One hundred and ninth meng, the female beggar in the Li Chun Yuan

——  Time slips by in a hurry, the opening ceremony has passed a month, Li Yan every day, hard practice martial arts, travel between the hidden scripture pavilion and the third grade five classroom, dormitory, living a simple life of three points one line. Guo Jing and Qiao Feng are practicing the sword technique and the long fist of Taizu; Wei Xiaobao has gone back to the palace as an undercover agent; Ren Ying Ying is always writing letters, not knowing what to contact with someone; Yang Kang is also very low-profile and did not come to assassinate Li Yan again. Zhang Wuji hard to learn the art of medicine, Duan Yu is nothing to do, the whole day to play around.

  During this period of time, Li Yan's martial arts progress slowly, but the foundation is becoming more and more solid, he has learned dozens of basic martial arts, some martial arts to his surname, he practiced deeper, some do not fit his surname, he shallow taste, but spare this, he learned also extremely mixed, almost all the basic martial arts of various schools will be a little, miscellaneous studies are more extensive, what a jack drop, bone shrinking, listening to the wind to identify the weapon, the Gecko swim wall, Iron Cloth Shirt kind of messy kung fu, have learned a little, now no matter what kind of difficulties, he can also come up with the appropriate martial arts to deal with.

  But the progress of internal power is relatively slow, Quanzhen internal power has only reached the third level of the realm, although solid, but not rapid. To know the way of internal martial arts, it is necessary to progress step by step, not to be impatient.

  At this point, Li Yan also began not to be satisfied with the basic martial arts, he felt that his own foundation is solid enough, all that is lacking is the advancement of internal skills, you can find an advanced martial arts to match the practice. Moreover, he also felt that he should find a way to help Guo Jing and Qiao Feng, these two sisters can't spend their lives practicing the Yue Yue female sword technique and Taizu Long Fist, right? Always have to find the right martial arts for them to help them on the path of warriors.

  Unfortunately, no matter how softly Li Yan persuaded, the imperial teacher just refused to give him a senior lending card, saying that what the third grade only use low-level lending card qualifications, want to play advanced martial arts, desperately upgrade to it.

  Li Yan had no choice but to practice his basic skills, waiting for the next extracurricular teaching task to come, and strive for perfect completion of the task after the senior lending card as a reward.

  This day Li Yan got up early as usual and practiced in the woods, the ponytailed girl came to be his companion, and the two of them folded their fists for a while. The ponytailed girl's Taizu long fist is very powerful, at least a junior high school level combat power, let her to do Li Yan's accompanying practice would have been excellent, with strong people can learn more things. Unfortunately, the ponytail girl is afraid to hurt Li Yan, the result is no strength in the fist, soft feelings more than battle intent, Li Yan can hit her with a single move, and Li Yan's palm just touch her, she will be weak, how can this practice?

  Li Yan is considering whether to find false sister Yang Kang to practice, that guy will certainly not be merciful to their own hands. But I saw the twisted braid girl scampering into the woods outside, laughing: "Li Yan, Qiao Feng, come with me, my mother's small business is open today." The original Wei Chunhua since being redeemed, with the twist braid sister back to the capital, and then disguised as a palace maid mixed into the palace, through the transmission wall in Wei Xiaobao's room, came to the Blackwood Cliff.

  Eastern girls feel Wei Xiaobao in the Qing Palace undercover hard work, special approval Wei Chunhua stay in the Blackwood Cliff, in a commercial street set aside a store to her, let her do some small business day, Wei Chunhua prepared for more than a month, now finally opened.

  Li Yan said: "So it is Aunt Wei's business is open, of course, all of our third grade class five students have to go to the show, yes, Zhang Wuji and Duan Yu should also be called up." He thought in his heart: Wei Chunhua's small business is not a memory institute, right? This is a school, the school should not be allowed to open a hospital, I guess Wei Chunhua can only do some cloth, jade and other business.

  Li Yan ran around and called all his friends, a large group of people rushed to the Blackwood Cliff commercial street, only to see a new store in the corner, the front of the lights and decorations, it is the opening of the auspicious. Wei Chunhua wore a tacky to bursting red clothes, face thickly coated with powder, standing in front of the door, eyebrows and smiles. Li Yan looked up at the plaque in front of the store, but saw a big red flower hanging on the plaque, blocking the words on it.

  He knew this is the rule, the new store opening, before the ribbon cutting, will use the red flower to block the plaque, wait until the moment of the ribbon cutting, the red flower fell, only then will tell the folks what business this store is doing. At this point there are already many people watching, from college students, down to elementary school students, piled up in front of the door.

  Ponytail girl Qiao Feng saw Wei Chunhua, but a sharp shock in the heart, secretly thinking: the original Wei Chunhua is Wei Xiaobao's mother, this is really strange, not Li Qiming grandson to ransom her? What happened after I fainted? Why would Wei Chunhua come to the Blackwood Cliff? Who exactly is Mr. Li Qiming? Is he also a student of Blackwood Cliff? Does he know Wei Xiaobao?

  Her heart is full of doubts, many things really can not understand, but also feel that they vaguely grasp what important things.

  Just listened to Wei Chunhua said a bunch of nonsense like opening a big fortune, and then said to Li Yan: "This store is opening a big fortune today, and would like to invite my daughter's class president to cut the ribbon."

  Li Yan thought to himself: This is the same as a couple getting married in the future and inviting the leader of the company to be the witness, right? Anyway, it must be serious business, so I will do this favor.

  He didn't push it, he came out from the crowd and said a few happy words like "great luck for the opening", then took a pair of big scissors from Wei Chunhua and cut the ribbon with a click, only to see the big red flower on the plaque fall down, revealing three big words: "Li Chun Yuan." Next to it was a small line: "Blackwood Cliff Branch."

  "Holy shit!" Li Yan felt a little dizzy in the head.

  "Wow!" The students who were onlookers were in an uproar, the girls screamed, turned around and fled, and fled so fast that it was unbelievable, all kinds of light body techniques were shown, especially the senior girls, almost in half a blink of an eye, they disappeared without a trace.

  In contrast, it is the senior boys, their faces showed a frenzied expression, the body forward, some far away, suddenly a split second to get close, it seems to be what "eight steps to catch the cicada" type of body techniques.

  Li Yan was sweating profusely.

  Wei Chunhua beckoned and said, "Girls, come out to welcome the guests." The door of the Li Chun Yuan behind her opened with a bang, and two rows of charming girls came out and called out to the boys outside, "Young warriors, please sit inside." These two rows of girls are obviously Wei Chunhua from other Qinglou Ji Yuan, are not young, all are skilled workers, face with a charming smile, hooked the boys' souls are flying up.