One hundred and fifty-six meng, early to bed today

  Li Yan could not hold back any longer, he pushed the ponytail girl down on the bed with a hand and held the ballycock hard.

  The ponytail girl's mind was in a daze, she felt Li Yan's warm lips kept falling on her face, neck, earlobe, wonderful touch transmission came, making Li Hao Min's whole body become burning, her mouth involuntarily let out a satisfied murmur. She whispered, "Li Yan classmate, what we are doing, is …… that the kind of thing between men and women?"

  Li Yan responded vaguely.

  The ponytailed girl said, "Isn't …… it something you can only do on the night of the wedding?"

  Li Yan was said by the words of the spiritual platform awakened, suddenly remembered that this is in ancient times, ah, ancient women are not compared to the latter days, the latter days of women as long as you establish a relationship with a couple, you can even coaxed to pose as eighteen models, but the ancient women are extremely ritualistic, less than the day of the wedding, usually will not have sex with men, even if the two love each other, love each other to the extreme. Will also be held to the ceremony. Do not cross the thunderbolt step. For example, Guo Jing Huang Rong it. The two just met on the love, but until the marriage, even hugging and kissing have not been done.

  Only a very few women, to break this taboo, take Mr. Jin Yong's novels, unmarried on the willingness and men that what, only Mu Nianci and Princess Jianning, other where unmarried before **. The basic is to be used by force, not willingly.

  Thinking about it, Li Yan did not dare to sudden ponytail girl, in case not yet a proper wedding ceremony on the people to do, not too sorry for her. Love a person, we must respect a person, not only by their own momentary pleasure, regardless of the dignity of others, wantonly let people sacrifice their principles.

  He let go of the ponytailed girl in his arms and said lovingly, "Then we won't continue. Wait for the day after the wedding ceremony, the day of the wedding night. Then we will continue to do it."

  Leaving Li Yan's embrace, the warm feeling went with it, and a look of loss flashed in the ponytail girl's eyes, in fact, she liked Li Yan holding her and making out with her, but the concept formed over a long period of time was not so easy to change, not the wedding night, to give herself to a man, after all, her heart was a little unsettled.

  Her mind is desperately trying to figure out what to do.

  The good thing is that she is not a dumb girl, if you throw away that inferiority complex, she immediately becomes a very smart girl, very catchy focus, did not take a few breaths of time to think of a solution, sheepishly said: "Li Yan students, then we …… slightly prepared for two days, find a matchmaker …… three days after the hall worship, then …… we will …… hole …… flower candle ……"

  Only to determine the relationship three days to get married? Li Yan drew a breath of cold air, in the latter days this is called a flash marriage ah, that is really a phoenix, but he thought carefully, this in ancient times can be very normal, the most popular in ancient times is a flash marriage, between men and women do not have to talk about what love ah a class, directly find a matchmaker, have not met a man and a woman, directly lay a bed to pose eighteen models to go, the ancient people in this regard, more open than people in later times.

  Li Yan was flabbergasted for a while, then sweated and said: "So urgent ah? Three days is a short time, the bride price, calculate the birth date into the word or something do not know whether to come in time, will not be too tang sudden you?"

  She smiled like a flower and said tenderly, "You already gave the bride price a few months ago."

  Li Yan hurriedly said, "This is not a bride-price, I gave it to you as a pouch, but you treat it as a treasure, in the battle of the Apricot Grove to protect its life, what is this suffering?" Speaking of which, Li Yan suddenly realized, miserable, said leaky mouth.

  As expected, the smart ponytail girl had already discovered the problem, she wondered, "Li Yan, how did you know about this? When I went back to school to tell the Oriental girls about the warrior, I only told them about the fight with the Western Xia people, not about my classmates grabbing my bracelet."

  Li Yan sweat: "I …… that …… this ……"

  Ponytail girl's face changed, the joint all the details of a thought, certain things suddenly clear inertia, in fact, she has long been suspecting something, suspicious of why Li Qiming to save Wei Chunhua, suspicious of Li Qiming write a little like Li Yan write, to this point, she to still be in the dark, it is really stupid, shocked: "No wonder, I have always felt that there is something weirdly wrong, you …… you are Li Qiming?"

  Li Yan heart screaming bad, he thought the ponytail girl angry, shrugged his head and said: "Sorry, I am Li Qiming, have been hiding from you, really sorry …… please do not be angry, I will never again disguise to cheat you …… ……"

  Said here, suddenly see the ponytail girl lowered her head and cried in a very low voice.

  Li Yan was really scared: "Don't cry, I didn't mean to cheat you, if you're angry, just punch me hard to get out of it."

  "Fool, people are not angry." The ponytail girl cried: "I am moving, you actually protect me to go to the warrior in thousands of mountains, that is how dangerous ah, along the way I also misunderstood you, hit you and scolded you, you did not even dislike me …… ooo…… ……I'm so touched, ooh …… can't, I can't wait to pay my respects, I want to have a wedding with you, have a wedding now …… hold me quickly …… ooh ……"