One hundred and thirty-six meng, I infiltrated from behind

  This time the seven sons of Quanzhen came to three sons, Blackwood Cliff side of the battle greatly increased. Li Yan thought to himself: it seems that a student was taken for the Blackwood Cliff is a big deal, the Oriental girl is very important, sent two high school students at a time, to know the last battle of Niujia Village, to deal with an army, but also only sent a Qiu Douji just, this time actually came to three, this is to reverse the rhythm of ah "". But this battle power is still useless, only I know, the golden kingdom of the battle power is very strong, even if the three high school students can not be hard to fight.

  Qiu and Ma Yu as soon as they arrived, they hurriedly asked Wang Duyi about the situation, in fact, Wang Duyi knew less than Li Yan, but Li Yan did not want to say what he knew, one because if he said others would not believe, the second is that he also did not want to expose the identity of the false sister, once she was exposed as an undercover agent of the Golden State, Blackwood Cliff will kill her and then quickly, the hope of turning her into a good person is completely cut off.

  Wang Duyi said the limited information he knew, Qiu Douji and Ma Yu listened to frown, Wang Duyi said: "This match is my poor arrangements, lost two sisters, really too sorry for them, even if I risked my life to save them out."

  Ma Yu is the oldest of the Seven Sons of Quanzhen, she said gently: "Sister, you do not have to blame yourself too much, through this competition, we at least know that the King's House of the Golden Kingdom has hired the Ghost Gate Dragon King Sha Tongtian, a good fighter, with him, there will be a thousand-handed man slaughter Peng Lianhu. In this way. Is also considered to have spied some information. We will be more sure when we go to rescue people tonight."

  I will deal with Sha Tongtian, the Dragon King of the Ghost Gate, Wang Dichi will deal with Peng Lianhu, the Thousand-Handed Manslayer, and Ma Yu will sneak in from the back to rescue the two sisters."

  Ma Yu and Wang Duyi nodded at the same time: "So be it."

  Li Yan heard, you plan is not looking for death? The king's residence is not only Sha Tongtian and Peng Lianhu. There are also Ouyang Ke, Lingzhi Shangren, Liang Ziyong, you two from the front to kill in, obviously looking for a smoke. He hurriedly opened his mouth and said, "No…… can't do that!"

  He opened his mouth, immediately startled everyone, the three sons of Quanzhen are slightly shocked to look at him, next to Lu Zhan Yuan is a little upset to say: "The senior high school sisters speak, you this third grade student interjected what mouth? How dare you oppose the sisters' opinions, are you looking for a twitch?" He had been slapped by Li Yan and kicked into the transmission wall, and had been holding a grudge. When he found an opportunity, he rushed out and confronted Li Yan.

  Li Yan didn't bother to pay attention to him. Turning to the three sons of Quanzhen, he said, "The three sisters, this arrangement of yours is too risky."

  Qiu Diji recognized Li Yan and laughed: "So it is the flying snow shooting white deer, laughing book of the divine warrior leaning on Bi Yuanyuan faction's Master Li …… oops, tongue a little knotted, may I ask what Master Li has to teach?" She said this with a faint smile on her face, it seems to be a bit of a catch hold of the meaning.

  Also mocking Li Yan, Qiu's expression and attitude showed that she was playing a small joke with Li Yan, harmless and not annoying, but when Lu Zhan Yuan said the same thing, her tone was begging for a fight, giving Li Yan a completely different feeling.

  Li Yan spread his hands and said, "Three sisters, although your plan is very good, but only considered Sha Tongtian and Peng Lianhu, in case there are other good people in the king's residence, the two people who killed in through the front door will inevitably be trapped in a siege, very unfavorable ah."

  Ma Yu is a man of virtue, good at admonition, listened to Li Yan, immediately agreed: "This student has a point, if there are other good people in the king's house, our plan will be a problem. I don't want to save my sister and get myself trapped. When the time comes, we will have to send college students to save us from the Dongfang girl is a joke, we do not easily send out the college students of Blackwood Cliff."

  Qiu Diji and Wang Diyi thought about it, and it is true, so they asked: "Then what is Li's advice?"

  Li Yan spread his hands and said, "I suggest that the plan should be changed in this way, Qiu Douji and Wang Duyi enter the king's mansion from the front, but do not fight with Peng Lianhu and Sha Tongtian, but use the light skill to scurry around the king's mansion, creating chaos, and Ma Yu meet outside, if the king's mansion is really good, the two students can not resist, then immediately escape, Ma Yu rush to meet, and the three retreat together. The three of you retreat together."

  Ma Yu said: "Then, who will save the two sisters?" After saying that, her eyes swept over Li Yan, Lu Zhan Yuan, and the other two boys who were responsible for guarding the teleportation wall. Lu Zhan Yuan and the two boys' faces changed color and their feet visibly retreated half a step, obviously not wanting to take this task. What a joke, infiltrating the king's residence to save people, there are nine lives are not enough to spend.

  But Li Yan, instead of retreating, took a step forward to meet Ma Yu's gaze and said, "I'll go!" Of course, he is not a hero, but must take this trip, because he also want to steal the Liang Zi Weng's big strange snake, of course, he also want to save Mu Nianci, the poor girl must be saved, which is one of the biggest regrets in "The Legend of the Shooting Hero".

  See Li Yan dared to come out to take responsibility, Ma Yu eyes flashed a touch of appreciation, apparently pleased with his courage, on the contrary, look to Lu Zhan Yuan and others took three points of blame.

  The three senior high school sisters who came this time did not have a good expression for him, and Ma Yu actually cast a reproachful glance at him, how can this be tolerated.