The first sixty-eight meng, the second attack Ren Ying Ying

——  Li Yan went to a commercial street, found Mei Chaofeng in the inn, and passed on a few phrases of Quanzhen internal energy to her, Mei Chaofeng's qualifications are very good, and her learning ability is very strong, these days, she has been practicing Quanzhen internal energy to straighten out the wrong meridians one by one, now her legs have basically returned to normal, after Li Yan explained the last few phrases to him. Mei Chaofeng said, "Brother Li, thanks to you, I have basically mastered it, so I can deepen my power by myself, so I don't need to bother you to come here every day……"

  Li Yan gave a hint.

  Mei Chaofeng said: "I taught you the poisonous dragon whip method you have also all learned, this matter is over, I intend to say goodbye to the Oriental girl, back to the Jianghu."

  Li Yan pity her blindness, lonely, can not help but ask: "Mei sister, you wander alone in the jianghu, how desolate, why not stay? I am willing to take care of you."

  Mei Chaofeng said angrily, "I really need someone to take care of me when my legs are paralyzed, but my legs have recovered, why do I need someone to take care of me? Are you looking down on me for being blind?"

  Li Yan did have this in mind, was she point out, can not help but be a little embarrassed, can only say: "Mei sister martial arts is strong, even if no eyes, it does not matter, this little brother is abrupt …… just …… finally inconvenient ah, you stay I happen to have built a sect, Yang Kang is also in the faction, you might as well go to my sect to do a worship, better than wandering around."

  Mei Chaofeng wandered for a long time, no one has ever cared for her, hearing this, her heart is warm, but she has a regret in her heart, not willing to stay in one place, so she sighed: "You have a heart, but I can not stay, I have too many enemies, will bring you a lot of trouble …… we Let's say goodbye here."

  Li Yan inconvenience further persuasion, had to leave the inn, back to the bed room.

  At this time, Eunuch was already waiting in front of his door, and when she saw him coming back, Eunuch actually said respectfully and politely, "Mr. Li is back, teach me arithmetic quickly."

  Li Yan brought her into the bedroom, and when they sat down on the floor, Li Yan taught her mathematics little by little, starting from identifying Arabic numbers. In later times, it would take a child ten years to learn advanced mathematics, but it did not take Eungyu that long. She had already learned a lot of mathematics through ancient arithmetic books, basically at the level of a junior high school student, but the mathematics she had learned was not very systematic and she did not know the formulas, so Li Yan taught her Arabic numbers and letters first, and then taught her some simple formulas.

  As soon as Eunuch was exposed to the mathematical formulas, she immediately became addicted to them. She then realized that those very difficult arithmetic problems in the past could now be answered in a few breaths of time by simply substituting the formulas. Instead, the formulas Li Yan knew were endless, and one after another was listed by him, each corresponding to a complex algorithm.

  Faced with this brand-new field of arithmetic, Eunice really had a sense of tears like a full face and a sense of enlightenment, and the admiration she felt for Li Yan in her heart was simply unparalleled. She couldn't help but think: Li Yan's arithmetic is simply unfathomable, even the peach blossom island master, known as the all-round genius of the people …… is not as good as Li Yan. As long as he learned 10% of his skills, to break the Peach Blossom Island's peach blossom formation is simply effortless.

  Among the various mathematical knowledge taught by Li Yan, Yinggu's favorite is geometry, because the odd shapes implicitly contain changes in the formation, she learned a lot from geometry, with the five elements of Qi Men corresponding evidence, quite beneficial. In fact, Li Yan also had more knowledge about the five elements of Qi Men after revisiting higher mathematics.

  After the arithmetic class ended, Eungyo started to teach Li Yan the loach technique. After Eunuch explained a little, only slowly understood, this is a kind of transfer the enemy's force of the magical gong method.

  People who have studied physics know that when a straight-line moving object is subject to an oblique force, the trajectory of its own movement will be shifted, that oblique force does not need to be very large, it only needs to be in a key place, a gentle push, it is possible to change the direction of a few tons, or even tens of tons of things moving forward.

  For example, a meteorite flying in the universe, maybe it weighs 100 million tons, but as long as a gentle push by an oblique force, it will be pushed away from its own forward orbit and slide in another direction.

  And loach kung fu, is a kind of oblique force, the enemy a punch, the fist is straight into, this time if subjected to a diagonal guide force, the fist will naturally slide crooked. This kind of kung fu seems to be very magical, but in fact it is to spread the true force all over one's body, and when the enemy punches, the protective true force will run horizontally, so that the enemy's fist will be unconsciously guided to slide to the side.

  Of course, it is not easy to skillfully manipulate one's body shield true force, the enemy's fist is coming, the speed of the fist is bound to be extremely fast, you have to analyze in an instant where the enemy's fist is hitting your body, and control the body shield true force at that location to guide diagonally, without years and years of hard practice, it is impossible to do perfectly.

  Li Yan practiced for a while, progress is not fast, because his internal energy fire is still shallow, the fifth level of the whole truth internal energy, not yet able to do as you wish to fuck control, but as long as you understand the principle, later slowly deepen the internal energy practice, you can use it skillfully.