The 155th Meng, love to the core

  The first place was taken away by Li Yan, and the library card and the valuable painting also went to Li Yan, and all the students in the school were jealous and envious. Of course, most of the students, although envious, but will not say anything, after all, people earned it by real ability, they did not get it, then have to resign themselves to fate.

  But there is a small group of people, but not so think.

  Lu Zhan Yuan is now very unhappy, full of anger looking at the podium, want to drag Li Yan down and beat up. Li Mochou twisted her hands together and stood pitifully in front of him, whispering: "Zhan Yuan, I'm sorry, I didn't get first place, I didn't get the library card and the valuable famous painting …… you give me another chance, next year …… I can definitely get it next year ……"

  Lu Zhan Yuan said angrily: "Get away from me, I am not happy to see you, even a singing competition can not get the first place, what is the use of you to come? And also the red refining fairy it? Where is the fairy? Fairies can't even win a first place? Don't come to talk to me."

  Li Mochou hurriedly said, "Zhan Yuan, don't be angry, I will practice singing well, next year …… next year for sure."

  Lu Zhan Yuan sneered: "Who is interested in waiting until next year? Don't say anymore, I have decided to ignore you, you go play where it's cool, don't bother me again."

  Li Mochou could not help but shed tears.

  Lu Zhan Yuan suddenly said: "By the way, you are not very high martial arts? Light skills so high that you can fly, and what is the red refinement of the divine palm, ice silver needle, very impressive look, you touch into his bedroom at night, kill him, something to grab over. I will be willing to take care of you."

  Li Mochou's big beautiful eyes glared: "This …… is not good, right. This is doing bad things."

  "Humph!" Lu Zhan Yuan coldly snorted: "Doing bad things and I ignore you from now on. You choose one for yourself." Said no longer ignore her, walked to the side of the little girls pile, and a group of innocent little girls chatting up.

  Li Mochou's whole body shocks, mixed feelings to the side of the small woods, inwardly struggling to think: to do bad things?

  I asked what is love in this world, it is to teach life and death, life and death can be promised to each other, do some bad things and what is the harm? She thought of this. I can't help but bite the silver teeth, squeeze up the beautiful little fist.

  In the other side of the grove, Ren Ying Ying and her men also formed a circle.

  Ren Ying Ying unhappily fiddled with the strings: "Nasty Li Yan, he clearly said he would send out the painting as a prize, but he entered it himself and won it back. Is this playing with me?"

  Zu Qianqiu whispered, "Holy Aunt, what should we do next?"

  Ren Ying Ying sighed: "I also do not know what to do, the night owl scheme is not to do, you are not the most tricks? You quickly think of a way."

  A beautiful woman with shining eyes burst out from behind her. This is the night owl Ji Wushi, although the name is Ji Wushi. She whispered: "It seems we have to go back to the beauty scheme after all."

  Ren Ying Ying shook her head and said, "Didn't the last time I used the beauty scheme fail? Zu Qianqiu, the old man, Sima Da, they were all rejected by Li Yan, this guy can actually resist even the temptation of mother and daughter flying together, it is impressive."

  Ji Wushi hummed, "In fact, the reason why the beauty plan failed last time is still mainly because Zu Qianqiu and the girls are too ugly."

  "Holy shit, Ji Wushi, you want to die?" Zu Qianqiu and the others were furious.

  Ji Wushi grunted and sneered, "How do you think you compare to that Khitan woman?"

  Zu Qianqiu and the others were silent, they were self-aware, they were more than a step behind the ponytail girl.

  The key is that the beauty we send out is not as good as Li Yan's fat meat, he has a beautiful and fit Khitan woman to play with, the Khitan girl looks like an obedient master, you have heard her song today, right? Her heart is all on Li Yan, let him pose in 18 different ways will not have half a word of complaint, even if any dirty and lewd poses, also willing to pose for him, you say he has such a beauty can be held hostage to play, which will look at the vulgar powder?"

  Zu Qianqiu and others heard once again furious: "Hey, Ji Wushi, you speak more carefully, although we are not top beauty, but also can not be described as vulgar powder it, you Ya looking for a fight?"

  Ji Wushi did not bother to pay attention to them, seriously said to Ren Ying Ying: "Holy Aunt, in my opinion, among us, can be compared to that Khitan girl, only you and the Blue Sect Master two."

  Miss Ren's beauty that naturally is needless to say, the immortal white jade, beautiful, bright and beautiful, it is not too much to say that the country is charming, in the black wood cliff has long made a name for itself, in the lower grades is a very popular beauty. As for the blue Phoenix, although the facial features are not very delicate, but her identity of the Miao women but a lot of points, character, generous, without artifice, compared to the Han women how a passionate and spontaneous, is also extremely attractive woman.

  Ji Wushi said: "For today's plan, either to ask the Blue Sect Master to do, or to ask the sainted nun personally, only you two, to seduce Li Yan that boy's soul, the "Xishan traveling map" hands to present, other people are afraid of power is not enough."

  Ren Ying Ying wrinkled her beautiful brow, her status is so noble, to cast that lowly beauty scheme, how can? But the thought of that person is still suffering, waiting for her to rescue, the heart can not help but be irritable, thinking left and right, before thinking hard, finally sighed and said: "just, blue phoenix, you try first, if you can not, I will personally do it."