One hundred and sixty-nine meng, five poisonous sect leader blue phoenix


  The first time I saw the company, I was going to close the door and rest. Today he had a rich harvest, not only did he enter the Mud Loach Kung Fu, but also had a corresponding comprehension of Taijiquan.

  Li Yan was in such a good mood that he couldn't help humming a little tune.

  At this moment, a delicate and charming voice came from the corridor, "Excuse me, are you Li Yan's classmate?"

  Li Yan turned his head to look, immediately drew a breath of cold air, only to see the corridor line up a beautiful woman dressed in Miao clothing, about twenty years old, bright eyes and cool teeth, beautiful and generous, rare is a natural beauty, not carved, her wrists and ankles tied with silver rings, walking tinkling clanging, let people's hearts.

  Such a beautiful girl, why would look at Li Yan draw a breath of cold air? It turns out that the girl's body is also wrapped around a dozen snakes, the smallest of these snakes are only chopsticks thick, wrapped around the girl's wrists, the thickest but has the thickness of the wrist, wrapped around the girl's waist with a bloody mouth.

  And these snakes are all poisonous snakes, each with a triangular pointed head, the snake's body is mottled, covered with patterns, it is said that the more beautiful the snake the more poisonous, Li Yan only took a look at the snake was full of flowers, it is not poisonous to fly up?

  He wiped a sweat, he would rather fight with a master like Ms. Royal, but never with a woman covered with snakes, so he carefully asked: "I am Li Yan, who is the girl? What do you want from me?"

  The girl smiled cheekily and said, "My surname is Lan, and I am the sect leader of the Five Poisons Sect in Yunnan."

  When Li Yan heard that, he understood at once, Blue Phoenix! It must be the Blue Phoenix. Since it's the Blue Phoenix, it must be sent by Ren Ying Ying, God, I blame the broken painting "Journey to the Mountain", how much more trouble it will cause me?

  I heard the blue phoenix smilingly asked, "Li Yan, I heard you like to play with snakes, and I also like to play with snakes, so I came to talk to you."

  Li Yan sweat: I like to play with snakes, what the hell did you hear about it? Oh, yes, the last "snake bondage" incident, Ren Ying Ying is also a witness, she heard from Ren Ying Ying.

  Li Yan spread his hands and said, "Blue Master, I actually don't like playing with snakes at all, you probably heard it wrong, right?"

  Blue Phoenix blinked and laughed: "People did not hear wrong, you must like to play snake, just embarrassed to say in front of me, right? I know that ordinary people look down on people who like to play with poisonous things, so you hide this hobby of playing with snakes deeply and do not want others to know, but you just feel free to say it to sister, sister is also very fond of playing with poisonous snakes. I won't discriminate against you. Let's go, let's go to your dorm room and slowly talk about the experience of playing with snakes."

  Li Yan sweat: my last big snake is a medicinal herb, unlike those colorful things on your body, they are all poisonous snakes that kill people, can we treat them the same?

  He hurriedly refused: "No, I hate snakes, do not come and play with me snake."

  The blue phoenix is not willing to believe, she is vowed to the task given by the saintly nun, will never give up easily, so step by step closer to Li Yan, softly said: "really do not need to hide, come to see, I am wrapped around my left hand, is the most poisonous king cobra, and it is the most interesting game."

  Li Yan was sweating: "Quickly take this stuff away."

  "Come on, come and play." The blue phoenix handed the king cobra to Li Yan, close at hand, the fishy smell from the snake's mouth came into Li Yan's nose, making him so uncomfortable.

  Li Yan took a step back, he was standing in front of his bedroom door, this retreat, back into the dormitory.

  Blue Phoenix laughed: "Right, let's talk slowly in your dormitory, you are right to invite your sister in."

  Li Yan sweated: "I didn't mean to invite you in."

  The Miao people are much more generous than the Han Chinese, and are not too concerned about what etiquette, Lan Phoenix is not polite, a step into Li Yan's room. Once she came in, she saw the wooden box in the corner of the room. After Li Yan drank the snake blood, he didn't fold the big wooden box, because he didn't have any furniture in his bedroom, so he kept the wooden box for other things in the future.

  Blue Phoenix laughed: "Li Yan, you still lie to your sister that you don't like snakes, see, you even have a snake box ready."

  Li Yan sweated profusely.

  Blue Phoenix waved her hand and a dozen big and small snakes on her body slid down together and climbed onto Li Yan's bed, posing in various strange shapes on the bed. Li Yan heart screaming, thought: finished, this bed sheet and quilt can not be used, tonight they will burn them, tomorrow to buy a new one.

  The blue phoenix did not know what was in Li Yan's mind, smilingly said: "Fun, right? These snakes are very obedient oh, you can make them cooperate with all kinds of appearance, play what kind of snake bondage is no problem."

  Fun you big head! Li Yan forty-five degrees face up to the sky, tears.

  At this time Li Yan has been upset, Ren Ying Ying repeatedly sent people to seduce him, seek his famous paintings, also made him not to win, although the original blue phoenix quite good, but now also to the blue phoenix look up, [***] said: "Blue sect master, I do not like snakes at all, the most annoying is snakes, please take these snakes away, do not annoy me again, I have to sleep."

  She was a Miao woman, unlike the Han Chinese women, she was a straightforward girl, it was a bit difficult for her to do the task of seducing men and cheating them out of famous paintings, she knew nothing about the skill of seducing men, seeing that Li Yan did not seem to be interested in the topic of snake bondage, her heart was in a state of fear, she did not know how to proceed.

  Her mind flew around a few times, thinking: What should I do? How do I get him to like me and then trick him into handing over the "Xishan Journey"? I have to find a topic, but he?