Chapter 1209 Women's Revenge Brigade

  The first thing you can do is to take a look at the actual situation. But when she thought of Zheng Qi's character, Yuexin had to sweat for Fang Jinser.

  The two of them finally asked Zheng Qi to come to the palace courtyard, and did not wait until the evening, the sky was still bright when Zheng Qi came. The first thing that I did was to take a look at the newest version of the book.

  Zheng Qi glanced at her, lewdly reached out his hand and quickly pinched Yuexin's cheeks, then said discontentedly, "Not even a bit of flesh, you are really a maid, far from your master. Your Fang Guijin is a real beauty on earth! That face, that breast, that ass, tsk, I just look at it and I have to drool!"

  Yuexin was so angry that she scolded him, "Rascal!"

  "I pooh!" Zheng Qi was also angry, "Now you are calling me a rascal? Then who asked me to come here today? Little bitch, don't think I don't know what you have in mind. Now there are a lot of people all over the palace who are trying to flatter me, I am willing to go to the Palace of Rites, it is your master's good fortune, don't be shameless, if you say something I don't like to hear, I will be angry and leave, then you don't cry!"

  "You ……" Yuexin was so angry that she had no words, because Zheng Qi was right, it was they who took the initiative to invite people, to say rogue, it was they who were rogue, people did not have half the initiative. The people up and down the palace are locked up and can't get out, seeing that Dashun is about to attack, even though people have heard that Dashun will not hurt the innocent, but they are the people in the palace, who knows if the ninth prince of Dashun will count them as innocent? Once not counted, it will be difficult to escape death. Right now, if they want to get out of the palace and save their lives, they can only rely on bribing this Zheng Qi to achieve their goal. She heard that yesterday, the harem has two girls committed to Zheng Qi, in exchange for a chance to live out of the palace. The two girls were selected with Fang Jinser batch, have not yet had the time to be the emperor's pleasure, clean body is cheap Zheng Qi. She is not willing, but still topped: "But you are too early, not afraid of being gossiped about?"

  Zheng Qi laughed: "Gossip? Gossip can make me lose a piece of meat or a tooth? Hmph! Even the emperor is my sister's prisoner, who else am I afraid of in this palace? To tell you the truth, Da Shun is about to come in, when the time comes, it is still not sure whether you can live or not! I just want to take advantage of now, and you can also get the actual benefits, the best of both worlds, but not to do it? Do you think so?"

  Yuexin was speechless and did not speak again, lowering her head and guiding him to Fang Jinser's house, then she herself silently guarded the outside.

  Throughout the night, Zheng Qi was like a beast, torturing Fang Jinther in a hundred ways. She listened outside the house, tears flowing incessantly, nails snapped into the flesh. The entire palace courtyard subordinates heard the movement in the house, also know what happened, but who can say anything? Who dares to say anything? This palace is no longer the world of the Li family, today's Zong Sui, Chun Yu family is the largest power. Of course, this power will not come out for a few days, at most three days, Da Shun will completely replace it.

  Zheng Qi came out of Fang Jinser's house early the next morning, still looking as if he had not yet finished, glanced at Yuexin, and did not feel spoiled by her tears, but also said cheerfully: "Your Fang Guijin's taste is really good, even better than those original unsealed showgirls. But your request is also really strange, surprisingly do not want to escape from the palace, but only want me to help deliver a letter outside the palace. It's good, stay in the palace, I can still eat for two more days. I'll arrange for someone to deliver the letter to you, so go in and help her wash up, I'll come back tonight."

  Zheng Qi left, and when Yue Xin entered the house, what she saw was a bed of blood, and Fang Jinser who was almost out of breath.

  The pervert is Zheng Qi, he played with women, but also like to use scissors to cut the woman's skin, until the blood, the woman screamed, he liked that exciting feeling. The company has been tossed around by him to become a man, his whole body is bruised and battered, only a face can barely be seen. The first thing she asked was, "Did he take the letter?"

  The first thing she said was, "Did he take the letter away?" Yuexin nodded, "Yes, he took it away and said he would send it out of the palace. But ……" she wiped her tears and said indignantly, "That Zheng Qi said he would come again tonight."

  Fang Jinser smiled bitterly, "Come on! It's only two days left, I'm not going to be tortured to death by him yet. As long as I still have a breath, this revenge will be avenged sooner or later. You quickly help me dress and wash, I have to go to the old thief Duanmu to bring food, we can not let him see the flaw, otherwise, my crime will be in vain."

  On this side, Fang Jinser tried every means to get her letter out of the palace, and then her people outside arranged to send it outside the city. On the other hand, the empress of Zong Sui, Chun Yu Qing, was also racking her brains to find out information from Da Shun with the sole purpose of determining whether the seventh prince, Xuan Tianhua, was alive or dead.