The first sixty-seven meng, forty-five degrees face up to the sky

  Li Yan changed his position as the formation changed, this time to the "kan" position, and when the two teachers were not prepared, he flew out and pointed his fingers at their soft numb points. Theoretically, the cohesive power is of course greater than the scattered power, and it can break through the enemy's protective qi, whose power is much higher than his own.

  The two teachers were caught unprepared and felt a numbness in their acupuncture points. The body protection qi wrapped around the whole body could not withstand the purity of Li Yan's power gathered in one point.

  I saw the two teachers flabbergasted, and then the body a soft, Fan Song took the lead in a soft fall, followed by Zhao He also slowly sat down to the ground, eyes full of amazement and disbelief, mouth: "Little brother …… you …… you Third grade actually has five full true internal energy cultivation …… sister …… served ……"

  Li Yan was overjoyed, thinking: Got it, hahaha, I use the formation, can already knock down the teacher this level of enemy ……

  Fan Song fell to the ground without saying a word, but Zhao He said, "Sister conceded …… you are great, sister really admire you ah, now let you ravage it, only hope that you pity sister is the first time, uncarved, gentle a little treat sister, never too rough. "

  Li Yan sweating, hurriedly said: "I will not that what you."

  Zhao He eyes flashed a sad color, pitifully said: "You do not that what I? Is it going to be first Fan Song? What about my sister is not better than Fan Song? On the figure sister definitely does not lose to her, on the gentle sister is ten times better than her ……"

  Fan Song, who had been silent, said angrily: "Bullshit, I beat you ten times more than almost, Li Yan, you actually pretended to eat a tiger, borrowed the formation to put down my master, well, count you powerful. But if you dare to molest me, I guarantee that I will kill you with an axe."

  Li Yan and her for a long time, long familiar with her temperament, if she threatened to "smother you to death", it is in jest, that she is not serious. If she said "an axe to kill you", that is really angry. This time said "an axe to kill you", that is, she is serious, if Li Yan really molested her, the consequences must be unimaginable.

  Li Yan was sweating and said, "No, I won't molest anyone, I was just talking for fun, I just want my teacher and sister to practice with me seriously, so I deliberately said some evil words, now I have proved with practice that my formation is still useful, oh, it can be over, I will now come to unlock your acupuncture points."

  Fan Song stared: "Really just practicing, not trying to molest as a teacher?"

  Li Yan nodded his head.

  Fan Song breathed a sigh of relief.

  Zhao He, however, said with wide eyes, "No way, such a good opportunity, you actually do not molest sister, good brother, you can not be such a waste, sister told you, this is a rare opportunity ah, miss this village, can not have this store."

  Li Yan sweated and hurriedly reached out to unlock the acupuncture point.

  But his hand had just reached out, before he touched the acupuncture points of the two imperial teachers, Fan Song lying on the ground suddenly leaped up, lightly stretching jade arm, a hand picked up the back of Li Yan's neck, her hand obviously looks slender and soft, like a beautiful jade, but the strength is infinite, carrying Li Yan's back of the neck, Li Yan felt a huge force squeezed from it, his own five full true internal energy, all pressed back to the dantian, can not lift. He couldn't lift it up. Only let her carry in her hand, hanging poorly.

  Fan Song sneered: "Li Yan, you kid is really getting more and more cunning, actually tried to use the fingertips to break through my master's body qi, tsk tsk, but at the last moment you are full of control, not really to molest my master, should I be happy?"

  Li Yan sweat: "Ah hey, you were not pointing out the acupuncture points?"

  Fan Song laughed and said, "So you still have much to learn, my master first run energy to close the acupuncture points, and then after your finger power passed, then solve it yourself, what is the use of your point?"

  Li Yan sweat, he just remembered that people with strong internal power can close their own acupuncture points, so that the enemy can not point, for example, the Golden Wheel Dharma King in "The Divine Sculptor" has done this kind of thing.

  Fan Song laughed: "So I hate what palm force ah, finger force ah class of things, often can not hit people well, kill or to use the axe to do, I an axe will be cut into two pieces of the enemy, see how he closed acupuncture points."

  Li Yan rolled his eyes, thinking: you teacher is not bad to me, which I do not want to chop you into two pieces with one axe. He laughed bitterly and said, "I said, "If you haven't been hit, why are you on the ground again, unable to move?"

  Fan Song laughed: "For the teacher wants to see if you really want to molest for the teacher, if you really dare to do it, for the teacher an axe to chop you up, save you to wreak havoc on the East …… cough …… wreak havoc on other good women. "

  Li Yan big sweat, fortunately, ah, my spiritual platform clear, did not even think about doing that kind of thing, or now it is finished.

  At this time Fan Song suddenly to the ground Zhao He said, "Get up, still pretending what to pretend?"

  Zhao He rolled his eyes and also jumped up with a leap.

  Li Yan laughed bitterly: "So the two teachers have closed their acupuncture points, I didn't point you down at all, you really know how to pretend."