No. 1940 Meng, you do not believe me again?

  Li Yan suddenly transported power to the soft numb point of the sorrowful beauty a finger point to.

  Finger power in front of the silhouette sad beauty has left just turned to his side. The so-called "for people do not know Chen even called heroes also in vain not only refers to her charming at the same time also refers to her as well as her in the Manchu this land is properly top even the fire hand judge Zhang is far from her opponent. She if the full force of Zhang Zhaogong's stream only kneeling part.

  Li Yan shot worry beauty but early flash away Li Yan cold hum: "What are you doing?"

  Li Yan for this kind of brain-completion genius did not want to just depressed back: "Division you do not believe the results last time buried in the ground this time and do not want to believe me? Consequences are very serious."

  Sorrowful beauty said: "You are trying to put for the division also point and little county princess Fang Yi side by side molestation?"

  Li Yan ghost to be obscene I already have a ponytail to be single-minded to only not messy obscene sister Li Yan did not want to ride her again to save and ride out many messy brain transport pointing to the past.

  The sorrowful beauty lifted her palm to Li Yan's she this to the speed after the hair and Li Yan if continue forward arm will be her to hold up a on how the wrist are in the sorrowful beauty's change control had to retract.

  Then the sorrowful beauty also transported a to Li Yan counterpoint drink: "for the master to take you caught to Mu Wangfu to apologize for ……" this finger fast and urgent brought up snorting good not powerful.

  Li Yan her internal power than Zhang Zhaogong deep my five all-true internal power may not be her opponent. Do not dare to run up the ladder body left left to avoid her finger power.

  The two exchanged hands Li Yan thought: sorrow beauty is really a strong enemy.

  The sorrowful beauty but ate shouted: "Your martial arts …… how so high?"

  Li Yan said: "I practice fast."

  Sorrowful beauty but said: "You do my disciple martial arts must be very high, right? You so high why are still willing to do my disciple I Ming you spy on my deliberately do my disciple to pick up good sudden Shi take advantage of the opportunity right? Just like to the bed of the little county and Fang Yi."

  Li Yan let this guy continue to brainstorm how terrible? She must be ordered down as soon as possible. He crossed his hands left and right at the same time to reach out his fingers to point at the sorrowful beauty.

  The body of the sorrowful beauty lightly also waved his fingers back to point two people in the inn room around the table Li Yan moves and sorrowful beauty's movements are also a variety of small and moving than Li Yan's ladder cloud vertical a few feet square hut flashing two swift and incomparable full house silhouette wobbling.

  Li Yan attacked actually in vain he only then his own finger method too are some basic lack of that really high-end want to use the finger point down worry is simply a fool's dream. It seems that the next time you go to Tibet should be the Shaolin Temple's "flicking finger" a class of advanced finger method to borrow to see.

  He was forced to change his fingers to make the free and easy tour thought: I first use the fist to force the sorrow and then suddenly turn the fist maybe so the effect is better.

  The fist method of the free and easy tour is more powerful than Li Yan's finger method suddenly Li Yan is like a change of a person movement more alignment more into and out of change sorrow beauty ate hurry to concentrate only to see Li Yan seems to have become several people suddenly and in the door to her suddenly and in the window to her fist …… four eight everywhere possible attack.

  Sorrowful beauty draws a breath backwards thinking: Li Yan's kung fu far beyond my ridiculous I have been when he is a disciple ……

  She packed tightly guarded left branch Li Yan even attacked were blocked by her one by one.

  Li Yan also admired her martial arts to know the sorrowful beauty does not have any great kung fu in addition to blood clotting divine claws her kung fu are some of the end of the martial arts era of the Jianghu without a kind of divine kung fu but she is hard to practice a Jianghu style to first-class experts on and Qiao Feng's Taizu long fist one of these who can not move?

  Li Yan heart is complimenting her but said: "You actually change your fingers for you point not to fall intended to beat for the division to beat for the division nose blue was you obediently accept obscene? You …… you this is violence forced …… too …… too much. You do not know mercy a little? You see have been using fingerprints never used any excessive strokes ah."

  Li Yan sweat: "People do not beat women to the nose and face what the hell are you thinking?"