capital will definitely go to the Yao family, to send Yao Xian's last ride, but unfortunately Xuan Tiange can not return, the ancient Shu desert, is too far away ……

  Indeed, the ancient Shu Desert is too far away, so far that even if the Yao family has sent a letter to Yao Shu in advance, until Yao Xian is about to mourn, the letter still did not reach Yao Shu's hands.

  He was invited by Xuan Tian Ge and Fan Tian Li to spend a big year in the palace of Ancient Shu. Yao family's letter he did not receive, but Van Tian Li's side learned through their own channels the news of Yao Xian's passing. He told the news to Xuan Tian Ge, and then by Xuan Tian Ge to worry, how to say to Yao Shu?

  The road is too far, even if Yao Shu immediately go back, it is certainly too late to send mourning. This is a return trip, even a fast journey will take more than four months, if you stay in the capital for some more days, half a year will have passed. Yao Shu as a party official, leaving half a month is okay, but leaving half a year is a bit too long. But the Yao family is very important family, this thing if she does not say, I am afraid that later will fall complaints.