The sixteenth Meng, Li Yan shot

——  A group of children to the full force of the hand, towards the Ao Bai blast. (http;//燃§文&书&库 Ao Bai sneered: "think back in the day, the old man rushed to kill in the midst of thousands of horses, also did not lose his life, you little rascals, how dare you strike me, really live impatient."

  His left fist swung out, only to hear a "Pu" sound, this punch actually hit through the chest of a boy, the whole fist into the boy's chest cavity, straight down to the wrist, when he pulled his fist out again, a stream of blood from the boy's chest shot out, see is not alive.

  The boys were astonished, Ao Bai's body swayed, has avoided Zhang Jun side of the fist and Doku Yuan's legs, right foot kicked, three boys were kicked out by him, the body flew backwards, bang bang bang, all hit the wall heavily, all broken tendons, not even a grunt has died.

  Just one glance Ao Bai killed four boys, plus the two just killed, has killed six people. The only boys left alive were Li Yan, Zhang Junshi, Dugou Yuan, and the three second class boys who had been beaten by Li Yan.

  The remaining boys were shocked, they didn't expect Ao Bai to be this strong, Zhang Jun side and Doku Yuan were already scared out of their wits, they didn't dare to fight again, their teeth were fighting and their whole body was shivering, they now knew that the first warrior of Manchu was not a name in vain. Although Ao Bai will not be small to move the internal martial arts, but they are, after all, the fierce people who have been on the battlefield, although not practiced internal skills, but a cross-trained external skills is really extraordinary, kill them these first-grade children simply do not bother.

  The twist braid girl see the situation is not good, hurriedly from under the table crawl over, secretly dragged the fainted Emperor Kangxi to hide under the bed.

  Ao Bai apparently now her small movements, coldly snorted: "Eunuch Gui, where do you want to hide the emperor? Since today has become such a scene, none of us want to live, anyway, you will all die in my hands, after I kill this faint king, I will certainly also die in the hands of the guards, we all die together."

  Wei Xiaobao did not answer, just dragging Kang Xi to the bed.

  Ao Bai reached out to grab her, it should have been Zhang Jun side, Doku Yuan, and the three boys in the second class to make a move, but these five guys were too scared to move, watching Ao Bai grab a hand over.

  At this time, Ao Bai suddenly heard a light scolding, just retreated to the outer circle of Li Yan finally shot …… him this shot, the action is very fast, obviously standing at a distance, but a gentle leap, has reached the front. It turns out that Li Yan will be the first weight of Quanzhen internal energy transported to the soles of the feet, the soles of the feet on the ground, a strong force, although he did not learn light, but the body has been faster than ordinary people do not know how many times.

  Li Yan's hand held a long sword taken down from the wall of the upper study room, and shouted, "Ping Sha Falling Geese!" The longsword in his hand rose up a piece of sword light and flew towards Ao Bai's face.

  Zhang Junbian and Dokuyuan were shocked, thinking: "This punk actually dare to strike? His ass-backward sand fallen wild goose move has no use ah, even on the flat ground to make it will fall, used against the master is simply looking for death ……"

  But the other three boys of class 2 thought differently, the three of them had suffered a big loss under Li Yan's move "Ping Sha Fei Yan" and knew the power of this move, when they saw Li Yan's move, the three of them thought at the same time: "This guy's sword skill is great, maybe he can really kill Ao Bei! ……"

  Ao Bai saw Li Yan stabbed with a sword, his eyes flashed with contempt, a small child, with a sword think you can kill to hurt me? The battlefield guns and halberds like a forest, but also did not hurt me a bit. He simply did not care, one hand reached out to the bottom of the bed, trying to carry out Wei Xiaobao and Kang Xi to kill, the other hand waved a bushel-like palm, slapped Li Yan's hand.

  In his opinion, the sword in the little rascal's hand is completely decorative, he can just slap him out with a casual slap.

  Unfortunately, he was terribly wrong, Li Yan was undoubtedly the most powerful one among these twelve boys, and when his sword light reached Ao Bai's face, it was suddenly like a wild goose spreading its wings, swinging away to both sides and splitting into two sword flowers, attacking two vital points on Ao Bai's left and right chests at the same time.

  "Huh?" Ao Bai heart amazed, hurriedly change moves to seal the frame, not dare to continue to shoot at Li Yan. He has been through the battle, martial arts sophisticated, although temporary change of mind, the action is still extremely fast, an instant will be Li Yan's two sword flower at the same time, with his wrist strength, if the cross-slap on the light longsword, can certainly be Li Yan's hand longsword shoot away.

  But Ao Bei was wrong again, he tapped on Li Yan's longsword, but felt that his opponent's sword carried a soft inner strength, actually not equal to his strength, it turned out that his thighs and undershirt were stabbed by Wei Xiaobao and Kang Ma Zi successively, leaking the essence of blood, originally unable to wield the full force.

  Moreover, Li Yan's all-true internal power although only one, but even this one is also "internal power", Ao Bai but the root will not internal power, he will only "external power", internal power and external power, although only a word difference, but there is an abyss of difference. External power even to the extreme, but also at most smash a few bricks and tiles, chest crushing boulders or something. But to the extreme, internal strength, picking leaves and flying flowers, can hurt people, the waves across the water, breaking the void. The two can not be compared?

  Ao Bei's external strength has been very powerful, but compared with Li Yan just started the internal strength, it is not much better, but he has been practicing for a long time, the momentum is more adequate, this aspect is a little stronger than the first practice of Li Yan, but the strength is also limited. His palm slapped on Li Yan's sword, external force and internal force a touch, did not take much advantage, and did not as expected generally will Li Yan's sword slapped away, Ao Bai was immediately astonished: this little eunuch actually know internal force? How is this possible?

  There is no time for Ao Bai to be surprised, his palm will only Li Yan's sword shot a little crooked, avoiding the heart and lung vitals, but two sword flowers still bloom in Ao Bai's chest, the first blood, Ao Bai was suddenly seriously injured.