Chapter 1227: With the second sister, there is not

  Feng Yu Heng thought, what should she say? How could there be no pain? She was blown up in a minefield! With such a shrewd Consort Yun, if she said there was no pain, would the other side believe her?

  Then look at Consort Yun, such a good-looking person actually turned into this appearance, Feng Yu Heng felt that she was responsible for this matter, Xuan Tian Hei was also responsible. After all, Xuan Tianhua went to risk for them, if there was no Xuan Tianhua trip into the minefield, then it is likely that the person who was killed by the explosion was Xuan Tianming. She dared not imagine what would happen to Princess Yun if something happened to Xuan Tian Med, her adopted son could still make her do that, let alone her own son!

  Feng Yu Heng did not say anything for a long time, Yun Fei also did not push, just murmured: "The Palace is not afraid to look in the mirror, is not old, afraid of what? I think the mirror glaze and crystal are removed from the Palace will not know what they have become?" She said, raised her hand, "Look, aging is right in front of your eyes, the Palace is not blind. But it's good that the old seven are gone, how can the palace have the heart to enjoy those things. This day is just a day by day count, when the count reaches the end, life will also reach the end. Ah Heng, do you think so?"

  "Mother Consort." Her heart was hard, "Seventh brother is not here, but there is still the Ninth Highness!"

  "Hei'er has you by his side, my palace is at ease." She inclined her head to look at Feng Yu Heng, "But your seventh brother has no one by his side. It was hard to get him a marriage, and he nodded his head, but that third girl of the Feng family reneged. The first thing you need to do is to get a new one. But it is good that the third girl did not agree to the marriage, otherwise now ……" Yun Fei suddenly straightened up, as if she thought of something important, she grabbed Feng Yu Heng's hand and said urgently: "You quickly out of the palace, quickly go to see the third girl. This palace heard that she is very sick, I'm afraid …… afraid that she is going to die."

  "What?" Feng Yu Heng was shocked, "It's going to die?"

  Yun Fei nodded, "is going to die, the subordinates thought the palace fell asleep, whispering when the palace heard. The doctor and the eunuchs from the palace have been there, and the most they can do is to last until the New Year. A-hang, you quickly go to see, I heard that she suddenly fell ill because something happened to Hua'er, you can tell her that this palace does not blame her, she must not be okay."

  Feng Yu Heng's heart was anxious, the most she could do was to last until the New Year, isn't tomorrow the New Year? How could you be so sick?

  But then look at Yun Fei, she suddenly understood, think Rong to Xuan Tianhua with deep love, Yun Fei as a mother, in this way to bear the death of her son, then think Rong take a life of their own, is not incomprehensible.

  "Mother Consort." She looked at Consort Yun and said solemnly, "I have to go back to save Xirong, but Mother Consort, listen to me, Seventh Brother is not dead, he is only very badly wounded and has been unconscious. Xuan Tian Hei and I put him in a safe place, when the wound is better, Mother Consort can see him. So, don't be excessively sad again, when you save Xuerong, I will also think of a way on Mother Consort's side."

  She stood up, forcibly suppressing her anxiety, and once again said to Consort Yun, "My daughter-in-law is telling the truth, she is not lying to Mother Consort, please believe me." She didn't dare to hide it anymore, if she continued to hide it, something might happen. Yun Fei aging, in case something happens to Emperor Tianwu again, the world can not afford this Dasun. Although the sixth prince oversees the country, but the emperor is still the emperor ah!

  Yun Fei was dumbfounded, wanted to ask Feng Yu Heng what was going on, and then came back to her senses, but people had already gone around the screen. She heard Feng Yu Heng say to the Tian Wu Emperor at the outside: "Father, my daughter-in-law also tells you that seventh brother is really not dead, and when my daughter-in-law cures him he will let you see. Father take care of mother consort, daughter-in-law has to leave the palace immediately, my sister is still waiting for me to save it!"

  Then again Xuan Tian Hei's voice came, "Go on! I'm here."

  When Feng Yu Heng hurriedly left the Moon Cold Palace, Consort Yun got up from the bed in a daze and got off the floor without even bothering to put on her shoes, running outside while shouting, "Are you telling the truth? Hua'er is not dead? Then what are the rumors outside?"

  Feng Yu Heng had already gone far away, not to answer, to Tian Wu Emperor haha laughter came: "I said Hua'er will not die, you do not believe! How about this, this time Ah Heng said it himself, Lao Jiu also nodded, what else do you have to say? Flutter, Flutter, you are a woman after all, you are still not as considerate as me."

  "I pooh!" Consort Yun gave Emperor Tian Wu a fierce glare, "You're not afraid to say that! Who was the one who howled for three days and nights in the hall of Zhaohe? Who was the one who got drunk and called everyone Hua'er? And! Xuan Zhan, get me all the glass and crystal in this room! Who wants to see this broken paper mache wall, don't make my Moon Cold Palace look like your women's place, vulgar. Hurry up and compensate me for the crystals!"

  She argued at the Heavenly Martial Emperor, but as she spoke, her voice trailed off, and when she looked at the way the Heavenly Martial Emperor was smiling at her, she couldn't help but feel gloomy and sad. "I'm old."

  "No, no, no, not old, not old." Tianwu Emperor hurriedly waved his hand, "I said Flutter ah, even if it is old, old is good. You are old, it will save me from worrying day after day that you don't want me. Now I'm an old man, you're an old lady, let's not dislike anyone."

  "No!" Yun Fei shook her head, "When Ah Heng is done with the third girl, I have to let her take a look at me to see if she can still be cured. Who wants to be covered in old skin like you, I still have to wait properly to see Hua'er! If Hua'er wakes up early, once she sees me like this, how sad she will be."

  "What a heartbreak!" Tian Wu Di shouted, "You are now like his mother, before that is like his sister."