The 195th Meng, what is the name of the game?

  Li Yuanzhi then knew that the visitor was a friend and not an enemy, the hands of the palm hurriedly collected energy, but she learned this palm method for the first time, the level is really not the first kind, collected energy is not good enough, back palm is too slow, palm edge is about to slap on the undershirt of the sorrowful beauty, twist braid girl just hold her hands to the side a pluck. I heard a "hiss" sound, the sorrowful beauty's dress undershirt was torn open by her a large mouth, the snow-white smooth back all exposed.

  Li Yan sweat: "I dizzy, no way, this can also develop into undress?"

  Sorrowful beauty is also alarmed, soft numb points although sealed, but the mouth can still speak, anxiously shouted: "You are the little county master or Fang Yi, why help Li Yan? You …… you take off my clothes for what? For him to molest?" The undershirt of the dress long dress ripped, as a result of tearing the key weight-bearing parts, the clothes began to slide downward, fortunately her breasts are firm and high, hanging the clothes, otherwise it has slipped below the waist. But spare this, ** also exposed half, see two full semicircle, just a little to reveal the two sweet little red strawberries.

  The sorrowful beauty is ashamed and anxious, calling out: "Quickly help me grab the clothes, do not let it slide down."

  This aspect of the twist braid girl is quite cooperative, hurriedly from behind to reach out hands, around the sad beauty, help her to grab the clothes tightly, covering the chest.

  The twist braid girl said: "What are you guys up to?"

  Li Yuanzhi also asked, "What's the name of the game? Who is this woman?"

  Sorrowful Beauty also finally realized that the woman on the bed was not Little County Master or Fang Yi, so she couldn't help but wonder, "What kind of name is this? Who is the woman on the bed?"

  Li Yan looked up at the sky at forty-five degrees and said tearfully, "I also want to know, what is the name of the game?" .

  A little while later, the sorrowful beauty changed into a new dress and re-seated herself in Li Yan's house. Li Yan, the twisted braid girl and Li Yuanzhi, all with a dark face, sat beside her.

  Sorrowful Beauty said glumly: "Well, now come and say clearly, what is going on."

  Li Yan spread his hands and said, "There's nothing to say, it's you who don't believe your disciples and have to say that I kidnapped the little county princess and Fang Yi, that caused this misunderstanding. Refuse to even give me the time to explain a sentence, in fact, as long as you look at who is on the bed, you can solve the misunderstanding, have to make up your own brain."

  The sad beauty reddened her face, this matter is indeed her fault, she is not unreasonable, how can she not know? Only said: "Well, indeed I was wrong, now solemnly apologize to you …… However, this is also caused by the two women inexplicably hidden in your bed, right? Why are they in your bed, don't you want to explain?"

  Li Yan spread his hands and said, "It's a long story, it's better not to say."

  At this time the twisted braid girl but looked around and grunted, "Where is that green house girl named Xian'er? Why has she disappeared? Just now she was clearly in your bed, surnamed Li, you call her out for me to see."

  Li Yuanzhi blushed profusely and hurriedly said, "Xian'er has already left, she just left when I came."

  The twist braid girl kindly lamented and sighed long: "It's a pity that I didn't see what a 50,000 taels of silver a night greenhouse girl really looks like."

  The sad beauty was shocked: "You …… you summoned a greenhouse girl in bed? Fifty thousand taels a night? You …… you are not a eunuch? Where to that function? You have 50,000 taels, why not use as a rebellion against the Qing dynasty's activities, the early restoration of my Han family mountains and rivers."

  Li Yan a head three big.

  The girl with twist braid said to Li Yuanzhi: "By the way, how come you are also in Li Yan's bed? What happened after I was nudged to sleep by Li Yan?"

  Li Yuanzhi was so ashamed that she hurriedly lied and said, "Just now I was talking with Mr. Li in his house, and suddenly I heard someone visiting outside the door, saying that it was Mr. Li's master. I was terrified, and I was afraid that it would not be good to talk about a lonely man and woman talking together in the middle of the night, so I hid under the covers."

  The sorrowful beauty said to her face: "This you worry too much, Li Yan is the palace as an officer, no that function, who can also talk about you can not? Look at me, just now the clothes torn, he saw half of the chest, I now face is not red, heart is not jumping, calm and relaxed! You don't need to count on this."

  Li Yuanzhi said, "Master-sama, you seem to be mistaken ah, Mr. Li is not a eunuch, his eunuch identity is false, he is a normal man." Speaking of this, she remembered the intimate contact with Li Yan in his quilt just now, and suddenly blushed like blood.

  The worried beauty was shocked: "A normal man?"

  Li Yan nodded at her, "Yes!"

  The sorrowful beauty grunted miserably: "Really a normal man?"

  Li Yan nodded again, "I am a fake eunuch."

  Sorrowful Beauty was frozen: "Why I never knew before?"

  Li Yan said, "You never asked me and made up everything on your own brain."

  Sorrowful Beauty's face began to redden: "Then you just …… looked at half of my chest ……"