Chapter 1208: If you want to make things happen, y

  Duanmu Anguo has been hiding in Fang Jinser's palace courtyard for many days, the small space makes him restless and his mood becomes more and more irritable.

  But he can't go out, not only the people of Da Shun are ruthless, the emperor of Zong Sui also regards him as the number one enemy of the kingdom, he will be killed as soon as he shows his face in the palace. But always hiding like this is not a solution, one day Da Shun will attack, then he will not be a turtle in a jar?

  The heart of Duanmu Anguo is getting more and more confused day by day, and he doesn't know how he should escape this disaster. Even though there are still his people outside scattered in all directions waiting for orders, but where he now has the ability to order it? What's the use of having empty hands that can't be assembled? The good thing is that Fang Jinser and Yuexin two girls still have a conscience, and did not treat him poorly, and did not reveal his whereabouts. But he did not believe in the words of his father, in his opinion, the two girls did everything just to save their families.

  He was just thinking, when the door of the dark room was pushed open from the outside, it was Fang Jinser who came.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. But Duanmu An Guo has never been easy to trust people, he is a conspiracy theorist, he did not give to his daughter, why should the other party recognize him as a relative and give in return? He looked at the person who came in, with a smile on his face, but his heart was infinitely sarcastic.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Now that Duanmu Anguo is in her hands, it is also a mutual constraint, if her family dies, she can kill the old thief in a minute. The old thief cherishes his life and will never joke with his life.

  Her smile grew brighter and brighter as she put the meal in her hand on the table and then said to Duanmu Anguo: "Father, good news. Three more days, Da Shun will attack Zong Sui Kyoto, then the palace must be in chaos, father can take this opportunity to escape. But after escaping from the palace must also quickly flee the capital, once the Da Shun army took control of the entire Kyoto, there will be no way to live."

  Duanmu An Guo's eyes lit up, three more days to attack the city? So soon? It seems that Da Shun must have used heavenly thunder and guns to attack this way. He laughed coldly, "Is Xuan Tian Med enraged? So fast to attack the city, is looking for Zong Sui to take revenge for his daughter-in-law and brother! Very well, that little emperor Zong Sui is now bent on killing me, did not expect it! I'm not sure how to kill me, but I've become the meat on someone else's plate. If Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Hua died in the land of Zong Sui, according to the nature of Xuan Tian Med, tearing Li Jian by hand is not even light, 80% will be made into meat sauce and fed to the dogs."

  Fang Jinser listened to these words heart chills, body also vaguely shivered, but in the dim light here, Duanmu An Guo can not see her different. Strong resentment in the heart, Fang Jinser opened his mouth, but a face of doubt: "Not ah! I heard that only the god-like seventh prince of Da Shun died, the royal concubine is still alive, not only alive, but also with the ninth prince who kept attacking the city, and is now just outside Kyoto!"

  "What?" Duanmu Anguo was shocked, "She's actually still alive?" This simply makes him unbelievable, at first in the city clearly have been blown up within the minefield, that kind of explosion even Tongcheng buildings have collapsed half, how is it possible that Feng Yu Heng is still alive? He was in a hurry to escape, and lost an arm, is relying on the Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Hua are dead, he lost an arm worthy of the belief to survive, and now Fang Jinser actually told him Feng Yu Heng is still alive, this makes him how to swallow this breath? How is this possible?

  He did not believe it at all, gritting his teeth and saying fiercely: "What in the world are you thinking? Is it because you want to use that Feng Yu Heng to disturb my mind? That Feng Yu Heng was blown into pieces by my heavenly lightning long ago, there is absolutely no possibility of her survival! Don't talk nonsense!"

  "Father." Fang Jinser stepped forward and put her hand on his only remaining arm, "Father, how could my daughter possibly lie to you. Every time they conquered a city in Zong Sui, she opened a Hall of Hundred Herbs in that city and would personally treat a few patients, gaining herself a very good reputation. Now the people of Zong Sui are particularly vocal about her, and even the people of the capital are already expecting the Da Shun army to come in soon so that the Hundred Herb Hall can be opened in the Da Shun capital and they can be cured from now on, no matter how sick they are. Father, today's Zong Sui is no longer the world of the Li family, no one listens to the court anymore, even the government offices have been smashed by the people. General Chun Yu led his troops to surround the capital, but not to prepare against Da Shun, but to prevent the only few tens of thousands of his own troops in Li Jian's hands. Now that Li Jian is controlled by the Empress, he can't even run away if he wants to. Father should listen to his daughter's words and make preparations so that once Da Shun attacks the palace, taking advantage of the chaos to escape is the best policy."