The 217th Meng, someone has taken your little daughter-in-law

——  Li Yan changed back to his eunuch costume and came back to the palace, walking straight to the twisted braid girl's room. He and twist braid girl casual used to, twist braid girl often intrude his room, he certainly will not and twist braid girl polite, anyway, the look has long seen, should not see also seen countless times, there has been a tacit agreement between the two, that is, intrusion into the room is not allowed to get angry.

  Li Yan pushed open the door of her room and jumped in.

  The first time I went in, I was shocked to see Princess Jianning kneeling on the ground, the twisted braid girl stretched out a foot in front of her, Princess Jianning was holding her foot and licking her toes.

  Li Yan sweated: "What are you …… doing here?"

  Princess Jianning sucked her toes and said vaguely, "The slave girl is serving Gui Beile, Gui Beile, are you comfortable?"

  The twisted braid girl grunted, "Still barely, you little wavy hoof served the master well."

  Li Yan was sweating profusely.

  Princess Jianning's watery eyes looked at Li Yan again and said in a delicate voice: "Li Beile would you like the slave girl to serve you too?"

  Li Yan hurriedly said, "No, I don't want to. I'm not blessed with this, you guys should play."

  Seeing that Li Yan had given her a few glances, she knew he was going to talk about business, so she waved her hand at Princess Jianning and said, "Go away and come back tomorrow to serve the master."

  Princess Jianning obediently kowtowed to the twisted braid sister and said, "Then slave servant will retire first." After saying that, she respectfully retreated.

  Li Yan cold sweat flowing wildly, heart miserable hum: this nima exactly how to tune? So scary.

  Seeing his odd expression, the twisted braid girl laughed: "How? That unruly princess has been fixed by me, now I want her to lick my feet, she does not dare to lick my legs."

  Li Yan sweat, "You are too powerful, you can do this kind of thing too."

  The girl with the twisted braid laughed: "I used the same set of training work that I used with the young children in the spring house on her, so she naturally became this obedient."

  Li Yan cold sweat like a waterfall, thinking: the spring house to deal with the young means I have seen one, is to feed the bewitching spring wine, but I do not know what other means.

  The girl with the twist braid frowned and said: "There is only one last means, but I can not use."

  Li Yan said curiously, "The last means?"

  The girl with the pigtails gave him a white look and said, "Of course it is to find a man to do her, you know the previous means, are small means, to make a woman completely degenerate, or ultimately have to break her body, ravage her to her heart's content, so that she loses her dignity and reserve as a woman, will become obedient slaves."

  Li Yan was astonished.

  The twisted braided girl said, "Unfortunately I am not a man, otherwise I would have nailed her long ago, now she will be more obedient, tsk …… surnamed Li, do you want to help me out? Get this last step done."

  Li Yan hurriedly shook his head: "No no, I do not do this kind of perverted thing, I am a good and upright young man, never do ……" said here, he suddenly remembered what he did with Fang Yi, feel a little bottomed out, the latter words can no longer be said.

  The twist braid girl did not dwell on this issue, asked: "Little county master saved?"

  Li Yan nodded: "Rescued, and also made a big fuss at the Divine Dragon Sect."

  The twisted braid girl said, "Then you are going back to Blackwood Cliff?"

  Li Yan said, "Yes, it's time to go back, but Shuang'er and Li Yuanzhi have become a problem, I don't know how to settle them down."

  The girl with the twisted braid laughed: "That's not simple, bring them back to Blackwood Cliff. Eastern girls will certainly accept them, the key depends on your willingness, in the Manchu territory, you are one of the best experts, but back to the Blackwoods Cliff is an insignificant pupil, these two girls admire you, back to the Blackwoods Cliff will like you, it is difficult to say, if you want them to always think you are high, always adore you, just leave them in the Manchu. "

  Li Yan laughed bitterly: "I do not have such an idea, or take them back to Blackwood Cliff, so that they also have the opportunity to learn advanced martial arts. As for whether to see me as a high ranking person or not, I don't really care." In his last life, the man with full marks had been treated by his classmates as a "high person" and a "monster", and he had long tasted enough of that, which was not really meaningful.

  To get a friend, or to get a woman who adores you, is not determined by "how much skill", but by "how much heart you give", Li Yan deeply understood this, so he did not intend to blind the two girls, he He should let them know that there are countless martial arts masters in the Song Dynasty, and Li Yan is just a drop in the ocean, not worth mentioning.