The eighteenth Moe, Blackwood Cliff commercial street

——  Li Yan left the square with the borrowed book card and one hundred taels of silver in his pocket, walking on the way back to the dormitory, his mood still could not calm down for a long time. He now finally understood what the extracurricular teaching mission is, it is simply a life-threatening thing ah, if the martial arts skills do not pass, at any time may die in the extracurricular teaching mission, from the Eastern girl just calm expression he could see, the previous students who went out on extracurricular teaching missions, there are often losses. The Oriental girl has long been accustomed to this kind of thing, only to have that kind of calm performance. In the future, for this kind of task, can not participate in the do not participate, martial arts although to practice, but for the practice of martial arts lost little life, it is a little uneconomical.

  Li Yan only took a few steps, in front of him, a loli came flying out, it was the tooth-changing loli Guo Jing, it turned out that she had been standing at the side of the square waiting for the result, seeing Li Yan come back, the tooth-changing loli was obviously very happy and laughed loudly, "Li Yan, you came back safely, it's really good."

  Feeling Tooth Changing Lori's care for himself, Li Yan's heart was warmed, indeed, having a friend is simply the difference between heaven and earth compared to not having a friend, no matter what he went out to do in the past, he would not have a friend waiting for him to come back.

  He couldn't help but smile and take out the one hundred taels of silver ticket and say: "Change teeth sister, look I have earned money! Brother treat you to dinner."

  "Wow!" The tooth-changing loli saw the one hundred taels of silver ticket, the whole person immediately froze: "One hundred taels, it's really one hundred taels ……"

  Li Yan wondered, "One hundred taels is a lot?"

  The tooth-changing loli nodded vigorously and said, "One tael of silver can be converted into a thousand copper coins, and one copper coin can buy three candies. In other words, one hundred taels of silver can buy …… uh …… one hundred times one thousand times three is how much?" She stretched out her finger as if she wanted to make this question, but it was impossible to make multiplication questions with her finger, and the tooth-changing loli was instantly petrified.

  Li Yan cried and laughed and said, "It can buy three hundred thousand candies."

  "Three …… three hundred thousand candies?" Tooth-changing Lori's voice began to tremble: "So …… many …… days ah …… will melt away before you finish eating it, right. "

  Li Yan big sweat, thought in his heart: this goods, does like to eat candy very much? Look at her missing a tooth, is not a tooth replacement, but because of the sugar to eat too much so was stationed bad? Then should I change her nickname from tooth replacement loli to resident tooth loli?

  He is torn whether to change the name of the problem, you can hear the tooth replacement loli with a very cute voice: "Li Yan students …… that …… you just said to invite me to dinner, I do not want to eat, want a candy, okay? I have never eaten sugar …… heard that sugar is very sweet and delicious, but I do not have money to buy ……"

  Li Yan heart in a tremble, it seems that the matter of addressing need not be tangled, she has never eaten sugar, that missing tooth certainly will not be resident teeth, or tooth replacement loli called up better. The idea of a toothless loli is almost ten years old and has not eaten candy, Li Yan heart is quite sad. He recalled his childhood, his family is also very poor, can not afford to eat anything good, see the neighbor's children eat canned luncheon meat, he is very aspiring …… later he grew up, the family's economy has been better, but he still love luncheon meat, even around the people say luncheon meat is junk food, he still eat with glee.

  Li Yan lovingly patted the head of the tooth-changing loli: "It's still early, let's go buy sugar to eat …… then again, where to buy sugar? To skip class to go to Bianliang City under the cliff?"

  Changing teeth Lori laughed: "No need to go down the mountain, from our Meizhuang around, towards the intersection of the four major campuses, where there is a bazaar, called Blackwood Cliff commercial street, where you can buy food, clothes, and weapons, elixirs, and even occasionally can buy martial arts secret book oh."

  Li Yan eeked, there is a little interest, he does not care about food, but clothing is very necessary, because he is still wearing just crossed to this realm when the beggar clothes, dirty and torn, ten days did not change, there is a heavy smell of sweat. And he also needs a handy weapon, thinking of the fierce battle to kill Ao Bai, he thinks he also needs some healing elixir, of course, can buy the secret martial arts book is also good.

  Two people are in a good mood, happily walking towards the "Blackwood Cliff commercial street", halfway to show past the Mei Zhuang. When passing by the entrance of the Plum Village, but saw a girl sitting at the entrance of the Village, the girl had a ponytail braid, not Qiao Feng and who is it. Li Yan heart in the big wonder, why she sat in front of the plum village? Usually she is not always in the grove to practice boxing or being bullied? Today this is the sun came out of the west?

  Li Yan saw the ponytail girl, and the ponytail girl also saw Li Yan, their eyes met in mid-air for zero zero zero zero zero one second, the ponytail girl turned her head away, stood up, turned and walked towards the grove.

  Li Yan took a look at her impersonal action, his heart was depressed again: this girl still ignores me, huh?